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As of late, the most effective way for me to blow off steam, decompress and shut off m’engines doesn’t involve candles, exercise, Enya or a trip to the spa. I find complete and utter comfort whilst crouching over the displays in the beauty department.  And I’m not picky, neither. No, no. Of course I love me some Sephora after a long day, with the fun brands and makeup-belt ninjas.  However, it’s worse than that.  If Bryan and I are supposed to be grocery shopping,  you can find me tip-toeing away to the beauty department.  Give me an inch, I take a mile. As a result, I have grown somewhat obsessed and over educated in the world of beauty. Want to know how to get the Kardashian-chiseled cheeks?  Or how to get your foundation to stay all day?  What about a way to make your baby stop crying?  With the exception of  the last one, I think I can be of service. So in case any of the 10 of you who are still reading want to know, here’s what I’m loving this spring.


1. Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Makeup For Ever HD Foundation

I’m not one for a full-fledged face-o-makeup.  Most foundations are deemed either light, medium or full coverage and just like my breakfast cereals, I like to have options.  This foundation provides medium coverage, but can easily be full-coverage by using a bit more product.  The reason I love this is for it’s beautiful finish on the skin while not looking pancakey.  The name suits the crime in this case.

2. Revlon Naked Foundation

Revlon Naked Foundation

This is my everyday stuff.  It’s definitely a lighter coverage, but again, is build-able. It’s easy to put on and blends nicely.  I know there is a die-hard Revlon Colorstay  cult out there, but I prefer the MFE HD to do my dirty work.

3. Urban Decay All-Nighter


Confession: I have dry skin. So why do I use a makeup-setting spray? Confidence, my friends.  I don’t sweat profusely, yet I use deo (for the B.O).  Additionally, you never know when you might break a sweat. Your boss calls you into his office. Sweat. You realize you’ve been at Bath & Body Works too long and your lunch break was over 20 minutes ago. Sweat. You discover the pants you bought a year ago that were loose and are now tight. Sweat. You see? It’s perfectly logical.

4. Too-Faced Chocolate Soliel Bronzer


Holy grail of bronzers, I’m telling you.  I’ve learned my lesson with shimmery, frosted or glittery bronzers and now I wisely stick to matte.  You want your face to look  like you’ve just run a marathon while eating a cheeseburger and drinking warm, Spicy V8?  Just dust a think coat of frosted bronzer all over your mug. This bronzer is spiritual for me.  A little at my temples, the hollows of my cheeks and under my jawline. Pow! I just lost 5 pounds. Jelly? *I like to wear shimmery bronzers too, but strategically placed and in moderation.

Honorable Mention: MAC mineralized skin finish natural.


1. Revlon Color Stay Felt Tipped Eyeliner


I swear, a 5 year old could apply this eyeliner. I’m not suggesting a 5-year old wear eyeliner, but you get the jist. For anyone who uses the excuse that they can’t apply eyeliner due to an unsteady hand, no more excuses! I’ve done it perfectly after 2 cocktails, TWSS.  This stuff is idiot-proof and easy to wing-out (if you don’t know about winged eyeliner I feel bad for you).

2. Stila eyeshadow in Kitten


Courtesy of Sephora

If I had to choose one eyeshadow to wear for the rest of my life, this would be it.  Well, actually I would throw a “wish for more wishes” at ya and I’d choose the Urban Decay Naked palette, so ha! But seriously, this eyeshadow is so very pretty.  It makes any eyecolor pop and appear twinkling.  It’s also velvety rich and super-pigmented which means a little goes a long way.  I like to put it around my tear-duct and at the brow bone. Throw a little in the air and say “Mazel Tof!”. It’s maje.

3. NYX Rollerball in Salmon


Hat tip to sister Rachel for unearthing this majesty in a tube.  This stuff is undeniably gorgeous and I think merits a swatch.


Doesn’t do it justice.

Disclaimer: Apply with a brush or your finger to heavily-primed eyelids – or – get a lil’ MAC fixed-plus on yer tool of choice before applying. With this product, a dab’ll do ya.  If not, you’ll have a hot mess of a face.


1. Mac Lipstick in St.Germain



This is my underdog of a lipstick.  When MAC stupidly decided to discontinue the Lady Gaga lipstick I searched high and low for a dupe (I hate limited edish’s).  Saint Germain is lovely on it’s own or paired with the lipglass of the same name. Be prepared for serious pink that doesn’t quit and a high level of Barbiness.  Aren’t we all searching for the perfect shade of Barbie pink? I think yes.


1. Burt’s Bees Citrus Facial Scrub


Smells like pumpkin pie, says citrus on the lid.  I heard Burt’s Bees is owned by Clorox, so maybe they named this product after sniffing a fresh batch a bleach?  I recently discovered that I need to be exfoliating on the daily, so I nabbed this cute little jar after marveling at the short n’ sweet list of ingredients.  My friends, it’s time to start reading labels.  This pale face is the only one I’ve got and I really don’t want to end up looking like anyone from Real Housewives.  I’ve had to say au revior to many drugstore face items that I’ve turned over to discover the first ingredient is mineral oil.  May as well be high fructose corn syrup.

2. Luna Fiber Bars in Peanut Butter Strawberry


Reminiscent of the ever-popular Nutragrain bars, these pups pack a seriously delicious punch for a mere 120 cals.  Sans all the fake crap I’m sure Kellogg’s chalks theirs full of, Luna delivers this soft-baked delight using the organic stuff.   But don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely more seafoam than green.  Basically, for a few minutes a day I can pretend that  shop at PCC and drink Kefir, whatever that is.

3. Russell Stover Easter Egss in Vanilla and Coconut Cream

0363ae12_dtCan I just start this post over and talk only about food?  When I was 5, I stole a Cadbury creme egg from the grocery store, you know the commercial.  I nibbled it quietly in the corner of a room which Meg and I shared.  I was caught and forced to use 2 whole weeks allowance (25 cents a week kids) to pay the store back.  What did I learn from this?

I should have taken a Russel Stover egg instead.

*Edited to Add: Not sure what all these links are doing in my post but they’re certainly not intentional. Apologies.


4 thoughts on “Material Girl: Beauty

  1. Sweaty Mess of a Face - No contouring needed. says:

    BTW next time I wear Lorac TANtalizer bronzer I will know you think I look like the half ton man who just ran the New York Marathon, in three sweatsuits, while stopping to eat jalepeno poppers and drink seven shots of habanero vodka on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAJAJAJAJAAAAAA


  2. Bad Bitch President says:

    Yes, I am one of the 10 who always reads your posts – so please believe my joy when I noticed that you gave me credit for the Salmon Perfection in a tube! LOVEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I can never ever wear too much Salmon! You could have flipped me a little credit for the HD Foundation but I will take it however I can get it!!!!!!!!!!! Love youuuuuuuu! Thanks for the EVER SO ENJOYABLE afternoon reading sissy. xx


    • Natalie says:

      You do deserve a shout-out for the HD! OMG I didn’t realize sis. You get the cred for the lady gaga lipstick too. What would I do without you?


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