Fall Home Decor

Happy October friends!

Today I am bringing a little fall fun your way and if you think I have had these decorations out since September 1, you would be correct. I personally do not understand the gripe with decorating for holidays too early. Especially in the time of the COVID because wtf else are we going to do? But really, think of it this way:

Baseball season lasts approximately 39048453 days and yet it is considered perfectly normal to attend and watch preseason games. Nobody says anything about that. But I put out my Christmas decor a few weeks before Thanksgiving and people are up in arms?! Sorry that I need more than 30 days basking in the joy of holiday decor! That I would like more than a month to light my Christmas cookie candles and continually adjust the ornaments on the tree. FIGHT ME.

oksorry back to the fall stuff.


I really wanted to find a pretty fall garland to put on my fireplace mantel, but everything was SO orangey. Maybe I will try to make something?

I also spray painted fake leaves from Michales to be more my aesthetic.

I recently made the earth-shattering decision on dark blues and pops of mustard yellow in our family room. Check out these prints I nabbed for 50% off at Hobby Lobby.

Also cannot wait to tie this little sucker to something next time we have people over. It smells like those cinnamon pinecones and was only $1 from Trader Joes.


Lately I have been buying up all fall hand soaps I can find. Here is one I found at Target, which smells great!

And I had to get this one from Trader Joes as well.

In terms of wax melts, my new preferred home fragrance method – here are three scents I am obsessed with. All purchased from Walmart for $2. If anyone wants a more in-depth review just lemme know!

Also recently tried out this pumpkin spice CBD bathbomb and had myself the coziest lil fall evening ever! Thanks so much to the folks at CBD Living for sending me this and a handful of others to try. This bathbomb smelled amazing and is chalked full of skin-moisturizing oils and of course, 100 mg of CBD. So impressed!!

And lastly, these pumpkin spice “batons” from Trader Joes – so good with coffee you guys.

All for now – happy fall!

Big News

Hello all my cinnamon Altoids.

Today I bring a bit of news that is worthy of sharing!

No, I didn’t get stiletto nails.

No, in fact I did not win the 6 foot tall Pusheen plushie from Fuego at the mall.

I did recently cut three inches from my hair (srsly best decision I’ve ever made) but that also isn’t the news.

We bought a house!

Yeah. So rent in Portland is basically like 2039409 dollars a month and while I love the fact that I don’t have to mow a lawn or fix things myself,  I hate the idea of throwing money away. Money that could be spent on more important things like:

The Elektra Cosmetics Bolt Balm in Opal Unicorn

NOT spons’d (i wish)

So, we ponied up and purchased a little place all our own. 1,500 square feet of blissful homeliness with which we can drill all the holes we want. I may even wallpaper you guys!

Anywee, here are the digs:

She’s cute, right? Gotta love a good Cape Cod. It should be noted that my black thumb will likely kill all the plant you see here. Thank God for bark. And river rock. Lots and lots of river rock.

So far, we’ve been buyin’ up a crap load of new crap for the joint. Hat tip to Ikea! We also got a new couch and chairs for the living room which I never want to NOT be sitting on. We’ve painted, hung sh*t up, haphazardly watered the lawn and tried to be organized but you know – it’s a work in progress.

Just got the keys in this blurry, tilted gem of a photo


The one and only presentable room, furniture tags still on!


Paint swatch! Is it brown or grey? There was a major debate.

We have made more progress over Labor Day weekend as the Megs and Nan graced us with their HGTV-worthy presence. We decided on a paint color for the living room (which is called Krypton. WTF?), Meg chose a new color for the downstairs bath and we nabbed a Pottery Barn-esque mirror from ROSS for $24.99.

Oh, and baby Tate played in our brand new pool in the backyard!

The fact that it’s a wading pool is irrelevant.

I mean look’a that face!

Please comment below if you’d enjoy some “before/after” posts of my humble attempts at decorating this shanty. I’d be much obliged ;).

Valentines Day Home Decor

I made you guys a card!


Dontcha just ♥ it!?

Unlike many other practical women, I LOVE Valentines Day. I DO NOT CARE if it is a holiday invented by the greeting card companies. Give me cheesiness, pink everything and boxes of Russell Stover chocolates ANY DAY.  I love professing my love. I love showing people my love. I love bouquets of red roses, sub-par champagne and romantic dinners at the Olive Garden.

I love IT ALL.

Anyweez, I have recently purchased like, 3 decorations for the upcoming day and I wanted to share them!


We already had the picture frame with this lovely moment captured inside. The two teeny tiny hearts are actually little trinkets I was given awhile back inside a letter and they are just the sweetest. The “love you more” sign I got for $4.99 at Marshall’s for two reasons:

  1. I am a lil’ basic
  2. I say this phrase to anyone who tells me they love me (and it’s true)


This heart-shaped wall hanging is double sided! The other side is a chalkboard in which I also wrote “Love You More” on :). It came with a set of “xoxo” push pins and was a steal from Target at just 5 bucks! I stuck in some of my favorite black and white pics and wrote the little message on the card as well.


Here is our whole console table. I got the “L♥VE” garland at Target in the party section for $4.99 and you can’t tell here but it is completely sparkly. Not a bad little arrangement if you ask me!

Do YOU decorate for Valentines Day?


Moving: A How To

hahahaaaaaahahah just kidding! I don’t know how to do this.

Let’s get one thing straight here – selling our house and moving to a brand new city is NO BUENO. There are so many moving parts. Endless “what ifs”. And certainly large amounts of blind faith.


This is my blind faith face.

Allow me to first address the fun that is living in a house which you are trying to sell. Or should I say museum? How many times, I have stuffed my pj’s, laptop charger and box of Wheat Thins into a random bathroom drawer before dashing to my car for work, I don’t know. See below for our home  museum pics (courtesy of our amazing Realtors):


My life is stuffed in those drawers



If you have ever sold a home, you know the routine.

Everything has to look pristine at a moments notice. Which in my case, means cooking, messy projects and even bathing have become scarce. I prefer to think of it as being “prepared”, rather than what it really is (laziness). So what, if I would rather forego a shower because I don’t want to have to lug out the 13 products I need from the back of the cupboard? As Britney reminds us, it’s my prerogative.

#2 would have to be the absolute pleasure we have of, yet again, packing up all our sh*t and shoving ourselves back into an apartment. Fiddle dee dee!

photo (4)

Here’s us moving in a mere 6 months ago

It is not completely hopeless, thanks to Bryan’s job. We are able hire help for everything in terms of the move. At first I felt weird about letting a complete stranger from a moving company handle my unmentionables. But when I think of packing up my belongings for the seemingly thousandth time, having a potential weirdo touch my undies is really the least of my worries.

So Hans, go ahead and grab fistfuls of my knickers with your callused hands. All that matters is that I’m not doing it.

Procuring said apartment in a brand new-to-us city is also quite dandy. There’s the lack of knowledge about good neighborhoods, wondering if “charming and cozy” really translates to old and small and relying solely on the WWW for reviews. Like who knows if ads like this are just a bunch of malarkey?


And on top of the selling of the home, the packing, the relocation – we also have great fun of locating a storage unit for my tap shoe collection (kidding), me finding employment and having nobody to call friends but each other…

photo (1)

luckily we kinda like each other…

But you know the funny thing??


(and I just can’t hide it)


A new routine, a new city, new people and no sales tax. New restaurants, bars and yes- FOOD TRUCKS! A change of pace, a shorter commute. Hopefully spending loads more time together.

These are all reasons why (despite my complaints) I am so very, very excited for this change.

So, bring it on Hans! Bring it on tired forearm muscles! Bring it on Portland.


Time to Say Goodbye

It’s time.


As I sit down in front of my tiny laptop to write this, my shoulders are extra hunched, my fingers are hovering rigidly above the keyboard. I am staring pointedly at the blinking cursor with a furrowed brow and pursed lips. How do I begin to explain in writing, a change that I can barely form words for?

We are moving to Portland.

Dun-Dun-DUUUUNNN. Yes. It’s true.

And it happened so. darn. fast.

In a nutshell, Bryan was offered a promotion (that we could not ignore) but the job was in Portland. Since we just bought a lovely new house, like yesterday, of course our first reactions were hesitant. How could we fathom moving out of a house we were just settling into? That we loved. That we still owed lots of money on.


But really, the house was the only thing holding us back. Well, that, our awesome friends who we will miss, family and the SEAHAWKS. But anyway.

I won’t get into all the details of how leaving Seattle is alright with us. It’s an amazing place and one that we would love to return to, one day.  But other than the house, a structure in which we have resided in for the past five months, there is nothing tying us here.

So off we go into the great unknown! Residents of OREGON, we shall be. And I feel like I need to address the stereotypes elephants in the room straight away.

  • I will not be getting gauges in my ears.
  • Nor will I start to drink craft beer.
  • I promise to keep hangy beanies to a minimum.
  • We won’t start using organic deodorant and toothpaste.

Hahahaaaa. But seriously, while we are pumped for things like Voodoo Donuts, Co-op summer salads and all the other things that make Portland such an awesome, albeit weird place, we are wary of becoming obsessed with spelt flour, the Trailblazers and growing beards. You get it.

Any Portland peeps out there who share a love for makeup, little dogs and going on fabulous glamping trips?

If so, drop me a line.


Random stories from my life:

Recently, I have gone into the city TWICE for dinners with Bryan. I always feel so grown-up and jet-setting, when I drive into the city for dinner. I like to think that it’s no big deal. I imagine myself a spontaneous, totally together woman who weaves in and out of traffic, tossing my perfectly coiffed hair and listening to french hip-hop. Sadly, that’s not the case with me.  I am only willing to brave such journeys at the promise of champagne, a good meal and ALWAYS the ballet. Last time, it was Place Pigalle. A french restaurant tucked away in Pike Place Market which has become a favorite of Bryan and I’s.We shared some delicious food, drank our bubbles and even ordered dessert, a rare but welcome occurrence.

photo (16)

New tights!

photo (7)

Champagne and creme brulee!

Another weekend, we met our friends Lacey and Danny for cocktails at Lot. 3 in Bellevue. We arrived at 4:30 and the hostess was like, “we can seat you but the table needs to be available by 7:30 for a reservation”. In all my years in food service, I have not encountered such a request. But whatevs, we sat down and thought for sure 3 hours would be enough time. But, as drinks with these two go, we were basically planted there. They did make us get up and move to the bar at 7:30 which I did with only a modicum of contempt. Obvs it didn’t stop our party and canijustsay, I love a couple who knows how to GET DOWN. An unexpected round of tequila shots? Hear, hear! These guys always bless us with such great conversation, its easy to lose track of time.

photo (11)

photo (12)

photo (13)

photo (15)

PB&J + Bacon Slider = perfection

My parents bought me a cute little vanity for Christmas. I opened the enormous box on my birthday and squealed with delight. But then. It was broken, so we sent ‘er back. A million years later, the replacement arrived. No directions. No screws. No vanity stool as pictured. The mirror needed to be attached somehow to the table and we did not own power tools. POOP. My mom was in cahoots with the owner so she asked him to please send us directions, screws and the stool. 82198 days later, the stool arrived and then there was the matter of procuring a power drill. MY LIFE. The predicament ended happily, with Bryan successfully screwing the mirror to the base with our newly-purched Ryobi drill. We were both sweating and kindof mad at no one in particular but we did it. And behold! HEADQUARTERS:

photo (8)

photo (9)

So happy and so scraggly

Also, we painted the walls of the bedroom pictured above. More appropriately known as “the ladies quarters”, this room is where I have been doing my makeup. The AWFUL blue color HAD to go, it was so unsettling!  So, one weekend I got all motivated and went to Home Depot, picked out a color and that was that. 3 days later I had a perfectly “cottage white” room. YES, it took me 3 days. Multiple coats and ceiling touch-ups were needed. I’m such a homeowner right now!


BEHR Cottage White

And here is how it looks on the walls:


Definitely NOT our house 😦

Upcoming excitements include:

  1. spray painting an old nightstand
  2. mom and megan coming in two weeks to do wedding things!
  3. the bag of original goldfish crackers in my desk

That is all.

We Bought a House


(Most pictures below are courtesy of our broker.)


I Forsee a Red Door…

Bry and I chin-chin’ed over a bottle of champagne and are basically like little kids who just got their own rooms. And in a way, we are.

photo (5)

The “estate” (as I will now refer to it haha JK) features 4 bedrooms. FOUR. And each will be themed. The themes are: America, Irrigation and Nighttime ;). One will be our room, too.

photo (3) ISp1u1v8tvs7jm1000000000 IS5ydbaitbyv7j1000000000 photo (2)

I am really excited to have a girly room. The “ladies” quarters is where us ladies will sit. I will hang up my pink wall decor, I’ll blast the heat.

I’ll unload my complete boxed set of Sex and the City DVDs and string twinkle lights wherever I damn well please. I’ll plug in wallflowers, light my 14.5 oz BBW 3-wick candles and switch on my Scentsy.

It will be an agglomeration of years worth of different obsessions. Unicorn figurines, sequined picture framed photos from spring break 2004 and cupcake paraphernalia.

Various sundries, carefully plucked from the shelves of previous college apartments and memory boxes will be placed on shabby-chic shelving. Not to mention, a vanity along with my entire collection of makeup. It will be as if Rachel Ashwell’s collection threw up all over my room.

And it will smell like peonies.

And BEHOLD, a vision board!
House Vision Board

From top left to right: Teacup, Macy’s Chloe Sofa, Pottery Barn Meredith Desk, Pier 1 Hayworth Vanity, Prada Marfa Sign Art, Pottery Barn Throw Blanket, Z Gallerie Nicolette Bed, Peonies, JH Picture, B&BW Candle, Eiffel Tower Lamp, Anthropologie Georgina Duvet.

What else am I excited about?

We will FINALLY have a garage. How can one be so happy about something as boring as a garage, you ask? As the soon-to-be wife of a crazy outdoorsman, I can tell you – it’s pretty darn exciting.
No longer will dirty hiking shoes be mixed into a box of linen duvets and muffin tins. Ropes, belay devices, tents, sleeping bags, GIANT backpacks and muddy boots can all be arranged lovingly in the space, solely devoted to storing things of this nature. Not to mention, our skis, bicycles oh yeah – our MOTOR VEHICLES.
It’s a luxurious life we shall lead.
photo (4)
We will have a separate tub from shower which can only mean that I will be able to shop at Lush and buy those cutely-shaped bath bombs for ten bucks a pop. Thank the lord!
An entryway! Equipped with a table which will proudly display such amusements as a dish of seasonal candies, a mini-Christmas tree, pumpkins dipped in glitter or ugly ceramic Easter Bunny figurines that I thought were cute at the time. Sky’s the limit. IS9tozteeg3i7j1000000000 photo A living room AND a family room which I realize is not very Gen-Y of me. I should be programmed to embrace the “great” room but alas, I cannot. Call me old fashioned, but I like me two rooms. One for sittin’, one for livin’. ISlq2ewy9spwim1000000000 IS1v4vb6xufrrm1000000000 A normal-sized kitchen with enough room to store a plethora of gadgets. We can have multiple cutting boards, thus eliminating the cross contamination of cutting up an onion on same surface as my morning english muffin. ISdk02es5khzim1000000000 A backyard where I can spray paint things to my heart’s delight. Much like Portlandia’s ever-popular phrase, “We can pickle that!” I will exclaim, “I can spray paint that!”. IS133nql87t98j1000000000 Lastly, we will have enough room for a family to (hopefully) grow. To welcome a poor, unsuspecting addition to our family in human or canine form. One being slightly more of a responsibility than the other but both subject to ridiculous amounts of love. And candy. And bows. photo (1)

Come On-A OUR House!