On the job front – I got my first John Deere letter the other day. It was short, polite and for whatever reason, made my heart hurt. Not that it was the job of my dreams or anything – but getting denied in any fashion is never fun.

Next, I have taken a liking to the show, Scandal, starring Kerry Washington (or Chenille, from Save the Last Dance). Here are my thoughts in order of importance: I want her wardrobe, being a “fixer” would be among my least attractive job list and I kinda want her and the Prez to just be together, already. So there’s that.

scandal promo

I returned my Bellami extensions because the color was simply too dark. I purchased a new set at Sally Beauty Supply and have done one test-run (<- full review to come) and so far, I like them! They match my hair pretty much perfectly and are easy to put in. I have yet to curl, treat or do anything with them but am pumped I found some that actually match my hurr.

photo (12)

Please excuse the sports bra circa 8th grade

I finished Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum and really loved it. I should be doing another book review soon because I am reading another Jodi Picoult right now.


I am going to pick up my wedding dress is just a few short hours! And while I am pumped to try ‘er on, I must admit that I feel a twinge of uneasiness. I’m sure it will fit and be just lovely. But, I am sure any other married ladies out there can sympathize with me on this–after you choose a dress, did you ever see something else and wish you had kept looking? GASP!

I know it’s a cardinal rule to STOP LOOKING at wedding dresses when you find “The One”. But, come on. I mean, HELLO, I have a Pinterest. I can’t help it if the Wedding Suite at Nordstrom is right next to the bathroom. It’s kinda like when you see a picture of Miley’s side crotch. You know you shouldn’t look, but you just have to.

So then you see other gorgeous dresses and think, “crap, I should have waited/tried on more/upped my budget!”…sigh…

Like this dress, which is my all-time, drop dead, “Shut it down” as-Rach-Zoe-would-say dress.



Photo Cred: Ali Walker

It’s the Reem Acra Angel Hair dress. It’s also about $7,000. But – CAN I GET AN AMEN? it’s perf.

Ultimately, I know the dress I chose is right. The silhoutte is en pointe, the material is perfect, and the price was reasonable. But if you’re like me, there is always the, “what if?” factor.

And that’s it, my friends. What’s happening in your neck of the woods?



6 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. budziak says:

    That is a gorgeous dress! I love those cap sleeves, so delicate. A few years ago, I was helping a friend look for a dress and came across the most beautiful dress (Anne Namba Sabrio Gown) that was meant for me. I’m not even engaged. Haha. But I know it was meant for me and I’ve never looked back… No other dress sums me up like this one does. I might change my mind someday when it gets ordered but until then, it’s my dress 🙂

    Check it out: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/45/93/f3/4593f3060895fdae3e2195a98951125d.jpg

    Oh Scandal… I watched all of the episodes on Netflix… Now I need to try and catch the most current season, maybe on Hulu? Don’t you hate when people post spoilers of your fav shows on FB?!


  2. livcape18 says:

    LOVE Olivia Pope and not just because she does the name justice 😉 Scandal literally shoots my heart rate up. IT’S.SO.GOOD.
    Second-JODI PICOULT! I met her and went totally fan girl. She’s my favorite author. Have you read anything else by her? I HIGHLY recommend The Tenth Circle, The Pact (my favorite), Nineteen Minutes, and Mercy. I’m seriously the biggest book nerd. I read so many a month that I forget what I’ve read.
    Lastly, that wedding dress is insanely beautiful. Usually I’m not a fan of that style but wow!


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