Happy Birthday to ME.

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As you may or may not know, today happens to be my 30th birthday. A fact I am equal amounts happy and sad about. With a dash of anxiousness. It’s the end of an era. Thirty years, I have walked this earth, several of those hopefully with a little gumption. A positive attitude kept, dreams dreamed and realities realized.

I am tentatively approaching this new path before me like a young fawn, if you will,  stumbling awkwardly with naivete and without grace. I shall cling to the familiarity of the ground below me and the sky above, as I always have. I will make my way down the path no doubt, but not without my share of bumps, twists and turns. Thirty. THIRTY. What will this decade hold?

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Cocktails, that’s what.

Ok ENOUGH woodland creatures and nature analogies. I ask myself, can I enjoy this decade of mortgages, Pepcid AC and realizing I can no longer shop at Forver 21? Maybe I will and MAYBE I WILL. Here are other things I plan to enjoy whilst in my 30’s:

  • Being one of those cool old people who can talk about hashtags, instagram and how to beat level 252 on Candy Crush.
  • Involving myself in conversations with people in their 40’s and being like, “Who is Debbie Gibson?”
  • Hugging servers when they ask to see my I.D
  • Finding like, the sweetest diaper bag
  • Getting super excited over discovering Ralph Lauren 600 thread count sheets in the clearance section of T.J Maxx
  • Staying ahead of the curve with baby names…I hear Stephanie is making a comeback in 2015
  • Seeing the faces of teenagers when I tell them I didn’t have a cell phone in college
  • Subsequently realizing how awesome it was that boys had to talk to my Dad when they called my house and ask, “Is Natalie home?’ when I was in high school. So presh.
  • Cringing at the amount of Jaeger I was able to drink
  • Scolding people when they don’t wear sunblock
  • Getting way, way, way too excited when Downton Abbey is on
  • Exploring the world of SPANX

Gah! The list could go on and on.

Now – I am off to drink champagne and take selfies.

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 Have a great holiday!


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