Vacation Haul

Aloha little babies!

We leave for leave for Maui today! I COULD NOT be readier. Haha readier. I’ts just this GD weather in Portland has just been soooo dreary. I might pee a little when I see a palm tree…and it won’t be the first time.

With that being said – ONTO THE HAUL!

I purchased the above selections from Target. I got the swimsuits when they were doing a BOGO and the dress was only about $20. Its a super soft jersey knit and (as you can probably tell) I really like black and white stripes these days.

Side-note: I am totally on board with getting a one-piece swimsuit, in fact, there are countless styles I have been in love with. But each time I have tried one on, it’s the same issue I run into with bodysuits. The length of these puppies just won’t cut it when you’re pushing 6 feet. And unless you’re fond of the CT it just aint pretty. So until I pony up the cash to get a one piece built for amazons, I’ll stick to my two-piecers. #tallgirlproblems

Speaking of swimsuits, we also picked out this little tankini for E. I MEAN.

I also picked out a couple new things from the makeup dept because duh.

I wanted to find an illuminating makeup primer with SPF that I could wear under makeup or by itself. After doing a little research, I decided against a high-end brand and decided on this Maybelline Master Prime with SPF 30. Anyone heard a’this?


I picked up the Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in Bellini on a recent trip to Ulta. They were doing their “21 Days of Beauty” sale and I scored this for just $10 (normally $18)! These glosses are my absolute favorite because of the gentle plumping effect and super shiny finish. I also LOVE this in the shade White Russian.

This Wet’n’Wild Megalength Waterproof Mascara is just $2.99 from the drugstore and I actually think it’s pretty decent. It definitely is lengthening, but not super volumizing. I find you can build it up pretty easily and even though it is waterproof, it’s not a little B to get off.

This isn’t necessarily for Hawaii, but I did pickup this Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner at Ulta as my Stila Stay All Day is starting to dry up. Anyone used this before? Is it any good?

Buying Beauty Products from T.J Maxx?

Those who know me best, know I’m a Maxxinista through and through.

Not just because I love TJ Maxx, but because I’ve become extremely knowledgeable about the products to hoard from there, but also the ones to steer clear of.

As an example, here are great things to BUY at TJ Maxx:

  1. Obviously clothes, shoes
  2. Towels, bath mats, etc.
  3. Candles!
  4. Greeting cards/wrapping paper (really good quality for CHEAP)
  5. Wall decor (just try not to buy too many of the quotes signs. I say 2-3 per home is acceptable)

However, there are few things to def NOT get at TJ Maxx:

  1. Hair products
  2. Headphones, electronics
  3. Sometimes candy
  4. Sometimes perfume

Also, historically I have been super wary of makeup/skincare from TJ Maxx. I always see brands like Elizabeth Arden, Shiseido and Bliss but more recently they’ve added Estee Lauder, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Erno Lazlo etc. And when a Clinique eye serum is selling for $16.99 I always wonder…what’s the catch?

Is it expired? Discontinued? Is it from a bad batch? In my wildest fantasies, these products are all just overstock, fresh and just a SWEET DEAL. But then I wonder why errrone isn’t snapping these things up right and left.

Needless to say, I rarely buy anything from the bath & body section of T.J Maxx except the odd hand soap, Body Shop Body Butter or nail polish. I am scared to death of wasting my money on products that simply don’t work.

So the other day at lunch when I spotted two lowly GIANT bottles of St.Tropez Dark Tanning Mousse  for $14.99, just in time for our trip to Hawaii – I squealed inside my mouth a little. I inspected the bottle from top to bottom, looking for signs it had been in a fire, damaged or used, to no avail. I even googled all the random numbers on the bottom of the bottle to see if anything fishy turned up. Nothin.

So I bought ‘er and took ‘er home.

The next day, I took a pre- self tanner shower (exfoliated, scrubbed, etc) and excitedly jumped out in anticipation of applying my new tan! I shook it up generously and pumped it out into my tanning mitt.

It. Was. GREEN.

Just, completely Shrek green.

I know lots of self tanners have an olive undertone so I wasn’t that surprised and thought maybe this was just the color of the product, not the tan. So I rubbed a tiny bit into my forearm and it dried just straight-up green. Then I google imaged the product to see what color it is supposed to be…

Definitely NOT green!

I figure it must have just been expired. So. Yeah. I wiped the green right off my arm and plopped the bottle back in the T.J Maxx bag  to be returned. I guess the moral of this story is…

Do not buy tanning products from T.J Maxx 🙂

Mardi Gras. Mixed CD’s. Misc Mischief.

Hey there Jujubees!

I have a lot to get through today so I’m diving right in here!

A few weeks ago, David, his cousin Jackie, Grandma Rosalie and I went to an auction for her synagogue that had a Mardi Gras theme. I did green, purple and gold eye shadow but failed to get a good pic of it like a nincompoop.

Also, David booked us all a trip to Hawaii for the end of March which I must remember to start drinking Slim Fast for.

I even drew a palm tree to commemorate in my 2017 Hello Kitty day planner.

David and I went to a Blazers game vs. OKC and they won! Suck it Russell Westbrook.

those eyes tho

I used the H&M eyelashes for a date night/night out that I hauled in this post and was pleasantly surprised!

Annnnd, I wore a slightly tramp-ish dress with knee high boots and was all “I am woman, hear me roar!”

Then last weekend, I drove home to see my Mom, Meg and of course my baby Tate.

I discovered this in the CD case in my car (yes, like in High School) behind another CD and of course listened to the whole thing on the way to Kennewick. Lots of Blink 182, some Mandy Moore. you know.

All that one can get with him anymore is blurry pictures. The little meatloaf is so wiggly and fast.

But really, Tate is the absolute love of my life. I would do anything for him.

We got to do lots of fun things, such as…

Going for Fro yo!

Shopping at Target

Going to the park!

The Mickey hoodie slaaaays me

And of course, we spent lots of time hanging at Nana’s, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (his FAVORITE).

My Mom is also making everyone matching stocking for Christmas and aren’t they so cute?

She also hand-stitched this little easter egg ornament which she gave to me. I told her I’m opening her up an Etsy store and we’re both going to be rich! muaahaahahaaa

While at Columbia Center, I hit a jackpot of a sale at Gymboree for E and got her a bunch of awesome summer stuff for Hawaii including these flops which are to die.

And I cooked her up the best pancake art I am capable of.

Yes, we have a full set of four of these Hello Kitty placemats

And lastly, my Dad Gary Danielson was on the Variety Telethon in Des Moines. He is a celebrity. And I am his daughter. I’m not sure, but I think this makes us Kardashians now.


Snowshoeing Suckiness

I feel like this time of year is just…sucky.

There’s taxes.

The weather.

It’s just the WORST.

And speaking of taxes, I did mine this year all by myself using free Turbo Tax and it was actually really easy. I am pretty sure I messed up a couple times, but like is the IRS really gonna audit little ol’ me? (KNOCK ON WOOD)

But here is another sucky thing…Snowshoeing (and Cross Country Skiing Skiers)

A couple weekends ago, I tried my hand (or should I say feet haha) at snow shoeing with my best buds Kelly and Olga. We were in Bend for a company ski trip and the three of us decided to rent snowshoes and give ‘er a whirl.

Turns out the route we were on was also used for cross country skiers and there also happened to be a cross country race that day.

To anyone who enjoys either of these sports, riddle me this: HOW?

I don’t understand what is remotely “fun” about either of these “sports”. Tromping around in the snow wearing heavy, water-proof snow gear while sweating heavily and fogging up your sunglasses is NOT my idea of fun. If I am going to exercise, I will go for a run or go to the gym or evvven hike if pressured. But to purposely go out in big ol’ ski clothes and attempt even the smallest incline, just heyll nah.

And don’t get me started on cross-country skiers.

“It’d be awesome if you girls could stay to the right and off of the tracks!”, “Can you get off of our tracks?!”, “ON YOUR LEFT! ON YOUR LEEEEEEEFT!”

I could have killed. them. all.

the only reason there are smiles in this picture was because we knew burgers were in our future

So, like yeah. I guess it was a pretty day.

this is my “tolerating it” face. notice kelly all adorbs in the background while I’m in one of David’s 11 year old hangy Old Navy thermals…

So, in conclusion let me be clear about a couple of things. I do not like snowshoeing. And I reallllly don’t like cross-country skiers.

Testing Charcoal Toothpaste

Hi bunnies!

So apropos right? Easter being around the corner.

About a month ago, David turns to me while we’re watching Shameless and admits, “I bought some black charcoal toothpaste from Asia today”. Cool buddy ;).

But really, I got kinda excited because white teeth just happen to be something I pride myself on.  And come on, charcoal ANYTHING is just blowing up right now. People are smearing it on their faces, brushing their teeth with it. Probably making charcoal + jelly sandwiches.

So when it arrived in the mail a few weeks later, I was really excited to get brushin’.

Looove the packaging too!


So we took before and after photos because I have a beauty blog and also because we genuinely wanted to see results after one use.

So here’s our befores:



Annnnd the afters:



So yeah. Not WORLD’S whiter. But I see a little difference! We are both going to continue using it and I’ll do updates in maybe a month so we can BLIND you. Haha.

Have a good one kiddies.

The Cheapest Makeup Ever

I feel juuuust fine writing this post and calling out this brand  on their sh*t because they are discontinuing it. Just a disclaimer.

Am I rubbing salt in the wound? um YISS.

It all started on a rainy lunch break, where I haphazardly wandered into the downtown H&M. I thought I’d get another 20-pack of pearl earrings, maybe a $5 clearance scarf I’ll never wear, you know – the usual suspects. But then I noticed that H&M’s complete line of makeup was marked down with big red stickers for just DOLLARS.

I asked the two long-haired young men working about the sale. Was it all on sale? Or just certain items? They told me that it was “all like 1 or 2 bucks” so of course I mozied over for a closer looksie.

Like a moth to the flame, I was instantly pulled in. Decent packaging, wide color selection and price tags upwards of $9.99, I thought I had hit the proverbial mother-load. I stuffed maybe 10 items in my claws and dumped them out on the counter to see what the prices would be. Long-haired boy no.1 looked down at the mess of products I was inquiring about and said “I’m just gonna charge you a dollar each for everything”. FINE BY ME YOUNG MAN.

So I walked out with a big ol’ bag a’makeup for $11. Total score. I  whipped out my phone once I got back to work to snap a pic and send a braggy text to Megan about my deal of the day.


Later that night when David was putting E to bed, I excitedly dumped out all the packages on our bed and got to work taking pics for lé blog and swatching.

This is when my mistake was realized. Pretty much all of it is total crap. Like, worse than crap. Actual ka-ka.

The “sheer lip color” caught like crazy against my skin and the color was patchy and dry. It also wasn’t really that sheer.




The concealer’s consistency was as if someone took a crappy $1 foundation from Dollar Tree, mixed it with some mineral oil, and stuck it in a tube. I couldn’t even get a proper swatch.


The blue liner (while a beautiful sparkly blue color) completely flaked after 22 seconds.



This nail polish color is super pretty! It actually lasted for about 3 days before chipping.



And then there’s the lashes. I bought three packs of these. And I can happily report, they weren’t bad! Not the easiest to work with and I had to do ALOT of trimming and sculpting but they look aight (see below).



All of the brushes are SUPER wonderful considering the fact that they were $1. I wouldn’t have spent much more on them, though. They are decently soft and do the job.


The only thing I have not used (and may never use) are these babies:


The real victims here are anyone who paid full asking price for this stuff. I mean, $9.99 for the lipstick? I would rather buy a Homer Simpson Chia Pet.

So what did we learn today?

Do not go hog wild for discontinued, $1 makeup. Or if you’re like me, DO. Because you’ll get a kick out of it.

Valentines Day Home Decor

I made you guys a card!


Dontcha just ♥ it!?

Unlike many other practical women, I LOVE Valentines Day. I DO NOT CARE if it is a holiday invented by the greeting card companies. Give me cheesiness, pink everything and boxes of Russell Stover chocolates ANY DAY.  I love professing my love. I love showing people my love. I love bouquets of red roses, sub-par champagne and romantic dinners at the Olive Garden.

I love IT ALL.

Anyweez, I have recently purchased like, 3 decorations for the upcoming day and I wanted to share them!


We already had the picture frame with this lovely moment captured inside. The two teeny tiny hearts are actually little trinkets I was given awhile back inside a letter and they are just the sweetest. The “love you more” sign I got for $4.99 at Marshall’s for two reasons:

  1. I am a lil’ basic
  2. I say this phrase to anyone who tells me they love me (and it’s true)


This heart-shaped wall hanging is double sided! The other side is a chalkboard in which I also wrote “Love You More” on :). It came with a set of “xoxo” push pins and was a steal from Target at just 5 bucks! I stuck in some of my favorite black and white pics and wrote the little message on the card as well.


Here is our whole console table. I got the “L♥VE” garland at Target in the party section for $4.99 and you can’t tell here but it is completely sparkly. Not a bad little arrangement if you ask me!

Do YOU decorate for Valentines Day?