T-Giving & Our Christmas Tree

Happy December lads and lasses!

Thanksgiving this year was just delightful. Nan and Gare came to Portland, David took my Dad and I to a game at PK-80 and best of all – we didn’t have to make dinner. Yippee!

At the Moda center for the Duke vs Portland State PK-80 game.

Here are the Danielsons at dinner:

After dinner, we hung out while attempting a game of Quwarkle.

The next day was Black Friday so obvs:

Hold your comments until the end to tell me how pretty I am.

That weekend, we put up our tree! David and I wrestled with the lights for a good 45 minutes before deciding that some of them just didn’t work. So, I decided to add a couple strands of white lights to mix in.

Then, I got out my piddly little box of decor and sprinkled it around a bit.

And I nearly died putting this garland on the stairs.

But its done now 🙂

My hobbies as of late include:

  1. laying on the carpet watching Hallmark Christmas movies with Meira and threatening her life if she tries to get up.
  2. making a nest in our giant chair and trying to get Meira to lay with me (she will not).
  3. forcing David into my Seahawks onesie so we can take pajama pictures in front of the tree.

Murrrrrrry Christmas everyone!


Interview with a Fiance

SO. Hi hunny bunnies.

Oh, did I mention we’re engaged? Happened a few months ago. It’s pretty darn wonderful.

I saw this questionnaire on Facebook and knew right off the bat I wanted to ask David these questions about me. So I did. And it was pretty funny. I encourage you to do this with your boyfriend/girlfriend/husbando/wife/goldfish.

WITHOUT ANY prompting, ask them these questions and write down EXACTLY what they say.

1. What is something your girlfriend always says to you? “Am I pretty?”

2. What makes your girlfriend happy? Sparkles

3. What makes your girlfriend sad? Betrayal

4. How does your girlfriend make you laugh? Snorting

5. What was your girlfriend like as a child? Graham crackers

6. How old is your girlfriend? 8 going on 9.

7. How tall is your girlfriend? 5’11 and three quarters

8. What is her favorite thing to do? Sleep

9. What does your girlfriend do when you’re not around? Watches videos on her phone

10. If your girlfriend becomes famous, what will it be for? Singing

11. What is your girlfriend really good at? Singing

12. What is your girlfriend not very good at? Putting stuff away, like cereal boxes.

13. What does your girlfriend do for a job? Office manager

14.What is your girlfriend’s favorite food? Pizza

15.What makes you proud of your girlfriend? Everything

16. If your girlfriend were a character, who would she be? Ariel

17. What do you and your girlfriend do together? Everything

18. How are you and your girlfriend the same? We’re fun, tall people.

19. How are you and your girlfriend different? I’m a boy and she’s a girl .

20. How do you know your girlfriend loves you? Her actions

21. What does your girlfriend like most about you? My mouth

22. Where is your girlfriend’s favorite place to go? To go see Tate

New Wet’n’Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powders

Hey all you turkeys!

Have a nice Thanksgiving? good good

While we were out procuring ingredients for Nan’s “crack” green bean dish at Freddie’s a few days ago, I happened to cross paths with the loveliest display of WnW highlights I had ever seen. They had the rainbow one, a bronzy striped one, the blue tinted one which I already have and then a couple more shades that were brand new.

Of course this took precedent over the green beans and Nan and Gare stood there patiently as I got BACK in line to make my purchase.

Feast yer eyes!

I purchased the shades Blossom Glow and Botanic Dream. (The one on the left is coming off WAY more bronzy than it is.)

First up. Blossom Glow!

This shade is absolutely stunning. It is a light champagne, blinding highlight. I like it better than the shade Precious Pedals and THAT is sayin’ alot. I am 100% in love.

Next up, Botanic Dream.

I had such high hopes for this soft pink color but sadly, the color just doesn’t pack the same punch as the other. The above swatch was VERY heavy and as you can see, the glow is just not there. I do think this would be lovely as a blush topper though.

So there you go! Any other drugstore highlights I need to try? LEMME KNOW!

My 2017 Christmas List


SunnyLife Retro Portable Beach MP3 Smartphone Speaker with Radio

I’ve wanted this radio for a while now. All the Sunnylife Retro gadgets are pretty rad though. And now that David has built us a mighty fine deck in the backyard I am picturing myself sipping vodka-lemonades while blasting sweet tunes from this little pup.

Quay Australia Stray Cat Sunglasses

I just love how freaking huge these are, and that they’re pink.

Abercrombie 8 Perfume

100% a sentimental scent for me. I used to douse myself in this and plan to do the same thing if and when I get it.

Sorel Waterproof Emilie Chelsea Boot  in black (9.5)

I had to include a couple of practical items on my list this year and these boots are just that. I reallllly like these ones from Sorel, despite the $150 price tag. I could wear them everyday and they are WATERPROOF.

Brazilian Crush Body Mist

If you have not smelled this stuff, do yerself a favor and go into Sephora for a whiff. It. Is. Magical.

Neat Dude Beanie

10 out of 10 only want this because my queen Jenna Marbles wears one.

Ultra Thin Hammered Gold Rings (6.5)

These are classy, fun and the best way to dress up your phalanges. I am pretty sure a 6.5 would fit my pointer finger. My ring finger is a 4 1/4 so I dunno.

Earth’s Nectar Leave-in Conditioner 

Practical gift no. 2 because I am always 5 sprays away from being out of leave-in conditioner and I cannot be without. I found this brand on Sephora so it must be good right? Anything salon-quality would be fine though.

Otterbox for iPhone 7

Annnnd practical gift no. 3. I have dropped two cell phones and broken two screens. So, I am biting the bullet and getting a mom-case. I hate myself.

Sunburst Drop Earrings

The David Yurman sunburst earrings would be awesome, but they cost about a gr so no. These little ladies I found on Etsy and cost $10 so YES.

Festivus for the Rest of Us

My dear mother.

All she has ever wanted in this world was a big, loving family that loves to play games, sit around and eat licorice and drink wine. When she was a kid she told me that her friends had to tell her to go home at the end of the day. She’s a real people-person, a chit-chatter, she may or may not invade your bubble. She is without a doubt the most creative, fun-loving woman I know and I am so glad she’s passed down these traits to me. Her and I are the party girls.

Unfortunately my extended family is all spread out over the great state of Washington and with everyone married and having kids these days, family get-togethers are a real toughie.

This year, Nan had the brilliant idea of getting everyone together BEFORE the craziness of the holidays began and calling it…

FESTIVUS. (for the rest of us)

And for those of you who are not Seinfeld fans please unsubscribe :

Festivus is a holiday celebrated by the Costanza family that revolves around an un-decorated pole, feats of strength and of course the official airing of grievances.

So we came, we were festivious (I’m making that I word I guess) and had a fabulous weekend.

Here’s what went down. And I apologize for the over-abundance of pics of Tate and E. They’re impossible not to photograph.

Tate is now a full-on miniature Ben Johnson (his dad). He is man of adventure, curiosity and of course, few words. He fights my cuddles, hugs, kisses and drive-by grabs fiercely and consistently. These behaviors become even more amplified when E is around, as he adores her. I may as well be chopped liver.

Night one was spent with E putting on a puppet show for Tate where a set of paternal twins (a bear and a dog) go to Starbucks. She wrote the whole thing out on paper before hand and girlfriend’s execution was impeccable. Tate grunted in appreciation and then tried to incorporate a piggy into the show, with E lovingly accepted.

Then, pants were removed and E pulled Tate around on a blanket for a good half hour.

The next day was Festivus so naturally, Nan and I wrote a commemorative song for opening ceremonies to the tune of Oh Christmas Tree. It went something like this:

Oh Festivus! Oh Festivus!

The rest of us love Festivus.

Oh Festivus! Oh Festivus!

The rest of us love Festivus.

It is the day where we drink wine,

share feats of strength and then we dine.

Oh Festivus! Oh Festivus!

The rest of us love Festivus.

We prepared food, started drinking wine around 2 pm and subsequently began covering the Festivus pole in grievances.

My aunt Con brought over gifts for Tate and E, including the best necklaces ever:

And (because of her passionate rendition of How Far I’ll Go from Moana the previous evening) E got this fabulous Moana outfit:

Then we were presented with Festivus shirts to honor the holiday, which are definitely pretty amazing.

The rest of the holiday was spent playing games, jamming out with the cousins, playing cards and just kinda laying around.


All in all, it was simply perfect and I cannot wait for next year’s festivities!


Fall Smokey Eye


It’s almost Thanksgiving and personally, I am not ready. The dinky 6-foot tree that was a doorbuster at Target 3 years ago just won’t cut it in our new place. HOWEVER, we just paid $946 to fix a dent I made in David’s car when I backed into one of those old street lamps in downtown Portland. (It came out of nowhere!) So alas, I’ll probably set our sub-par NON pre-lit tree on top of an Amazon box and call ‘er a day.

But if anyone has a tree they need to get rid of, I 10 out of 10 want it. Seriously.

Sorry about the tangent there guys – I digress. Let’s get to the meekup.

I give you…my go-to smoky eye this fall!

I created this look using m’ trusty Morphe 350 palette, which truly is an amazing palette.

Starting off with a skin-colored base color, I take that color from the inner corner to about 3/4 way across my lid. I then take the lighter orange color and blend that into the crease  in windshield wiper motions. The darker orange color gets layered over the top of that in the same fashion, while the burnt orange red color gets placed in the outer V along with the dark chocolate brown. I also smudged some matte black into my crease using a tiny brush to get that definition. I made sure the area between my crease colors and eyebrow were nicely blended. Then, I took the dark brown color and ran that under my lashline for added definition.

If anyone wants a video on this look – I’ll do my best to film on my iPhone 7 with bad lighting in my bathrobe :).

Helicopters and Halloween

What’s up mellowcreme pumpkins?

The pumpkins are indeed the best part of Brach’s Autumn Mix – who agrees!?

So this last weekend was pretty magical. Portland had 70 degree weather, David and I discovered we get the current season of AHS Cult on Hulu and I allllmost went for a run.


I took David over and under on a helicopter ride!

So pretty right?

But really, it was a pretty sweet little situation. We did have to share the helicopter with one other person (a man with B.O) but it was SO beautiful and worthy every penny.

That night, we went to a Halloween party with our pals Kelly and Connor.

We decided on high school stereotypes for our costumes. Me: goth. David: nerd. I proposed this idea because I’ve pretty much been bingeing on YouTube goth Black Friday .

My makeup took me nearly 2 hours. I had to use a whole face of the lightest concealer I had mixed with some crappy white cream makeup I got at the Halloween store. I wanted to cancel out my eyebrows but we didn’t have a glue stick so I just did my best with concealer and white eyeshadow. The other thing that took me forever was obvs the liner.

I absolutely LOVE doing this kind of thing though. I could spend all day making it perfect.

Once we got to the party – it was ON.

Also – these two captured my heart with these perfect Wizard of Oz costumes.

The next day was spent pumpkin patching and gettin’ ready for ACTUAL Halloween.


Then I glued E’s costume down for the 2389223 time.

And coated the shoes with a final layer of modpodge. Here they were pre-modpodge.

If you can’t tell from the pic, she wanted to be a cupcake this year. We followed this DIY to make her costume.

And lastly, here’s a couple pics of Tate and Nana. Who are my favorite people to Facetime.