Deborah Lippman Nail Polish Review

Hi there summer-time spritzers!

Today I thought I’d review the Deborah Lippman nail polish in the shade “Shape of my Heart”. I received the above pictured duo in my recent FabFitFun box, which turned out to be kindof a major letdown.

Seeing as a regular sized Deborah Lippman polish retails for $18, I figured I owed it to y’all to let you know how I liked the stuff.

Or more accurately, how I didn’t like the stuff.

The shade is really beautiful to start. I love pale pinks and this one is a really gorgeous cool-pink.

The wand on the polish was also a very nice shape and made it easy to apply. But that’s just about it for this product’s positive attributes.

It took me three coats to achieve moderate opacity. THREE. I felt like I was painting my nails forever. As in, I could have iced a wedding cake in the time it took me to apply this.

The end result was aight.

Apologies for the horrendous cutes, but you get the picture.

The next day after washing my hands ONE TIME, this stuff chipped on me. on THE SECOND DAY.

Definitely not a fan of the opacity or wear-time of this polish. I realllllly don’t understand how they charge $18 for this stuff. Sinful Colors boast some amazing shades that last on me at least 3 days with no chips and they cost $1.99. It’s a no-brainer guys.

Wedding Guest Dresses + Art Night

Hi there summer time fruit bowls!

David, E and I are venturing east to North Carolina this weekend! I have never been to a Carolina before but am realllllly excited for the following reasons: 1.) singing “Going to Carolina in My Mind” by James Taylor IN A CAROLINA 2.) I hear it’s pretty 3.) We will be attending a beautiful wedding 4.) We get to see David’s bro + fam.


So anyweezie, I had to procure myself a new dress to wear to the wedding we’re attending as it is “formal” and the 872347623 other dresses I own just won’t do.

Here is what I found at Marshall’s on my lunch break:

This one was kinda tight on the butt/thigh/hip region so bending down might be a show. (ALS): look at my weird-ass foot)

I purely tried this one on because it was an Ivanka Trump and I wan’t to bust David’s chops

I ended up buying this one because the colors are totes my aesthetic

So what do y’all think? Did I make the right choice?

ALSO, David and I went to The Loaded Brush for a wine + art night a couple of weeks ago. I had a Groupon, you see. The one I booked for us was called “Paris Skyline” SO PERFECT FOR ME I KNOW.

We ended up having a really good time and were there for like 3 hours! I am totally going back to do one of the flower ones. I plan to give all my art to my mom and dad and then pretend to get really butt-hurt if they don’t hang them up. It’s going to be hilarious.

The painting was really fun but the Tower d’Eiffel was ridiculous. Nobody could paint it right, not even the instructor. Mine ended up looking like a spaceship and David had the instructor do his. So fun though.

FabFitFun Spring 2017 Box Review

Hi little darlings!

Today I bring you a post I never thought I’d have to write. Its true, y’all…I bought a FabFitFun box.

I know. I’m embarrassed.

Just the name alone makes me cringe.

But then sister Megan pointed out that you get a$80 Dr.Brandt microdermabrasion in the spring box…and I was like ok I see you FabFitFun. I also really like the pastel-colored round beach blanket. So I shelled out the $39 and had my box a week later. The box itself is quite cute. TWSS.

When I opened it however…JUST NO. NO FabFitFun. NO!

I got this beach blanket:

BLUE!???!??!?!?!! No. NOOOOOOOO.

I thought I was getting this one:

What am I going to do with a dumb blue tie-dye blanket? Can I get a re-gift?!

Then I pulled out  the lip-kit which again, I THOUGHT I was a pinky/nude shade.

NO. I got bright ass red.


THEN, I pulled out these earrings…when I thought I was getting a cuff bracelet.

These look like the contents of the bottom of an H&M dollar bin. AND this is discriminatory to people with only one earring whole. AND it was missing an earring anyway.


The rest of the contents included:

These Deborah Lippman mini polishes

I Used the pinky shade the other night and it took THREE streaky coats to achieve this:


These Karuna sheet masks

They was aight. Nothing special.

This Briogeo Rosaro Milk.

This stuff is decent. I also just learned Sephora is selling it online. It retails for like $20 I think.

And the Dr. Brandt product I came for!

I haven’t used this product yet, but I know it’s going to be a good one!

OVERALL – This was SUCH a huge disappointment for me. I didn’t know there were options for some of the products and that is on me. But still, I can be mad. I tweeted the company about the lack-lusterness of the box and they are sending me the cuff as an I’m Sorry present and they offered me $5 off my next box which I will not be continuing unless they can figure out how to package up a real unicorn in the next one.

Current Hair Care Routine

Oh…hurr curr.

Such a daunting task for me. Why? you may ask. It’s just hair!

Oh, if you ONLY knew.

Over the last decade, my hair has kinda been through the ringer and it’s all boiled down to two big cardinal mistakes:

  1. Buying Groupons for hair color services

This (I’ve discovered) is a big no-no. While it saves money, the folks that use Groupon on the regular to book clients are doing it for a reason. Now, this is NOT to say that you cannot find an amazing hairdresser on Groupon, I just firmly believe that most of the time you pay for exactly what you get. Funnily enough, I found my current hairdresser by using Groupon! She had decided to do hair out of a salon in her home so she put out a Groupon to attract new clientele and thank GOD she did because I love her!

2. Switching hairdressers frequently

See aforementioned section about using Groupons… When I would just buy which ever Groupon had an opening for me, it also meant my hair was exposed to all sorts of brands of color/bleach. And while this may not seem like huge deal, it kindof is. Not only does your hair react differently to different lines of color, but the discrepancy in color also varies.

So now that I have found a perfect goddess to do my hair, I have a whole new routine and it’s pretty great.

Quick sidenote: my hairdresser uses only Davines color and styling products. If you don’t know anything about Davines, look it the F up. The whole line is amazing.


For shampoo and conditioner, I have been using the Davines LOVE Smoothing Line. Both smell great, do not leave a residue and leave my hair feeling soft and silky. The conditioner is very thick and grabby and I love saturating my ends with it.

For deep conditioning, I really love using good ol’ Virgin Coconut Oil from Trader Joes. I apply it directly to dry hair, after slowly warming it up in the sink with warm water. I like to leave it on overnight if I can and then just wash it out in the morning.


Dry Shampoo is probably my most used styling product –  because I can be a bit of a ragamuffin. I have tried basically all the drugstore kinds and Batiste is my favorite. The tropical one is amazing and leaves your hair smelling like coconut!

Hair oil is another product I cannot live without. My two favorites are the Davines Essential Oi Oil and Moroccon Oil. I love the lightness of the Oi oil and am basically obsessed with the smell of Moroccon Oil. I would wear this as a perfume if they made it.


Shine sprays are an essential item for me, as I have lots of damage and split ends. To reduce the appearance of damage, I LOVE the Kenra Platinum Silkening Mist – it really is a staple and smells absolutely amazing.


Blow dryers, curling irons and straighteners do not get used too much by me anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I use all of them weekly but I don’t feel the need to perfectly straighten each section, or curl every piece with precision. I’ve been embracing my messy, blender-head and loving every minute of it. My mom and Meg however, do not.


Springtime Magic

There has been something so undeniably wonderful about spring this year.

Maybe I’m just so darn sick of the rain, wearing the same coats again and again (most of them SUPER dirty…I’m that girl) and never being quiiiite ready to risk ballet flats. I hate wearing ballet flats when it rains.

So now that the sun has poked it’s amazing head out at us a few times, I can say with complete certainty that yeah, it’s pretty magical.

It’s magical because I can purchase embroidered chambray sleeveless shirts from the Gap, that I have been eyeing since March…and on super sale no less.

I can walk around in the sun, with a stain on my boob. Also, this pic makes me look like I don’t have any teeth.

We can encourage E to wear adorable outfits like this with her “Natalie Sandals” and sunnies.

David and I can take trips to the Coast in actual sunny weather! Even though down jackets and frozen toes are inevitable upon arrival.

Flowers make everything seem magical too…

And OF COURSE, my recently purchased Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow in Smoldering Satin provides oodles of magic.

Lots of other magic happening as well. Like nostalgic pics my Dad sends me.

It’s all just magic.


Ulta Haul

Hello my little rays of sunshine!

It’s supposed to get into the 80’s this week in Portland and if it does, I will surely DIE of happiness. I am so ready guys.

Last weekend, David, E and I ventured out to a shopping plaza and wouldn’t you know it…there was an Ulta!? Surprisingly, Portland doesn’t really have too many Ulta stores and sometimes a girls just needs her fix. I shopped around for about 30 minutes before David and E joined in and we had to go (the temptation to touch EVERYTHING is just too real for a 6 year old).

I knew I was going to buy one of the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow shades but couldn’t decide on one – they’re all gorgeous. I made up my mind and David stood in line with my ONE purchase while I walked E down to get some froyo. Later that day at home, he surprised me with a bunch of the stuff I had wanted at Ulta but didn’t buy. What a guy! So here’s the lineup!

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow in Smoldering Satin

You guys, this stuff is so freaking pretty. I might have to get every shade eventually. I wore it out to dinner that night (to the Olive Garden, what what!?) and absolutely could not stop staring at myself. haha

FYI – If you plan to try this product out, PLEASE BE ADVISED that it necessitates a glitter glue underneath. If you skip this step, you will have a hot mess of glitter all over yer mug. I used this one and it worked just great, which I found at Sally’s for $1.79

Now…back to the haul!

Eyelure Luxe Lashes in Baroque and Opulent

I have been eyeing (get it?) the “mink effect” style lashes for a while. Ardell has a couple styles out, but these ones from Eyelure are SO gorgeous. Look how wispy-soft they look! I cannot WAIT to don these puppies. Of course, I’ll take pics for you guys.

Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist

You guys know I wanted this 99% because of the packaging. I picture throwing this in mummer beach bag and spritzing myself before I run out to the beach. But like, in reality I will be using this to set my face after makeup during the hotter summer months.

Soap & Glory Pillow Plump XXL Lip Gloss in Nude in Town

This color is SO pretty you guys. Don’t let the shade in the tube fool you too much. It is THEE perfect nude ever. I have wanted one of these glosses forever but already owned the Buxom Full-On Lip Creams which also boast a plumping effect. Lemme tell ya, this stuff packs some SERIOUS tingle so you if you’re not a fan of the lip plumpers, steer clear of this. I happen to love the buzzing, tingling feeling – it’s like a little fairy is dancing on my lips saying “Get prettier! Come on! You can do it!” But like, pretty much it just eliminates the lines in my lips and makes them appear slightly more voluptuous.

Nivea Skin Firming & Toning Serum and Lotion

Good day spring tulips!

As of late, I have been hyper aware of certain areas of m’bod. You know the ones…

zee gobbler…zee batwings. I’m not saying they’re huge problem areas for me, but like duh – they will be someday. And I decided it was time to ARMOR UP. After watching a few vids on the subject and doing a tiny bit of research, I decided on  the Nivea Skin Firming and Smoothing Serum. It contains a couple of ingredients meant to help tighten, tone and smooth and the box boasts results in just a couple of weeks. Maybe tonight I’ll take some BEFORE pics. Omg you guys. Am I really a before/after person?

I decided to also get the gel-cream, as I figured I could apply that to larger areas (ahem, BUTTOCKS) to see if I noticed a difference. The cellulite  struggle is real, girls. I found the serum at Rite Aid and the gel-cream at Targs, btw.

Leave me a comment below if you’d like a follow-up post in two weeks to see if the claims are legit because I am totally down.