Nostalgic Beauty Haul

Lately I’ve been feeling quite nostalgic.

Maybe it’s because I am growing a female human and am therefore having elaborate fantasies about the person she will one day become. Will she prefer Berenstain Bears or Amelia Bedelia? Will she be a lipstick or lipstain girl? Blue-razz or cherry icees? Tube tops or Carhartt bibs?

And it’s also got me thinking about the kind of girl I was. As an example, I was the girl who kept a steady supply of Malibu Musk, Exclamation and Love’s Baby Soft body sprays in her gym locker. I was the girl who begged my mom for a green Covergirl compact, for Lip Smackers peach shampoo and sparkly shirts from Abercrombie to pair with my low-rise L.E.I jeans. I wanted clear skin, perfectly curled lashes and a cloud of Charlie White to follow me wherever I went.

And lately, I have picked up and been sent a few things that have swept me back. Transported me to a time when my biggest worry was the possibility of my Loveable Beginnings training bra showing through my ONLY white Roxy tee shirt. When my college-ruled, 5 Star binders and pee chees organized my life, a good day was getting picked up first after basketball practice and sipping a Wild Cherry Clearly Canadian was the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Here’s the highlights:

Honestly Margo Roll-On Lipgloss in Alexis Watermelon

OK GUYS. How cah-ute is this packaging?

For real though.

I love the 70’s vibe and the fact that this brand is women-run. All of their products are super unique (hello unicorn fizzy bath dust!)and contain wholesome, natural ingredients. I love that they came out with roll-on lipglosses because the last time I owned one of these was in 7th grade.

As a matter of fact, my pencil pouch from 6th-12th grade was STOCKED with Bonne Bell. I pretty much kept them in business. And I used to put on SO much of this specific gloss, it would literally drip off my lips:

Needless to say, as SOON as I applied the Roller Girls Roll-On Lipgloss it brought me right back!

Check out that shininess!

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

Due to the current state I am in (pregnant), my face has decided to rebel against me and break out. Annnnd again, I am right back in 9th grade! Shopping for acne products and realizing they still make Oxy Pads has been quite fun, actually. I decided to switch my face wash to this work horse of a face wash and so far I am happy to report that my skin has been A LOT better!

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel

In addition to the Cetaphil face cleanser joining the battalion, I have also enlisted the help of a salicylic acid spot treatment. Prior to being pregnant (or B.P.), my skin had always reacted best with benzoyl peroxide but now I am alll about that salicylic baby. I basically dab dab dab a good amount of this all over my forehead (my most problematic area) and am usally substantially more clear in the morning. And if putting on a spot treatment every night doesn’t remind you of 9th grade, I don’t know what will.

Abercrombie & Fitch 8 Fragrance

I know everyone is shaking their heads at me for this one, but frankly I could care less. This was MY signature fragrance freshman year of college and sometimes you just need to go with what works. I caught a whiff of this stuff last time I was actually in an Abercrombie store and knew I had to have her again. If you have never smelled this before I would encourage you to do so. It is a very unique, feminine scent.

I also picked up a couple of samples at Abercrombie of their other women’s fragrances and so far I really like the Wakley scent.

Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Boost Mascara

I bought this one based off a recommendation from Casey Holmes but I should have stuck to the Lash Princess because this mascara is TERRIBLE. The amount of product that actually gets onto the lashes is dismal. It is a decent second mascara at best but I will never buy this one again.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

I nabbed two of these polishes for less than $3 each at Freddies which is a STEAL considering that they are $10 a pop at regular price. You do need to have the gel topcoat for these polishes and often times the stores will carry a duo-pack containing the top coat and a color for a special price. I find that while the formula takes FOREVER to dry, the polish actually lasts on my nails for up to 10 days and can withstand dish-washing, warm laundry folding and bathtub scrubbing. HIGHLY recommend these polishes.


Treets Traditions Nourishing Spirits Hand Lotion + Revitalizing Hair & Body Wash

I was sent these two products complimentary for testing and have very much enjoyed them both so far. As a side note, I have noticed the brand popping up in T.J Maxx so that is a WIN in my book!

Tate is Three

To the tune of “Oh Christmas Tree”.

Oh Tate is three, oh Tate is three

he makes us smile and laugh with glee!

Oh Tate is three, oh Tate is three 

he makes us smile with glee.

Not only does he love his cars,

but he can jump not very far.

Oh Tate is three, oh Tate is three!

He makes us smile and laugh with glee!

Goodbye Summer

Summer is officially over and that makes me kind of sad.

It is my favorite season. It is happy. Sunny. Dressing for the day is effortless. Giant sunglasses are always appropriate and eating half a box of popsicles is totally acceptable. So as I tossed in a couple of pumpkin spice wax melts into m’trusyty Yankee Candle warmer the other night, I thought, “I never even said goodbye to summer”. So here it is, folks.

Adieu. Adieu. To you and you and summer.

At the end of this summer, we planned to meet my family in Priest Lake for our annual family vacation. First though, we met up with some friends from the North and spent a few days in Coeur d’Alene. Even though the smoke levels were at an all-time high, we ended up having a great time with their family. We also got to spend some time with sister Amy and my beautiful sister in law Shannon!

One of the days, we decided to brave Silverwood. And lemme just tell ya, theme parks ain’t NO place if you are with child. While the crew was having a blast on roller coasters…(or log rides)

I was off to the side like this: (check out the snaggle!)

As the week progressed, my family ended up deciding to cancel the cabin on Priest Lake due to the piss poor air quality. It was sad but did not kill our spirits. We ended up driving to good ol’ Kennewick for a family shanghai tourney (with cash prizes!) and some time at the FAIR.

Can you believe in all of the years I lived in the Tri, I never once went to the fair. Ok, maaaaybe in like, middle school but it had been some yurrs. I decided to commemorate the momentous occasion by dressing the part. Mostly though, I just wanted an excuse to not shower, eat an elephant ear, wear dirty Adidas slides and American Eagle jean shorts circa 2004.

Oh, I also sported some black liner ala Junior High.

Sister Meg was sick in bed so we got to take Taterbug with us and had THEE best time toting him around the fair.

David ended up winning him the most giant stuffie of all time doing the basketball game.

The two best parts about the fair and Tate’s relationship to it were going on rides and using the bathroom. He is currently in potty training mode and peeing outside is a new, fun option for him. A couple of times he started pulling his pants down to go pee in the middle of the rides and we had to pick him up to pee behind a dumpster. He fit right in!

The rides were also tough for little Tate. E tried her best to get him excited about a little baby roller coaster but he just wasn’t having it. Luckily, Uncle David is a master of distraction and got him to ride the Wiggly Worm with no issues. And he loved it!

The end of our trip was spent with ice cream at McDonalds,

and taking tons of selfies.

We returned to Portland that weekend and had a day to spare so David and I ended up doing a little maternity shopping (more on THAT later) and picnicking in Washington Park.

And while maternity shopping was fine and all, buying baby clothes is infinitely better as evidenced here:

Our picnic that day was so quintessential Portland. We went to the Saturday market and purchased Portland Cider Company cider, Portland Creamery herbs de provence goat cheese, Olympic Provisions sausage and a cheesy and salty pastry from Grano. All I needed to really look the part was a monocle.

Makeup Table Additions

Hello little plushies!

To me, there is nothing more pleasing than a neat, well organized vanity. Clean brushes resting patiently in cups, like flowers in a vase. Lipglosses in shades of purple, red, pink and nude shining bright, providing inspiration for so many looks. My vanity does not look like this. Usually it is in a varying state of disarray, ranging from a few items carelessly left out to a full on I-tried-to-do-falsies-and-a-red-lip-in-5-min kind of scene.

For our wedding, sister Meg brought me a few goodies from Daiso to help spruce things up a bit. And spruce, they did. Oh, and if you have never been to a Daiso you better skedaddle! It is basically a Japanese dollar store and everything is about 9283 times cuter than you could ever imagine. Here is proof:

This would be a standing mirror, brush holder and false eyelash case. ALL from Daiso!

I mean…

The eyelash case is TO DIE and is actually something I have been meaning to buy for awhile!

The other item I have been meaning to get for a while now is the Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner.

This brush cleaner is not a shampoo. You simply pour the liquid into a small cup (they even sell one!), quickly dip the tip of your brush into the liquid and wipe onto a towel. This stuff takes EVERYTHING out of the brush and dries very fast. It is SO much easier than cleaning brushes at the sink and waiting all day for them to dry. I AM HOOKED.

I paid $23 for an 8 ounce bottle + tin combo.

And that’s it! What else do I need atop my vanity?

Benefit Brow Contour Pro Review

Hello my jiggly cheesecakes!

It has been quite a while since good ol’ Influenster sent me anything. I was beginning to think I had totally fallen off their radar and that they had completely forgotten about me and my need for complimentary products. But then I got a survey and fiddle-dee-dee! I received a little box in the mail containing a product just for me, and for FREE. Pretty neat.

Seriously, sign up for Influenster here. It’s totally free AND you can opt out of the emails. Especially if you have decent numbers on social media!

This time it was all about brows. Enter the Benefit Brow Contour Pro!

Obviously Benefit is killing it will their whole line of brow products. The packaging is killer, the products work great and the offer a wide selection of colors.

I received mine in Brown/Light since my hair is (let’s be honest) constantly a different shade of bronde.

This product features four different “products” in one, including two brow shades (one lighter and one darker) a definer and a highlighter. YOU KNOW whoever masterminded this creation was a child of the 80’s because, duh:

Here is the way Benefit recommends the product be applied:


Other than the fact that I thought the tip of the brow colors were a bit large (I am used to the ABH Brow Whiz) I was very pleased at how easy the colors applied. They deposited color throughout my brows evenly and easily. The definer shade does require a bit of blending as the color was not a dead-on match for my skin. I found that with a small flat brush, it blended out like a dream.


I would say the formula is a bit softer than the ABH Brow Whiz, but not as creamy as a typical liner. I like eyebrow pencils to be a bit firmer, as the idea of a smudgy pencil in my brows makes me cringe. The pigmentation for all four colors is very good.


This product lasted very well on me which is sayin’ alot because right now I am actually a bit on the oily side. I found that it did not fade in any funky way, yet removing it with my typical face wash was a breeze.

What products DO YOU love for the brows?!

Halfway Done

Salutations lollipops!

Thought I’d do a bit of a check-in on this whole growing a baby thing that is apparently happening to me. I am officially around 18 weeks but like, that is almost halfway so I am just rounding up. In fact, I kind of despise counting everything in weeks. 18 weeks is a little over 4 months so why can’t everyone just stick to that? Then when the baby is actually born, it starts all over again. “Little Emma here is 43 weeks old!” I MEAN. staahhhp.

By the way, we are NOT naming her Emma. Nothin’ against the name but it won’t be my kid’s.

And speaking of names, this sh*t is hard. And there are SO many traps to fall into, for example:

  1. Picking an old-timey name you love but that has made a HARD comeback. Example: Meg and I used to looove the name Olivia but now everyone and their sister is named Olivia. Same thing with Madeline. The kids book with the 12 little girls in 2 straight lines? Set in Paris? COME ON. Of course I love this name. But again, there are about 83473 Madelines (or Madeleines or Madelyns) and also Madisons.  So when someone yells out “Maddy!” at soft-play about 8 little chubby faces turn to look.
  2. Picking an intricate spelling to give the name a fresh spin. Just, no. I am so done with this. Christina becomes Krysteenah. Jessica becomes Jysikah. For the love of God, no more. I know it is tempting but just stick to the norm people.
  3. Trying to be TOO creative. So, I get it. You don’t want to name yer little tike Tom or Jim or Sarah. But you are also not Gwenyth or Kim K and know you’re not famous enough to have an Apple or Chicago or Blanket (like poor MJ). But like, you want something kinda cool. It is easy to convince yourself that putting together two weird sounds is all of the sudden a name, but stay strong, because it isn’t.

For me, girl names are easy. I like about 823734 of them. But so far David has vetoed:

  • Savannah
  • Aurora (Rory for short, like Rory Gilmore!)
  • Dorothy (my dear G-Dot’s name, may she rest in peace. however this is still a middle name possibility)
  • Noel (which my parents almost named me)

Tell me your thoughts on these good or bad.

Other new and exciting ventures on this blissful journey of being with-child include:

  • Acne! These hormones are just completely kicking my ass lately. I am using a spot treatment with benzoyl peroxide but clearly (or should I say not-so-clearly) it isn’t doing much.
  • Bone pain! My tailbone especially hurts like a MOTHER but also my back.
  • Heartburn! As if I did not have this bad enough before, the heartburn is real and unrelenting.

But wanna know what has sucked the MOST!?

Not bein’ able to booze…Yeah, I said it. It was MUCH easier at the beginning of this ordeal when I felt sick because at that point nothing sounded good. But now that I am back to my old self plus a ponch that could be mistaken for just a large lunch at Chipotle, I miss my vodka sodies man. I miss wine.  I miss it. All. And I have to do this until January. JANUARY. No yule tide libations for me. No spiked cider or hot peppermint schnocholate. It is moderately depressing at the very least. And I know I can have a little, but at this point it is just a tease. One small glass of wine is like eating any less than 10 potato chips. It’s juuust enough to make you want more.

Despite all this, I have managed to do fun things. Such as:

Go to the Oregon Coast and take picture like this:

(it’s a Gare-Bear)


Stand up for an entire Timbers game

So I guess it’s not allllll bad. Just mostly bad.

Billie Razor Review

Hullo there alley cats!

I have a pretty darn exciting product to share with you today. One that involves what has been a great frustration in my life. One that involves time, money, dedication and persistence. Of course by now you know I am talking about shaving.

*BTW this post is not sponsored. Nor did I receive anything for free from this company. They do not know who I am (sadly).

For years, I have struggled with the search for the perfect razor. And to me, the perfect razor should not cost an arm and a leg like they currently do.

I mean…really?

I just want a normal razor that works well and isn’t 34938 dollars. It does not need to be cute, or feature “7 contour blades wrapped in glistening shea butter with angel tears”. It just needs to do what a freakin’ razor is supposed to. And spare me the godforsaken PINK TAX.

So when I saw an ad for this company called Billie, I was instantly intrigued. To be fair, the ads do feature hairy-legged and armpitted women, literally brushing their body hair so it is easy to be shocked by it a little. It is also funny that a company that very clearly encourages women to let their body hair grow wild and free SELLS razors. But hey, it got my attention.

Billie also sells body care products like shave cream, lotion and “sudsy” body wash (which smells like grapefruit and is ah-mazing) but the bread and butter is definitely the razors. But what made me ultimately place an order was 100% due to the price tag – a mere $9 for the razor and a set of refills. PLUS they come in fun colors. PLUS they offer a subscription service where you can automatically be sent a set of refills depending on how often you want them. AND there is no contract (cancel anytime) AND you can easily skip a shipment.

Why isn’t this company paying me?! Oh, my life.

I placed my order for the coral shade and selected the every-other-month refill delivery option. One week later, I had my $9 starter pack in hand.

Packaging is totally amazing and hipstery and here is what was inside:

From left to right: razor holder, razor, razor cartridge.

One more time for the packaging/logo lover in me!

The razor comes with one cartridge attached and one additional.

I had to snap a photo of the packing for the tiny razor holder for the shower because well, duh.

The razor design is awesome. I love the color, the weight and design of the handle, and the size.

Now onto the performance….

I was wary of how this sucker would hold up performance-wise to it’s more expensive counterparts and was VERY surprised. The blades are super sharp and there are 5 of them so it definitely gives a very close shave. The razors are encased in aloe soap that did not bother my sensitive skin one bit. And I was able to navigate everywhere I usually do with ease.


I do not have one negative thing to say about it and highly recommend getting one. That is all!