Moving: A How To

hahahaaaaaahahah just kidding! I don’t know how to do this.

Let’s get one thing straight here – selling our house and moving to a brand new city is NO BUENO. There are so many moving parts. Endless “what ifs”. And certainly large amounts of blind faith.


This is my blind faith face.

Allow me to first address the fun that is living in a house which you are trying to sell. Or should I say museum? How many times, I have stuffed my pj’s, laptop charger and box of Wheat Thins into a random bathroom drawer before dashing to my car for work, I don’t know. See below for our home  museum pics (courtesy of our amazing Realtors):


My life is stuffed in those drawers



If you have ever sold a home, you know the routine.

Everything has to look pristine at a moments notice. Which in my case, means cooking, messy projects and even bathing have become scarce. I prefer to think of it as being “prepared”, rather than what it really is (laziness). So what, if I would rather forego a shower because I don’t want to have to lug out the 13 products I need from the back of the cupboard? As Britney reminds us, it’s my prerogative.

#2 would have to be the absolute pleasure we have of, yet again, packing up all our sh*t and shoving ourselves back into an apartment. Fiddle dee dee!

photo (4)

Here’s us moving in a mere 6 months ago

It is not completely hopeless, thanks to Bryan’s job. We are able hire help for everything in terms of the move. At first I felt weird about letting a complete stranger from a moving company handle my unmentionables. But when I think of packing up my belongings for the seemingly thousandth time, having a potential weirdo touch my undies is really the least of my worries.

So Hans, go ahead and grab fistfuls of my knickers with your callused hands. All that matters is that I’m not doing it.

Procuring said apartment in a brand new-to-us city is also quite dandy. There’s the lack of knowledge about good neighborhoods, wondering if “charming and cozy” really translates to old and small and relying solely on the WWW for reviews. Like who knows if ads like this are just a bunch of malarkey?


And on top of the selling of the home, the packing, the relocation – we also have great fun of locating a storage unit for my tap shoe collection (kidding), me finding employment and having nobody to call friends but each other…

photo (1)

luckily we kinda like each other…

But you know the funny thing??


(and I just can’t hide it)


A new routine, a new city, new people and no sales tax. New restaurants, bars and yes- FOOD TRUCKS! A change of pace, a shorter commute. Hopefully spending loads more time together.

These are all reasons why (despite my complaints) I am so very, very excited for this change.

So, bring it on Hans! Bring it on tired forearm muscles! Bring it on Portland.



15 thoughts on “Moving: A How To

  1. luxmakeupart says:

    You guys have a gorgeous home, I’d have a hard time saying goodbye too! But as you said, you have a million wonderful reasons to be excited and look forward to. The food trucks alone would be enough for me! Haha.


  2. V says:

    Oh goodness, I love watching those house flipping shows, but they have taught me that selling a house is something I never want to do. There are people that complain because the walls aren’t painted white or the house is a mess or they don’t like the furniture–you aren’t buying the furniture or the other stuff, and you can easily paint the wall. But since you have white walls, a tidy house and modern furniture, I think you should fine with the sell 😉


  3. Stephanie says:

    I live in Vancouver (10 min across the bridge from Portland) and I think you will LOVE this city!!!! Good luck on your move, I look forward to see your posts once you’ve moved to the Rose City! 🙂


  4. livcape18 says:

    Your house was beautiful! Wow! I moved around alot when I was younger and thought it was so cool. Now that I had to actually do the work and move to a new city I’m dreading having to do it again. Like for real who knew you could have SO MUCH stuff in just one bedroom?! A whole house is just an anxiety attack waiting to happen for me! Enjoy it though!! And good luck!


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