My Bridal Shower

Hey Rumplestilskens!

Such a scary little man, Mr. Stilsken. But whatevs, it’s fun to say!

Last weekend was my first ever wedding shower. And what a shower it was. Sister Meg and my mom hit it outta the mothereffin ball-park. The affair was SO completely perfect and wonderful, that I didn’t want it to end. Seriously. Which is probably why at least 50% of the guests left half way through me opening presents…oops.

Anywho! On to the fun.

I got into the Tri and immediately went to a nail place so they could saw off my dead skin and polish my toes. I walked in and there were like 7,432 people there so I said “how long for a pedicure?” “Five miiih!” said the woman. “You pick color!”

I chose Flip-Flop Fantasy from China Glaze (duh) and settled into the chair. 25 minutes later, someone started my pedi. 5 miiih later my ASS. Oh well. I paid and tipped like a good person and then went home to start the agonizing process of getting myself ready.

1.75 hours later and I had my extensions clipped in, crazy eyelashes on and waaaay too high of wedges strapped to my feet.

photo (14)


photo (15)

 Could you just DIE over how well these ‘stensions match my hurr?

Then I went upstairs and GASPED.









First, we sat down to the most adorable “tea” luncheon ever in existence. I say tea with air quotes because while there were mis-matched teacups adorning the table, no actual tea was served. We Danielsons like to stick purely to our Crystal Lights and alcoholic bevs. Finger sandwiches, caprese bites, my aunt’s famous boyos and delicious mini-quiches were among the delicacies beautifully displayed on delicate tea stands. The cuteness was overwhelmingly faultless.


Knowing it was all for me was tough. I tried to quell any sarcastic or self-deprecating comments which usually escape my mouth when I feel awkward or un-deserving of something. It just felt so funny to have this beautiful party…for me. Like, it’s me. The girl who gets lost going to QFC and has dirty feet. The girl who ATTENDS these parties, not the one who is celebrated.

After eating, we played games. And SHUT UP if you hate games at showers. Games are the best part, especially the poopy diaper game at baby showers, that one’s the best. First we played a trivia game all about marriage, I scored a 3/15 so basically- sh*t, I’m doomed. Next, we played the “guess the celebrity couple game” – where we stared at large pictures of our fave celebs (faces blacked-out) and tried to guess their identities.


There were some REAL throwbacks, like Jessica Simps and Nick Lachey. Man, those were the days amiright!?

After that, Megan read off some questions that she had emailed Bryan and I had to guess his answer. For every wrong answer I had to chew a piece of gum. It started out great and I was NAILING IT. Then the tougher questions came and the wad grew larger and larger. I drooled. I did.

Then we had dessert! My sister Ray-Ray made the cupcakes and per usual, they were completely delectable and perfect. I mean, just feast your eyes.

photo (13)

There were also jelly beans, jordan almonds, petite-fours, coconut macarons, mini berry tarts, dutch mints AND these raspberry swirl sugar-coated things. I had everything, obvs.

Then we opened gifts which is really the only thing I was looking forward to (I KID. I kid) I got the best things ever in the world and everyone is too nice to me and I just felt like getting down and washing everyone’s feet like Jesus. I was that grateful.















After that, sister Amy PTFO and went into her room and locked the door to take a nap and I didn’t see her for 16 hours.


Then my good friend Graham came over and he brought wine and we caught up on tour jetés (he’s a real live dancer. like classically trained and sh*t) and talked about high school.

Then we went to dinner at Bookwalter with Bryan’s parents and I had flatbread. It was amazing food and wine and I LOVE that our parents get along so well. I wish we were all next door neighbors (no, I really do).

And that was that!


23 thoughts on “My Bridal Shower

  1. This Northern Belle says:

    Literally laughed out loud at all of this. 1. Your shower was BEAUTIFULLL. 2. Those extensions… perfection. I want/need some. Just chopped 12 inches of my hair off and regretting about 10 of those inches. 3. I know exactly what you mean about all the attention on you. At my shower I felt super uncomfortable with everyone watching my every move and celelbrating me. Like, is this ALL for me? At least at your wedding it’s all about you AND your man. Happy wedding planning 🙂


  2. budziak says:

    WOW! Your bridal showers looks and sounds like something right out of Pinterest! Hahaha. I love the way you write, it makes me laugh, my mind totally works like that too, except when I got to PTFO, I kept thinking PTFO? And then it finally clicked, hahaha. You look gorgeous (as always), your outfit was perfect too. I need to dress better, half the time I feel frumpy like Pam in The Office and the other half the time, I dress like a teenager out of a Hollister ad -_- Anyways, you must be so excited! If this is the precursor to your wedding, I’m sure your wedding will blow everyone’s minds with beauty. Congrats again!


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