My 2017 Favorites!

I’m a little late to the game on posting these but sometimes a girl needs a few days  a month to figure out her sh*t. I know you guys get it.

So. In no certain order, here are my favorite products from last year!



Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer

This two-year winner takes the cake for a menagerie of reasons. It covers well, lasts long, looks natural and is priced reasonably.


Tarte Shape Tape

It’s true, everyone and their dog loves this concealer. Because it is perfection.


Benefit Hello Flawless Powder Foundation

I fully realize that the reason I love this powder so much is because it is also a friggen’ foundation and therefore, the coverage is insane. But I don’t care and neither should you. This powder is velvety soft, beautiful on the skin and makes me feel airbrushed.


Benefit Hoola

Oh Hoola, I can’t quit you. I’ve tried so many bronzers and contour shades and Hoola remains always in my line-up. always on my cheekbones and forever in my heart.


Milani Baked Blush in Rose D’Oro

Where in the F has everyone been  on discovering this underrated color from Milani? Sure, we’ve all sung the praises of Luminoso but this color is absolutely stunning as well. I wore non-stop last year.


Revolution Blushing Hearts Highlighter in Goddess of Faith


I realize as I am typing this that this is the first time I have EVER spoke of this product. I am shooketh. This is hands down, 10 out of 10 the BEST HIGHLIGHT I have ever used. And it is from the DRUGSTORE. And it is heart-shaped. It is perfect on my pale skin, boasting a gorgeous icy champagne hue that is so extra I can hardly contain myself. Hat tip to sister Megan for discovering this gem.

Setting Spray

Milani Make it Last Setting Spray

Although the mister on this thing isn’t my favorite (FAR too much product is centrally distributed), the effects are great. YES it contains alcohol but if it goes in my mouth, why can’t it go on my face? TWSS.


Stila Magificent Metals in Diamond Dust

Why do I not own every shade of this product? WHY? I give SO many props to Stila for inventing thee most practical way to apply intense glitter.

Pencil Eyeliner

Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner

This liner is super creamy so take that as you may. I love how richly pigmented and black it is and being that I am not oily, I have no issues with smearing.


TIE! Between Covergirl’s The Super Sizer and Total Tease

The one characteristic these two miracle-workers posses is their ability to separate and be buildable at the same time. If you’re a person who enjoys over 3 coats of mascara, then run out and buy these then come back here and thank me ;).


H&M Lashes

Go figure, these .99 cent lashes on closeout from H&M have been easily my favorite of the year. I have worn them multiple times and I cannot get enough of the super thin and flexible band, the natural clumpiness and realistic curl. Here’s what they look like on me:


Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in Creme Cup

You guys saw this one coming 782378435 feet away. This color is just perfect on me and it just so happens to come in my favorite finish AND it’s Mac so it has the vanilla scent. I just feel more myself wearing this, ya feel me?


Buxom Full-On Lip Creme in Bellini

I cannot recommend any of the Buxom glosses enough. They provide a lil’ plump and a healthy dose of color. What’s not to love?


Brazilian Kiss Cupuacu Lip Butter by Sol de Janeiro

I know this is good because when I wear it to bed David always says I smell good :). It is super moisturizing and also a jumbo size.

AND of course, Treat Beauty Jumbo Lip Balm in Confetti Cake

These jumbo lip balms are the best! All natural, come in THEE BEST flavors, jumbo sized AND from Portland Oregon!? What more could you want?


Flower Beauty Makeup Sponge

As I said in this post, this has to be the softest, most bouncy-soft makeup sponge on the market. You can get yours at Wal-Mart for $9 or pay over $20 at Sephora for a Beauty Blender. CHOICE IS YOURS!


Shampoo +  Conditioner

Davines is where it’s at y’all. I have  thoroughly enjoyed each and every product from this brand. My stylist uses Davines color on me as well. The whole brand is great and I highly recommend!

Dry Shampoo


Absolutely nothing beats this dry shampoo and I have tried a few (RHYMING!). Yes it leaves a white-cast but I like me a white-cast! How else do you know it’s working?! The tropical scent is my favorite because it smells like coconuts.

Other Hair Products

Davines Oi Oil

Here’s Davines again! This smells amaaaazing and I love to use it on my ends.

Davines MELU Hair Shield

I love how lightweight this spray is. It smells nice and provides the best protection for my hair.



CerVe Renewing SA Lotion

As you might have read about in this post, I have KP (keratosis pilaris). This lotion was recently recommended to me by my dermatologist and I do really like it. Being the winter time, I have not had to be as diligent about putting it on everyday but I do apply it to the affected areas after bathing. It uses salycilic acid to exfoliate and break down the keratin around the hair follicle.

Brazilian Kiss Body Mist by Sol De Janeiro

(in this set)

This body spray smells like everything I want to be. That should tell you all you need to know.

Dr. Teals Epsom Salts

Call me old fashioned but I love me a good ol’ epsom salt bath to cure what ails me. So great for sore muscles and the Dr.Teals brand has so many scents to choose from. I have tried nearly every one and haven’t found a dud yet!

And that wraps it up folks! What are YOUR favorites from 2017??


L’Oreal Elvive Damage Erasing Balm Review

Howdy doo!

Today I bring you a review of a recent product from Influenster. If you haven’t already signed up for Influenster, you should! It is free, really easy to use and best of all – they send you free things. Sign up here!

This time it was the new L’Oreal Elvive Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm.

I have zero complaints about the packaging, smell and consistency. This product smells nice, has a nice weight to it and comes in large tub making it easy to scoop.

After showering and using the Melu Shampoo from Davines, I busted out the balm and coated the ends of my hair. I let it sit (per the directions) for 3 minutes and then rinsed out with hot water.

I immediately noticed how soft my hair felt as I rinsed the product away. MUCH softer than the Melu and Oi Conditioners I’ve been using. However, I didn’t let that fool me! SO many drugstore conditioners use ingredients that create a silky soft feeling when rinsed out (…PANTENE…) but actually just coat the hair in wax. Then the product just builds up on itself but is really doing nothing for the hair.

I also am not an idiot. I know that a split end is not repairable by any product, no matter how expensive. The only way to effectively get rid of split ends and damage is to CUT THEM OFF.

For reference, here is the ingredient list and as you can see, the fourth ingredient is wax. I did a bit of research on this particular one and it isn’t necessarily “bad” but I discovered it is typically “added for increased lubricity and to keep liquids and oils from separating”.

So how did it work?

Meh. Being a somewhat educated woman in the realm of haircare has taught me that (as with lots of things in life) you absolutely get what you pay for. And this product costs $6.99 for 8.5 ounces. Although I do not think it did any further damage to my already damaged hair, I do not think it lives up to it’s “damage erasing” claims.

See evidence:

Still some damage there, me thinks.

All in all, it was fun to try out and my hair kinda smells like marzipan so #winning.

*I received this product complimentary for testing.

HUGE Holiday/Collective Haul

Hello sparkly unicorns!

I have SO many things to talk about today. Some are still awaiting a final verdict, some have yet to be tested and some I can provide an honest review on. Sohere. WE GO!

Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Beauty Escape Set

Sister Megan thoughtfully gifted this lovely set to me for Christmas. In it, you get a mini Brazilian Crush Body Mist (my no. 1 reason for wanting it), a full-sized Bum Bum Cream as well as the Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter. The body mist is AMAZING and I am trying hard to conserve this stuff for the summer when I will literally DOUSE myself in it. I have yet to try the Bum Bum Cream but the lip butter is fantastic and HUGE.

Davines Oi Kit

My amazing hair stylist has got me hooked on Davines and my awesome sister-in-law Shannon got me this set from her beauty supply. It contains the Oi Shampoo & Conditioner as well as the All in One Milk. I have yet to try the milk, but LOVE the shampoo and conditioner when I need a good thorough wash after a 3-day dry shampoo bender. I love the way this stuff smells but not everyone does so I would recommend a quick sniff before purchasing.

Hello Flawless Powder Foundation in Ivory

Purchasing this powder was a long time comin’. I knew I liked it after trying it out a couple of years ago on my under eye area. Then I saw Emily Noel mention it in her Emily Awards and I knew I needed to go get it. Since it is marketed as a powder foundation the coverage is REAL nice and the texture is so velvety. I use it under my eyes and then anywhere else I want to highlight.

Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift

The Amazonian Clay blush in Paaarty in this kit is BOMB. I have been using it nonstop!

EcoTools Stay Matte & Beautiful Brush Set

My mother-in-law to be got me a few beauty items for Christmas this year. I haven’t tried this set yet but EcoTools brushes are really good. Super soft and easy to clean. A+!

Real Techniques Miracle Remedy Sponges

OKAY. I absolutely LOVE these little babies. They are marketed as “touch up” sponges for on-the-go use but I really like them (the purple one especially) for application. I’ve applied my concealer with one for the last few days and it goes on flawlessly, no dampening needed. Also, the handle becomes the cap so they are absolutely PERFECT for travel. I am hooked. Thanks Lisa!

Wet’n’Wild MegaLast Nail Color

Always been a fan of Wet’n’Wild and Sinful Colors nail polish. This color is pretty unique and slightly purple in real life. Don’t forget the Out the Door Topcoat (the best one).

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

I intend to try EVERY since Essence mascara I do. So far I have tried the Volume mascara and really liked it, so I thought I’d give this one a shot. I have used it for the past few days and so far, it’s aight. I need a couple of weeks to properly review a mascara as I rarely like a fresh tube of ANY mascara but this one is pulling it’s weight. The formula is VERY wet so it is really easy to go overboard with it and end up with tarantula lashes. It isn’t too volumizing at this point either and I have been scraping the excess product off on the side and going in with it that way. I can also do a complete coat on the top and bottom without re-dipping. A little of this mascara goes A LONG WAY.

Mac Lipstick in Creme Cup

If you’ve been a long-time reader of this blog, you know the mutual love Creme Cup and I share. It is just the best lipstick color and formula for me EVER.

Daiyun BB Cover Cream

Favorite parts include: “mercilessly make the dark circles”, “overcome ills ‘grievance'” and obviously everything written under usage.

I saw this product featured on Lauren Curtis‘s YouTube channel awhile back and DUH, had to order it. Just LOOK AT THAT PACKAGING. Could it be cuter? I ordered both shades (1 &2) from Ebay and only paid about $7 for both. I decided to get both shades but really, could have cared less about the product itself. I did end up using it yesterday and I have to say….it AINT BAD. See pic below.

**Horrible overhead office lighting but also NO filters.

Not too shabby.

And that’s all I have for you today.

Peace, love, and leftover Christmas candy,




Christmaukkah 2017

You know I love the holidays but MAN am I ready for some free weekends AMIRIGHT!?

So, let’s just get straight down to business and talk about all the sh*t we did.

Hanukkah was nice and early this year! David and I accompanied his grandmother to an auction for the Jewish Academy to kick off the season. The 80’s theme was everything.

Each night of Hanukkah, we lit those candles and I sang my best blessings. We dispensed little gifts to E and of course Jack, our “mensch on a bench” kept a close eye on us.

I also got to see the Nutcracker with my friend Kelly and her daughter! We had a fabulous time but I was a little disappointed there wasn’t any audience participation because I had my ballet shoes in my purse.

Soon enough December 22nd rolled around and David and I took the train to Pasco to spend 5 days in lovely Kennewick.

The train was SO MUCH FUN and I felt like I was on the Polar Express. We watched a movie, purchased little bottles of wine and split a king-sized Snickers.

The next day, we woke up and headed over to Megan and Ben’s to see none other than….


Tate is in the cutest phase right now. I mean, yes he throws fits sometimes but his little face scrunches up so cutely that even when he doing the blood-curdling scream, it’s adorbs.

We decided to head to Beaver Bark to get him Santa pics and see the reindeer.

OF COURSE right before it is Tate’s turn to meet Santa this DUMB-ASS employee dressed up like the Grinch, complete with the long, green, furry fingers comes over to us. So obviously Tate is  absolutely terrified of him and the Grinch is like, still trying to interact with him so I just shout “Go away Grinch!”. Hahahaaa.

But then Tate was a little sheepish and was expected to sit down and smile, so we got this little face, which is still pretty cute:

And then we made Nan take 2934733 pics of us with these huge hats on because #Christmas.

Later that night, we took Tate to the trampoline park and really it was all I could have asked for my birthday because homeboy LOVED IT. And nothing makes me happier than my nephew laughing. It’s like crack.

We played in the toddler area most of the time and quickly discovered that Tate sucks at jumping…but he did love sliding around and being thrown in the foam pit.

Here I am trying to push him up to Megan…unsuccessfully.

And yes I did wear a giant pair of David’s basketball shorts the gym.

That night we played shanghia rummy and I put on the new rainbow highlighter I got from Kelly’s daughter. 10 out of 10 unicorn.

Also of course we went to the Sports Page with Ray-Ray and got turnt.

Just kidding. We basically hung out and then went to Ron’s for chips and cheese.

On Christmas Eve my birthday, it was ALL ABOUT ME! So I put a bunch of glitter on my face.

Actually, we just went to the mall and my mom bought me 7 pairs of underwear at VS for $28. But it was pretty fun picking them out. We also went to Claire’s. Claire’s is overly stimulating for me, much like the store Justice.

But we did find this gem:

That night I opened up some prezzies and we had DQ ice cream cake.

The next day was Christmas and all just kinda mozied around until like noon, when Amy and Shannon got up (Amy had to work x-mas eve, so they couldn’t come until  midnight).

Annnnd, they brought their precious dogs Ellie and Toby!

That night after dinner we hung out, played games and watched TV like the Americans that we are.

We did a little shopping on the day after Christmas, but I didn’t find anything too amazing. My mom and Megan however, randomly found me a really expensive leotard and ballet skirt at T.J Maxx (of all places) for $10. So THAT rocked.

David and I came back home to Portland on the 27th and spent the next few days being deathly ill! We started to feel better right around New Years.

My resolution? Improve my ballet.

Peace out 2017.


10 Things I’d Tell my Younger Self

It’s around that lovely time of year where I am reminded that I am getting older. And while a part of me wants to go on a bender of champagne and injectables, the other part of me wants to pay it forward. In this case, in the form of a teensy bit of wisdom I’ve learned through years of crazy highs and deep dark lows. Take it as you may. I am by no means a super-accomplished, worthy woman. I am but a humble gal in her 30’s with a sh*t retirement account, still making plenty of mistakes and buying too many items in the dollar section of Target. And here is what I know..

  1. admit mistakes with grace

far too many people cannot admit to their own mistakes. far too many people point the finger or find an excuse. own your sh*t and people will love you for it.

2. be politely upfront

especially in dating. unless you are less than 25 years old and TRULY not looking for Mr. or Mrs. right. say what you mean and what you want, politely.

3. don’t be afraid to be “normal”

i sometimes feel like society has made us all feel like we need to be weird to be cool. but it’s not true. don’t force yourself to listen to indie bands if you just really love Taylor Swift.

4. stay out of the goddamn sun

nobody is insusceptible to those UVs. and your SPF 8 sunblock isn’t helping. do yourself a favor and find shade.

5. don’t ignore red flags 

this is also especially helpful in relationships but also in general. I ignored red flags all over the place and it left me heartbroken again and again. trust yourself.

6. stop buying cheap vodka

if  you are above the age of 23, quit buying Burnett’s will ya? not saying you have to run out and get Grey Goose but for the love of God pay more than $9 for a fifth.

7. it’s okay to feel sad

i, like so many, tried masking pain with other (more unhealthy) options in my youth. i’ve now learned it’s perfectly fine to sit with pain, acknowledge it and just feel it. i promise it goes away faster this way.

8. see the bigger picture

do not sweat the small stuff. life seems too short to get caught up in the details. think bigger, look outside yourself. i feel like this is especially helpful in problem solving.

9. challenge your beliefs

don’t allow the news, your parents, your friends or what you consider to be “cool” resources dictate what you believe. challenge your views, thoughts and beliefs. be authentically open-minded. this has served me so well.

10. have low expectations

the happiest people i’ve ever met, expect so little. do not rely on others to make you happy or fill your bucket. find a way to fill it yourself.


My New Warby Parker Glasses

Hi guys!

I got Warbys!

I know you are all thrilled for my and TBH I am thrilled for myself.

I feel like it is a Portland rite of passage or something. It’s like another item I can check off the ol’ “Am I Portland Enough?” list. I mean, I did eat a massaged kale salad the other day and high-five my pals after the Doug Jones win in ‘bama but the glasses just put me over the top.

So,  I decided to write about my experience here today.

Initially, I was intrigued by Warby Parker after my pal Kelly told me about the website. Apparently it’s as easy as selecting 5 frames for try-on that they will ship to you, selecting one pair, shipping them all back and receiving your selected pair 7-10 business days later. So easy. So I google Warby Parker and low and behold – there is an actual retail location in NW Portland!

David and I went in last Sunday and I the store was just absolutely bustling with hipsters. I felt a little out of place in my Abercrombie jeans circa ’06 and bright turquoise Nike but whatevs. Better that than a top hat and monocle.

After I started trying-on glasses I realized I would never have been able to find a good pair from selecting 5 frames online. All the ones I thought I loved online ended up looking just terrible on me. I looked like an angry librarian mole in most of them and as much as I love the look of the transparent pink-tinted ones on the shelf, they did not suit me at all.

I initially picked out these two as my top contenders:

Barnett in Quail-Egg Grey

Laurel in Tea Rose Fade

David wasn’t crazy about the Laurels, which I personally kinda liked at first. Then, I consulted sisters Meg and Rach and I ended up going back and fourth between some pretty basic styles in a tortoise shell frame.

I think these ones are the Louise style.

Preston in Whiskey Tortoise

Becker in Amber Tortoise

Jennings in Whiskey Tortoise

SO which ones do you think I went with?  I know they’re all SO different….jk.

I went with Jennings!

Once I picked out the frames, I brought them to one of the MANY associates. She took my prescription, measured my pupils, and $95 and 5 minutes later I was outta there. My glasses arrived exactly 5 days later which is NUTS!

On top of the easiest glasses-buying process ever, the store had video games, free stickers and big apothecary jars full of free CANDY. This place definitely speaks my language!

*This is not sponsored by Warby Parker. They do not even know I exist.


T-Giving & Our Christmas Tree

Happy December lads and lasses!

Thanksgiving this year was just delightful. Nan and Gare came to Portland, David took my Dad and I to a game at PK-80 and best of all – we didn’t have to make dinner. Yippee!

At the Moda center for the Duke vs Portland State PK-80 game.

Here are the Danielsons at dinner:

After dinner, we hung out while attempting a game of Quwarkle.

The next day was Black Friday so obvs:

Hold your comments until the end to tell me how pretty I am.

That weekend, we put up our tree! David and I wrestled with the lights for a good 45 minutes before deciding that some of them just didn’t work. So, I decided to add a couple strands of white lights to mix in.

Then, I got out my piddly little box of decor and sprinkled it around a bit.

And I nearly died putting this garland on the stairs.

But its done now 🙂

My hobbies as of late include:

  1. laying on the carpet watching Hallmark Christmas movies with Meira and threatening her life if she tries to get up.
  2. making a nest in our giant chair and trying to get Meira to lay with me (she will not).
  3. forcing David into my Seahawks onesie so we can take pajama pictures in front of the tree.

Murrrrrrry Christmas everyone!