Wet’n’Wild Highlighting Gold Bar


What could, quite possibly be the MOST beautiful highlight of all time is now in the world.

And, oh yis. She is marvelous.

She is pigmented, long-lasting, SUPER shimmery with a subtle hint of sparkle and


Annnnnnnnnnnnd. She costs $3.99.


I found and purchased two. Of course I did.

The only problem is that she is elusive. Rare. One cannot simply go out to CVS/Rite Aid/Walgreens and procure this fine specimen. I would implore all my readers who lurve a dope highlight to drive out of their way, to remote, lowly drugstores around the great U.S of A and git yerself this wondrous, majestic substance. If this fails you, you may resort to Ebay and spend triple the retail price, but friends…it would be worth it. YOU SEE, this product is (rumor has it) an exact dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold that will set you back $42.

So, good people – GO. Go get you this. Go to the ends of the earth.

You will be glad you did.

Edited to add:




Happy Birthday David!

If I’m not careful, this post could end up being far too emosh and teary-eyed like my last birthday post. It’s just that the people in my squad mean SO friggen’ much to me. I hold them near and dear to my heart, much like Swedish Fish and The Book of Mormon Soundtrack.

Today is my man David’s birthday.  Allow me to tell you a little bit about him…

If David is anything, he is kind. There are so many qualities that make-up this amazing human being…but he really just has that zsa-zsa-zhu. That special somethin’. Is it his giant, generous heart? His uncanny ability to connect and relate with others? His willingness to help in any situation? Or maybe (just maybe) it’s those gorgeous, sparkling baby blues lined with thick, dark eyelashes that make me go weak in the knees…?

And before I go any further…baby pictures.



Ok. So maybe this post is quickly turning into one big pool of sappy love, (sorry!) but here are my favorite things about David:

  1. The way he loves, supports and treats me




2. The relationship he has with his family and mine


3. His sense of humor, humility and his self-confidence



4. How great of a Dad he is



5. The fact that he is a kid at heart (because so am I)




  1. His sweet tooth


  1. The fact that he is a baller (and an amazing coach)


  1. The fact that he is ridiculously good-looking


  1. His love of hip-hop and gansta things



  1. Our shared feelings about hiking and camping, our travel partnership and the fact that he doesn’t care that I can’t swim


Could I go on and on? YASSSS. But I won’t – I’ll spare you the 72-page long essay I could write on why I am so glad this person came into my life. How the way he says “putt-putt” and “cookie-cutter” always makes me laugh. How we can be our 100% authentic, true selves in front of each other. How we gave one another hope after our respective split-ups and lots of heartbreak.

Basically, David gives me confidence in those classic lyrics of everyone’s favorite TGIF program, Step-by-Step…(starring none other than Suzanne Somers).

Step by step
Day by day
A fresh start over
A different hand to play
Only time will tell
But you know what they say
We’ll make it better
The second time around!

love you David ♥


My Face Mask Routine

Hello Beauties!

Anytime I have a lazy evening at home alone, a few things are certain:

  • Netflix, YouTube, or a combination of the two
  • Ling Lings Pot Stickers
  • A very hot bath with 3-4 different bubble bath products
  • Possibly a vodka+soda

and when I have the energy I luuurve to slather on the face masks! I realized the other day, as I was fishing through my skincare stash to find the right things – that I definitely have favorites. And well, here they are!

Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask


I have had this bad boy for awhile now (come to think of it, might be time to purchase a new one). As the packaging and logo suggest, this stuff has been around FOREVER. Like, Vaseline forever. You may also notice that this is marketed to people with acne, big pores and blackheads – while I do not suffer from any of these things. I find it has a delightful smoothing effect on my skin and I have grown very fond of the smell.


You can tell I take great care with the application…NOT.

I usually let this sit for about 20 minutes and then I wipe it away with warm water and a washcloth.

After the mint julep mask, I like to apply a SECOND mask. I know, it’s kindof alot. But I love this combination.

Michael Todd Pumpkin Facial Mask


Tis the season too! I did not take a picture of my face with this stuff on because it literally looks like poop. I am also not fond of the smell of this stuff AT ALL but it replenishes the moisture on my skin and is such a great compliment to the drying effect of the mint julep mask.

Are there any masks out there I have got to try? Let me know!

Kansas City + Maccabi 2017

Happy Hump Day Kittens!

Weekend before last I went to Kansas City Missouri and for all you D’s in geography out there – it is right next to Kansas.

Why were you in Kansas City Natalie? Makeup convention? Bronycon?

Actually, David had a basketball tryout for the 2017 Maccabi Games in Israel and because we are two large peas in a pod – I accompanied him.

I flew out of Portland on Friday so cue obligatory PDX carpet shot.


I got into KC and was joined by David soon after, flying in from St.Louis after a work trip. He brought me some delights from Natalie’s Candy Store! What a guy🙂.



We grabbed an uber to our hotel, which also happened to be a casino – The Argosy, for any Kansas Citians out there. We quickly discovered that a.) the casino was literally in the middle of NOWHERE b.) there was no pool c.) wifi was not free. So basically, poop emoji.


That night, we had a delightful cheese board at a restaurant called Farm Table, or Farm House or something farmy. One of the featured cheeses was an aged white Tillamook cheddar all the way from the state of Oregon! Hahaaaa David and I were all “yeah, we have blocks of this stuff in our fridge at home, muahahaa” and everyone thought we were super bougie.


After that, we went to Breakout KC!

These places are popping up all over the place, so David and I decided to give it a whirl. We were placed in a casino-themed room with 5 other people and were given one hour to escape using clues.


We were able to escape in 59 minutes, 31 seconds. Everyone in our group was really cool and we all got SO into it. Can’t recommend this more.


After that, we ventured to the only “rooftop bar” Google could find, appropriately named John’s Big Deck. Actually it was really fun. I hit the dance floor after one drink where it was only me and one other dude. I felt like a dance battle was about to happen at any moment, but it never did.


The next day David, David’s teammate (also named David) and I ventured into Kansas City for lunch during the Art Walk. It was hot as tits out there, so we ate lunch and headed back to the deathstar hotel.

That night, we met up with some other guys who were trying out and I was the only girlfriend there so I just kinda played Candy Crush on my phone and drank vodka+sodas while the guys bro’d out. We had a lovely Italian dinner that night where I enjoyed a refreshing gimlet and a large coconut macaroon for dessert. We hit the hay that night after watching The Hunger Games. Pretty great, actually.

David had his tryout the next day so I slept in, worked out, took a loooong shower and then went for a little walk. There was a large, completely uninhabited park next door so I walk-danced along the Missouri river without a care in the world.



After the tryout, we had a much-deserved Kansas City BBQ dinner. David and I shared ribs, chicken, more ribs and I had to order the “cheesy corn bake” because duh. It was delish and everyone loved their food.


The next day we flew home to Portland and I was so well-rested and relaxed. Sometimes its so nice to get outta town for a couple days, un-plug, take naps and eat cupcake bites amiright!?

We also started watching Stranger Things because we are Americans. I will talk about that at a later date.

Highlights, Healthy Ice Cream and Fun with Kiddos


I hope everyone out there is ready for randomness in mass proportions today!

First things first, this dude:


You know. Just your average man, at a busy Portland intersection on a pink elliptical 3-wheel bike. Please pay special attention to his casualness. I also have this on video, leave a message below if you want me to post that sh*t.

I have gotten back on the running train you guys! I go at lunch and go anywhere from 2-5 miles. About a 10-minute pace. I’m very proud of myself.


A couple weeks ago, my sis Rachel, David and I went to the Sports Page in none other than historic downtown Kennewick. Rach and I decided to wear our hoods up because #thethuglife and I also decided to see if the pants statue outside would “fit” me. Can I also ask anyone reading from Kennewick WHY there is a pants statue outside the Sports Page? I mean, I love it…but why!?




Megan and I have discovered a brand of ice cream you can get in the natural section called Halo Top. You can eat the whole damn thing for less than 300 calories. Also, they have a birthday cake flavor so basically YASS.


Living part time with David’s daughter is seriously THEE best time. I now have a legitimate excuse to do the following activities without  judgement:

  • Sing “The Perfect Nanny” from Mary Poppins on repeat…I have found the Jane to my Michael.
  • Same goes for anything by Julie Andrews, Frozen and best of all, Tay-Tay.
  • Play Barbies for 3  hours.
  • Watch Sophia the First, Madeline or Mister Rodgers.

There is also quite a bit of hair styling (her, styling me that is), stuffed animal identifying and fairy spotting. It is all quite precious and wonderful🙂.


This happened while playing Barbies the other day. Watch that hand, Ken!


One of her many hairstyles. Totes Boho.

Lastly, I finally got my hair highlighted! You can tell from the above pic how bad it was…



Freshly highlighted!

P.S Our office dog Tyson, lays like this on the regular for 2-3 minutes at a time. Nobody is petting him. Nothin.


Tate’s Birthday Weekend

Last weekend, David and I and E (David’s daughter) were delighted to attend Tate M. Johnson’s very first birthday party!


(yes, David has a daughter. she is sweet, hilarious, ridiculously charismatic and precocious)

Anyways, we had been counting down the days until this little gentleman turned one and could not wait to celebrate this milestone with him. So we hit the road after school on Friday, blasted “wildest dreams” by Tay-Tay and scream sang.

Friday night we had an awesome dinner or chicken, potstickers, random cut-up vegetables with plenty of Ken’s Ranch and a Caesar salad. RANDOM and delicious.

Saturday morning we woke up and Tate came over for his Danielson presents.

My mom made him THEE sweetest little cloth book with all sorts of interactive, movable pieces inside that he could play with. She had worked on it for about 6 months!



Nan also got him an Ikea train set which he already loves.


I got him a Puddle Jumper (those floatie life-jacket things that go around their waist), a Leaping Frog “Scout” teddy bear and the below pictured Mickey Mouse shirt.



The rest of the day was spent prepping for Tate’s party in the form of baking a tater tot casserole (we used this recipe) and getting balloons. Then it was time for his party!

Haaaaaaaahahhaa gotta love this pic.



He was pretty bashful about the cake. He started picking off individual sprinkles and then got more and more into it. We had E go over and help him get the idea (the two of them LOVE each other) and then he kinda dove in more.



He got some great presents and everyone was just so happy to be a part of his first birthday.


I think I was the most excited…


Today. THIS boy is one.


When my sister had Tate, I was working at my previous wretched job. It was the morning of September 16, 2015 and my mom and I had been Facetiming nonstop, dying for updates of the little gentleman coming out of Meg’s nethers. She was in the hospital room with only the nurses, a doctor, and Ben so none of us had any clue how she was doing. But then we heard a baby cry!! Nan took me (on the iPad) into the hospital room with her, and both of us laid eyes on the tiny baby Megan was holding at the very same time. My mom wanted to hang up with me so she could really absorb the moment, but I threatened her life, so she kept FT rollin. Megan was calm as a cucumber, just holding her new baby like a G. I said, “So Meg, what’s his name?” She looked up at me and replied,   “I think it’s Tate”.

Oh my God you guys, I am literally tearing up writing this. GET IT TOGETHER NATALIE.


So, Tate. My darling boy. This is for you.

From the second your Mom uttered your sweet name, I was in love. You brought everyone so much instant, powerful and overwhelming happiness in that moment and it hasn’t ended.   How can one tiny person do that to a full-ass-grown woman of 32?

You came at a time in my life when things were pretty rough. I was a mess… a MESS. I was going through something horrid while Meg was pregnant with you. One person was exiting my life, and somehow you entered when I needed it most. I realize how selfish this sounds…”Thanks for being born Tate! You sure helped your Auntie through her life falling apart!”. But you kinda did. You saved the day with you’re arrival into this world and it was easily the best gift anyone could have given me. Other than mayyyybe a quilted Chanel purse… just kidding buddy🙂.

So then I held you for the first time a week later.


Nan and I attempted to give you your first bath and you hated life. And us.  I grabbed you, soaking wet, from the tiny baby tub and wrapped you in my arms while you calmed down. I am SO grateful to Meg for letting me have that little moment with you, because I felt your little heart beating and I was so happy to be your auntie.


Then you started to smile. And MY GOD. Your smile, Tate. It changes lives. It is infectious. In the beginning, you opened your mouth SO wide when you smiled. It was like you were trying to shout (and sometimes you did!).


Then, you progressed into a chin-raising-closed-mouth varietal (a Danielson original) and (like a true Danielson) you always resembled your Grandpa Gary to me.



The first time you successfully took a bottle was from me! Did you know that? Megan and Grandma had left the room and you gulped down an entire 3 oz. bottle. I will always and forever remember how proud I felt to have done that for you.

Then you ate rice cereal for the first time and you took to carbs as I knew you would.

You’ve been such a sport with us setting you in cute places and we LOVE putting you in fun little outfits made for both boys AND girls. Because, my dear boy, you can dress HOWEVER you want to..except turtlenecks..auntie don’t like turtlenecks..




Can you just die for this onesie!?




You’ve also been such a solid shopping partner since day one. Persevering through the obnoxious techno music at H&M, Black Friday at Macy’s and OF COURSE thousands of trips to Goodwill.





When you became a mobile human, I nearly keeled over. True to baby fashion, it started with the rollover, then downward facing dog (below) and then you were on all fours for a bit and then you could only back up, and then you figured out how to go forward! And THEN you pulled yourself up onto things. Dear lord, why couldn’t you stay the little angel baby that stayed where we put him?




Struggling out of my arms

You’ve also been a little MF’er to try to get to eat and sleep! But I get it Tate, baby food is disgusting. I can’t wait to give you cotton candy and sour patch kids.



You’ve done SO many fun things in your first year, including but not limited to:

Getting hit by the label maker:


Experiencing the cultural and culinary delights of the food court at Columbia Center Mall:


 Being more obsessed with your walker than Kanye is with Kanye:


Getting baptized!


You did not end up wearing this but I DIE for how cute it was on you

 Letting your Auntie belly laugh at your little Snapchat filter faces:


And letting me take selfies with you, when you clearly didn’t want to.


I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for you. Maybe your Mommy will finally let me give you some fierce brows or put just a TINY bit of mascara on you. Maybe you’ll walk! Maybe you’ll run! Maybe you’ll stay all day in the sun!

But seriously.

You mean the world to me.

I couldn’t love anyone more.


My sweet little man Tate ♥