The Big 200

It’s heeeeeeeeere!


You know the “re-cap” or “through the years” episodes of your favorite shows? You’re kinda pissed it’s not just a regular episode but it’s kinda fun to remember all those crazy moments. Well folks, that’s what I’m trying to capture here.

200 posts I have written on this humble spot on the WWW and not a word I regret.

From the early days where I wanted to capture all the craziness in the mountains to recipes Bryan and I dreamed up – it all just HAD to be blogged. I mean. Clearly, yes.

I moved on through my own journeys, whether they were up a snowy-ass mountain pass (rhyming) or getting tons of bug bites! I made rainbow-colored Unicorn Bites, which are mystifying AND delicious, and of course plenty of cupcakes. We went to Mexico and played beach volleyball with the locals while sipping margs and eating too much guac.

Bry and I went to Vegas where my phone got stolen and I cried in the middle of The Venetian. I began to actually enjoy skiing and our awesome hike to Lake Solitude in serious unicorn territory. We went on an epic cruise and…we got ENGAGED!

Then, I started blogging about my obsesh with makeup and began shopping for a bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding! Megan got married and I tried to convince her to throw the bouquet directly to me…

I was full of sunshine and even got an award to prove it! Bryan and I flew off to Maui where I fell in love all over again. We came back and bought a house!!! It was awesome and also the venue for my 30th birthday party.

I had a fun girls weekend in Leavenworth with my BFFs and then scampered off to Whistler with Bry for some skiing! I said goodbye to my wonderful grandma G-Dot in Montana which was sad but also a lot of fun. Later on, Bryan got promoted at work which was GREAT. But it also meant we had to move to Portland and subsequently, sell our home :(.

We moved to Portland, ate doughnuts and hiked around. The we got MARRIED and basically, here we are. Newlyweds of two months, trying to find ourselves in a city where young people go to retire.

What will the next 200 posts hold for me, for us?

Stay tuned to find out :).


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