Origins GinZing Vox Box

It’s time for another Vox Box!

This time I was sent a few items from the Origins GinZing line for testing from Influenster.

*And remember, Influenster is totally free to sign up for. All you do is link up your social media accounts and you’re in! Click here to register and hopefully start getting free stuff too!

Here we have the Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer, the  Refreshing Eye Cream and the Refreshing Scrub Cleanser.

The Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer

I have actually tried the regular (non-gel version) of this moisturizer before in a sample size and I do like it. Is it THE BEST moisturizer out there? No. Is it THE MOST moisturizing? No. I like this product however, for a few good reasons. First, it is priced well at around $30. Second, it does a good job at hydrating the skin and the product absorbs quickly. And lastly, (as with the eye cream) it adds a slight radiance to the skin. The brightening effect is not too noticeable with the gel cream but I do notice a nice subtle radiance!

The Refreshing Eye Cream

I have used this product before and I LOVE it. It has a slightly pearly finish after applying which is really nice and brightening under there. I like to wear it everyday, regardless of if I am wearing makeup or not. But it does beautifully under makeup as well.

The Refreshing Scrub Cleanser

I have never used this before but it is coming at a great time since my Soap & Glory cleanser is almost out! I am anxious to try this with the entire line to see how it performs.

And that’s it! Have YOU ever tried Origins skincare?


Shows I’m Obsessed With

Man I love TV.

I realize how shallow that makes me sound, but at  least I’m honest. The level of giddiness I achieve when thinking about curling up on the couch on a Sunday night with Ballers, GOT and a big glass of pinot gris  rivals that of  nabbing a Barefoot Dreams cardi at Nordstrom Rack for less than $20.

I also like to hike be outside, socialize with friends, read a book, but come on – JON SNOW, OFFRED, freakin’ Spencer Strasmore? Hard to beat.

Here’s what I am currently obsessed with on the ol’ boob tube.

Game of Thrones Season 7

Cersei must reallllly like her Maria Von Trapp mop-top because girlfriend has kept it going since her high sparrow “SHAME!” days. Apparently her brother doesn’t mind though, since they’re still bumping uglies on the reg. ALSO, anyone else noticed her totally putting off crazy Lady Gaga vibes? Her latest outfits have been very Gaga-esque and I aint mad about it.


These two fiiiiiinally hooked up and there was an IN-DEPTH conversation at our house about what Grey Worm was packing south of the border. Missandei of course is perfection and I love how he said that she was his only weakness. Omg they are too perf.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Prepare yourself if you know nothing about  this show, or the book it is based on. Because it is ALL KINDS OF CRAZY. I looooooove shows and books like this. They’re always my favorite. I love a good struggle and this actress just absolutely kills it. I mean, it’s up for like 834634 emmys and I can totally see why.


My beloved Rory Gilmore stars in the show too and she’s a lesbian and just SO not Rory Gilmore and the whole time I just want to give her a hug. Where is Lorelai when you need her!?

Prison Break

This show is an older one, but they just released a new season this year. David and I have gone through all but the final season and it is GOOD. I am halfway in love with Michael Scofield, the main character (above). Mostly because he is so calm and calculated and cool.


This is a total man show. Major Entourage vibes and I was obsessed with that show as well. David loves The Rock (it’s actually kindof sweet how much) so we always tune in on Sundays for this show on HBO. The sex scenes with The Rock are very awkward though, like you don’t wanna look at the screen. But they don’t show his dangle or anything so that’s good.

Silicon Valley

Not gonna lie, seasons 1 and 2 were BY FAR the best of this show, but I am still loyal. Dinesh and Gilfoyle’s relationship is easily my favorite thing to watch on the show as well as the comical genius of Zack Woods who plays Jared. I mean, he is Office alum so of course you know he’s going to be good. Also, T.J Miller is of course hilar but I hear he’s off the show now. I love this show SO freaking much.

What shows are YOU obsessed with?

Mont Bleu Nail Care Review

Hello left Twixes!

Also, have y’all tried these?

OMG they are to die. Just buy them, trust me ;).

But now for the reason you’re all here! Let’s dive into some nail curr !

My nails have never looked that stellar for a myriad of reasons.

  1. Due to probably not eating enough protein or leafy greens (yech) my nails are thin and brittle
  2. I pick at my hang nails and knuckle skin #selfmutilation
  3. I buy like one new nail file a year

SO! The lovely folks at Mont Bleu sent me some things to try out and review for you all but this post is not spons’d.

I was just tickled to peruse their website as lots of items are beautifully crystallized in a huge array of colors. Another thing I thought to be curious was that many of their nail care products are made of  glass! On top of that, they use SWAROVSKI (aka the super sparkly stones) to adorn their files with which is super bougie and fun.

Here are the items I chose: *cue the nature shots!

Set of 3 Glass Nail Files w/Swarovski Crystals in Fuchsia/Light Rose

These files are sturdy, beautiful works of art right!? And also they’re nail files! But srsly, I used the large one that night and it performed beautifully at shaping my nails. Also, you don’t really see the scratch marks on the file after using.

All-in-One Original Foot Scraper & Callus Remover  in Pink

This puppy is a work horse. I took the above picture for a size reference and as you can see, it is quite large. The cool glass feels really amazing on my tired feet and the file smooths my gross heels out very nicely. The file itself is quite heavy, but also very durable.

Cuticle Nippers 5 mm

I’ve never owned a pair of cuticle scissors and I can now so I don’t know how I went for so long without some. This pair is heavy, sturdy and also very precise and quite sharp. They worked like a charm on both my fingernails and toenails!

Dual-end glass cuticle pusher

You can’t really tell from this picture, but this glass cuticle stick is in a gorgeous shade of nude/baby pink. It is dual-ended and comes with a classic, flat cuticle-pusher as well as a pointed end. I used this again, on both my fingers and toes and it was a pleasure to use. I could do the majority of the work with the pusher side and I enjoyed getting into those tiny crevasses with the pointy side. It gets the job done and is super bougie at the same time!

Overall, I love these products. I like having nail care that is actually beautiful to display! I am so used to hiding files and things away in a drawer because they’re unsightly. These items are lovely, work well and make you feel like you’re at a swanky nail salon right in your own home! I think they’d make an excellent gift for anyone who loves their nails or enjoys at-home nail care.

You can also find Mont Bleu on Amazon!

For partnering opportunities, click here!

Use the code “BLOG” for 20% off anything on the site!

Stila Magnificent Metals in Diamond Dust

Hello flowerbombz!

I’ve come to realize as of late that I probably should just go ahead and own ALL of the Stila Magnificent Metals. I mean…they’re super glittery, stay put with the help of a glitter glue AND are just gorgeous. Either that, or I am just being extra and can’t get over the fact that glitter is apropos on the eyes for a hot minute.

I already have the shade Smoldering Satin, so I thought I’d pick up the next shade I’ve been dying to try…Diamond Dust!


Apologies for my weird hobbit feet in the background of this pic, but the twinkle. AH LAWD the twinkle!

I also swatched it inside to get another perspective for y’all because I care.

If you do not own one of these colors, RUN don’t walk to Ulta and pick one up. Each one is gorgeous, neutral and adds that little bit-o pizzazz on the ol’ eye real estate. I just ca’t say enough good things about these!

So what do YOU think? How many of you own one of these pups?

Besties, Barges and Dutch Babies

Hey little cherry slurpees!

Here’s what’s happening in my neck’a the woods.

I went to a barge launching affair at the Zidell ship yards with David’s family. It was kindofabigdeal, as this is the last barge ever made and launched in Portland. Apparently barges are still a thing? I feel like it could be a topic in a Seinfeld episode…”Are barges still a thing?”

We came. We applauded. We wore barge hats. Totally barged it up. Barge style.

For Father’s Day, David, E and I went home to Kennewick to spend a little QT with Gare of course! And of course, we always look forward to seeing sweet baby Tate.

On Friday night my Dad had a gig at a winery so of course we went and got our dose of culture for the night.

The next day was filled with Mickey, Barbies and of course the splash pad by my parents house!

Look at his little skinny baby legs in that swim nappie. I LITERALLY DIE. I just clench my teeth together so hard when I see him.

Sunday morning was of course Father’s Day!

Here’s Gare performing a perfect Danielson point

We took him out to breakfast where I had my very first dutch baby!

Seriously SO good. I love these things. I might name my first-born after one.

This last weekend was also pretty great as my three best friends in all the world came to visit.

David likes his paparazzi shots.

We had a great time and actually made it out of the house once or twice! (it was 991242 degrees). WHY can’t these girls just live in my town? Or in my pocket? I love them so.

New Makeup Looks!

Hey gumballs!

Check out this amazing makeup look I threw on the other day:

The gems were a bit tricky but I am just THAT good ;).

But for realsies, I have been playin’ around at the ol’ makeup tabe as of late, probably due to it’s AMAZING new location right in front of our bedroom window (thanks D!). I’ve got all my products organized neatly now and I am just tickled that I can now see all m’sh*t right in front of me. It’s the best you guys – the absolute best.

(let me know if anyone would like a vanity tour!)

Anywee, let’s show you some “looks” as it were…

This one wasn’t crazy unique or anything but I loved the shadows and the smudgy lower lash line.

Some lashes really would’ve set this look off, now that I’m dissecting it. Basically I buffed some dark blues into my crease and then packed the eyelid with the Stila Magnificent Metals in Smoldering Satin. I also used the Marc Jacobs lip liner in Nude(ist) along with my Soap and Glory Pillow Plump in Nude in Town to make my lips as full as they can possibly get without surgery.

David took me on a Mystery Dinner Date that had a flapper theme, so naturally I obliged. I looked at a bunch of pictures of makeup from that era and noticed that by and large, everything was really turned-down and pouty. I obvs added a beauty mark for dramatic effect as well as a slight Geisha-lip.

And lastly, I bring you my humble cut crease. I don’t do a cut crease very often but when I do, I really go for it man. I also added a beauty mark because OF COURSE I DID. Also note: this is fifth day hair. There is in fact, 7 lbs. of dry shampoo in there.

Leave a comment below if you want a break-down of what I used or a tutorial on any of these looks as I would be happy to accommodate!

How I Wrecked My Skin

Hello little sweeties!

Today I bring you some words of wisdom, courtesy of Brian, Nick, AJ, Kevin and Howie D.

Lookin’ back on the things I’ve done
I was tryin’ to be someone
I played my part, kept you in the dark
Now let me show you the shape of my heart

In my case, the “shape of my heart” is in the form of small, brown dots that grace m’mug. Otherwise known as age spots. sun spots or grossest of all, LIVER spots, I have noticed these little b*tches poppin’ up since I hit 30. How did they get there?

The motherf*ckin’ sun, y’all.

TRUE LIFE: The sun wrecked my skin.

All of you know that I am not a stranger to the tanning bed. At one time, my skin tone resembled that of Beyonce’s left butt cheek and I was darn proud of it.

just. don’t judge too hard.

So many gals my age can relate to this I think. The tanning bed was one of my favorite places on earth. Warm. Cozy. Perfect for a power nap. And best of all, I came out feeling prettier. As messed up as THAT sounds.

Not only did I tan in the beds, but I tanned outside. I embraced the sweet little freckles that would sprinkle themselves across my nose each summer. I slathered on the Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil, the Australian Gold, the Maui Babe Browning lotion. YOU KNOW the lineup.

I didn’t think anything of this behavior until my mom had her second melanoma removed. Her doctor basically told me that we are all putting ourselves at major risk of skin cancer by tanning all the time. It was that easy for me. I just stopped.

I cancelled my tanning membership, stopped tanning outside, wore sunscreen and hats. I was maybe 25, but unfortunately the damage was already done. Because today, years later, I am suffering the consequences.

Here are my sun spots with a tiny bit of foundation, blush, bronzer etc..

NOT CUTE guys.

And don’t get me wrong, I know they’re not unsightly or anything but they are big and they do bother me. So what are my options?

Well, skincare is just not going to work. Any topical treatment that promises to get rid of dark spots is just LYING. No chemical can remove this puppies, or at least, none that I’ve heard of. From the research I’ve done, it’s gotta be a laser.

IPL Photo-facials to be exact. They are offered at lots of Medi-Spas and are actually becoming quite popular in removing age spots, acne scars and other imperfections.

I am reallllly thinking about scheduling one of these to help diminish the appearance of my sun spots, but I know it isn’t a permanent solution. You have to get one or two a year in order to keep up the results or else the pigment just comes back.

But ANYWAY – just stay outta the sun will ya? Your face will thank you later 🙂

What do YOU think? Anyone our there ever have an IPL facial?