The Cutest Weekend

Hello all you red and pink Starbursts!

Last week, two very awesome things happened to me.

  1. I became an aunt
  2. I became a chi-sitter

The high dose of cuteness was simply too much for me to handle. Here I was, driving down the highway on a sunny Saturday, Henry cozied up in a coil in his carseat (yes, he has a carseat), on the way to see my baby nephew who I had not been introduced to. On top of that, my parents finally moved into their new house and I was going to be their very first house-guest. My cheeks LITerally hurt from smiling and this time – no Redbulls were consumed. Just me, Henry, an awesomely entertaining book on tape and a couple fun-sized Snickers.



Loved this book!

I arrived in Kennewick and went straight over to the new digs. Nan and Gare are going to be so happy there, but right now moving-mode has made them both cray. I totally get it.

We promptly went over to Megan and Ben’s and wouldn’t you know it, Big Gare was holding Tate in the little chair by the window. He looked so tiny wrapped in my Dad’s embrace and yep – I started to cry.


Tate is very small. I don’t know what I was expecting – like an 8 pound BB is big? His head is pretty much totally round and he has a little bit of blonde hair. He has all ten fingers and ten toes and his skin gets red when he cries. He loves to wave his hands around and most of the time, they are right next to his mouth or on either side of his head. His legs get all stiff when you change his diaper and he has that gross belly button clip thingy so you have to fold the diaper down a little. I could talk about this tiny little human forever, I guess.




Megan only had one or two long-sleeved newborn onesies, so Nan and I ran to Fred Meyer to get more. I happened upon a couple a 40% off the lowest marked price racks and tried on a couple skirts (go fig!) to no avail. We bought a bunch more newborn things, a bottle of white wine and a bag of Pirate’s Booty. The we hit up Kennewick’s wide array of fine dining establishments for¬†take-out. We got KFC for Nan and Ben and Bruchi’s for Meg and I. YUM.

That night, Nan and I opened up a bottle a’Hogue and I slipped into these awesome jammies.



The next day I woke up, drank coffee and ate cereal with measuring spoons (again, not everything has been moved to the new house). I threw Henry’s chewie around for a while and then he curled up in a sunny spot. Then we went for a little walk!


My mom and I brought Megan a Starbucks and she happily drank it while Nan and I gave Tate a bath.

Basically he screamed his little head off and Megan was yelling at us because we got his little belly button wet and apparently you aren’t supposed to. So, we scooped him out after about 15 seconds (no joke) and I got to lay with him while he calmed down and my heart was bursting with all the love and joyness.






A couple hours later, I had to drive back to Portland. I got stuck in traffic right after Hood River and my book on tape ended so I went ahead and scream-sang Sister Act 2 until my voice was hoarse. Henry slept through it all ūüôā


The Hawks lost to the Packers that day but the warmth of Henry’s little body laying by my side made everything okay.


Oh, and here is Tate today!


Sick as a Dog

Hello friends of mine!

Last weekend, I went home to Kennevick (that’s how I say it, with a V) to knock a couple items off the ol’ wedding to do list, which btw is scarily approaching. It’s like 5 weeks away y’all. SO I went home to dig out a bunch of crap leftover from my sister’s wedding, like extra tea-lights, lanterns and literally 498527 vases.¬†And I put a random pair of Ninja Turtles little boy underwear on McDougal! (sorry so blurry)


When I got in, Megan and I went to Ulta to use coupons for what we thought was 20% off ANY one item in the store. I finally was able to nab the last tube of Bye Bye Undereye in Light and Megan found a $39 Laura Gellar set that had ALL full-size products. Yipee! Standing in the check stand and reading the fine-print I discovered the 20% off only applied to NON-prestige brands. Aka all the drugstore sh*t. AH POOP. I still got the concealer because I had a gift card and it seems this stuff is harder to find than set of real boobies on Real Housewives.


Then I helped my Mom and Barbara (my wedding planner and family friend) rifle through the garage while I had 25 sneezing fits and then resorted to a dusk mask. It got so bad that Nan sent me upstairs to wash all the vases and water pitchers she has been collecting from Goodwill for 95 cents.


We picked up a delicious Round Table pizza for dinner and breadsticks. I tell ya, those breadsticks are crackems. I could devour a box on my own NO PROB. Also, let it be stated that Round Table pizza is the best pizza.

The next day we ran more errands and I struck out at Macy’s and Famous Footwear for my wedding shoes. The alterations lady told me I need about a 1.5 inch heel and because I think kitten heels are super fug, I’m opting for a wedge which apparently is hard to find. An obligatory trip to the hell that is Wal-Mart took place and then I realized I may have judged too soon…


Then we got fro yo and they had toasted coconut and everyone was happy.


And we played rummy that night with Ben, Rachel, Meg and Nan. I overheated in my sweatshirt and did this classy party trick.


On Monday, disaster struck. My Dad is doing all the music for our wedding and needed to get a sneak-peek at the outlet situation at the venue. So we hopped in the car and made the 40 minute journey over. On the way, I went through probs like 20 Kleenex and I mean, they were SOAKED (TMI?). When we got there, I could barely even open my eyes long enough to see where I was going without a string of 3-10 catastrophic sneezes exploding from my already raw nose. Luckily, my Dad found out what he needed to and we went for lunch and candy in downtown Walla Walla. Look at this awesome bandaid I found in the car:


Tuesday I visited my sister Megan’s classroom at Keewaydin Discovery Center and played with the adorable kiddos in her room. She is such an amazing teacher and it is really fun to watch her. Lord knows that girl has some surious patience. Then I hit the road back to Portland and listened to a sappy Nicholas Sparks book on tape which Imustsay, made the drive fly by.

Bry and I had a light dinner and then went to bed for our nighttime reading hour. By 10:30 I knew something was wrong with my tum. Nausea had fully set in. Falling asleep was NOT going to be happening. So I went into the other bedroom and waited for the inevitable. Then I puked. And puked. And puked some more! By the morning, I had logged about 3 hours of sleep and weighed probably 5 pounds less. MISERY you guys.

Yesterday was spent horizontal, with a big ol’ G2 and hours of Scandal. My body was wrecked. I tried to get Bryan to cuddle and hold me for 3 hours but no luck. I know my hair smelled like the vom and despite spraying myself heavily with JoMo, I was a lost cause.

Today is looking brighter and I have some exciting posts coming up to prepare for. Tally ho!

My Bridal Shower

Hey Rumplestilskens!

Such a scary little man, Mr. Stilsken. But whatevs, it’s fun to say!

Last weekend was my first ever wedding shower. And what a shower it was. Sister Meg and my mom hit it outta the mothereffin ball-park. The affair was SO completely perfect and wonderful, that I didn’t want it to end. Seriously. Which is probably why at least 50% of the guests left half way through me opening presents…oops.

Anywho! On to the fun.

I got into the Tri and immediately went to a nail place so they could saw off my dead skin and polish my toes. I walked in and there were like 7,432 people there so I said “how long for a pedicure?” “Five miiih!” said the woman. “You pick color!”

I chose Flip-Flop Fantasy from China Glaze (duh) and settled into the chair. 25 minutes later, someone started my pedi. 5 miiih later my ASS. Oh well. I paid and tipped like a good person and then went home to start the agonizing process of getting myself ready.

1.75 hours later and I had my extensions clipped in, crazy eyelashes on and waaaay too high of wedges strapped to my feet.

photo (14)


photo (15)

¬†Could you just DIE over how well these ‘stensions match my hurr?

Then I went upstairs and GASPED.









First, we sat down to the most adorable “tea” luncheon ever in existence. I say tea with air quotes because while there were mis-matched teacups adorning the table, no actual tea was served. We Danielsons like to stick purely to our Crystal Lights and alcoholic bevs. Finger sandwiches, caprese bites, my aunt’s famous boyos and delicious mini-quiches were among the delicacies beautifully displayed on delicate tea stands. The cuteness was overwhelmingly faultless.


Knowing it was all for me was tough. I tried to quell any sarcastic or self-deprecating comments which usually escape my mouth when I feel awkward or un-deserving of something. It just felt so funny to have this beautiful party…for me. Like, it’s me. The girl who gets lost going to QFC and has dirty feet. The girl who ATTENDS¬†these parties, not the one who is celebrated.

After eating, we played games. And SHUT UP if you hate games at showers. Games are the best part, especially the poopy diaper game at baby showers, that one’s the best. First we played a trivia game all about marriage, I scored a 3/15 so basically- sh*t, I’m doomed. Next, we played the “guess the celebrity couple game” – where we stared at large pictures of our fave celebs (faces blacked-out) and tried to guess their identities.


There were some REAL throwbacks, like Jessica Simps and Nick Lachey. Man, those were the days amiright!?

After that, Megan read off some questions that she had emailed Bryan and I had to guess his answer. For every wrong answer I had to chew a piece of gum. It started out great and I was NAILING IT. Then the tougher questions came and the wad grew larger and larger. I drooled. I did.

Then we had dessert! My sister Ray-Ray made the cupcakes and per usual, they were completely delectable and perfect. I mean, just feast your eyes.

photo (13)

There were also jelly beans, jordan almonds, petite-fours, coconut macarons, mini berry tarts, dutch mints AND these raspberry swirl sugar-coated things. I had everything, obvs.

Then we opened gifts which is really the only thing I was looking forward to (I KID. I kid) I got the best things ever in the world and everyone is too nice to me and I just felt like getting down and washing everyone’s feet like Jesus. I was that grateful.















After that, sister Amy PTFO and went into her room and locked the door to take a nap and I didn’t see her for 16 hours.


Then my good friend Graham came over and he brought wine and we caught up on tour jet√©s (he’s a real live dancer. like classically trained and sh*t) and talked about high school.

Then we went to dinner at Bookwalter with Bryan’s parents and I had flatbread. It was amazing food and wine and I LOVE that our parents get along so well. I wish we were all next door neighbors (no, I really do).

And that was that!

Megan’s Bridal Shower

Holy Birkenstocks – it is hot up in hurr.

Sidenote: I am into Birkenstocks again.

Oh, and I just discoved Bloglovin! #latetotheparty Follow meee!

Temperatures all over the great state of Washington are on the rise and as the scorching UV’s kiss my alabaster shoulders, I can’t help but look back¬†on¬†weekends past¬†and, well, sweat. ¬†While Eastern Washington is notoriously hot for much of the year, the weather actually reached a Floridian climate. ¬†We felt as if we were smack dab in the middle of the Everglades, hunting crocs and warding off bird-sized bugs. I even have the bites to prove it.


More importantly though, two weeks ago we celebrated Megan’s upcoming marriage by throwing her a shower. And shower her, we did.

My weekend started on Thursday around 4:30, when I peeled off my black slacks in exchange for a pair of cutoffs and hit the road. ¬†Braving even the shortest trip in “Cliff”, my two-toned red ’97 Toyota Corolla is a little iffy to say the least but (knock on wood) so far, he hasn’t failed me yet. ¬†Cliff doesn’t have an operating CD player or cruise control as well as 2 frustrating speeds for the windshield wipers but what he lacks in¬†amenities, he more than makes up in style and good ol’ fashioned reliability.

I rolled into Kennewick around 7:30 pm, just in time for drinks with the aunties, Meg and my Mom at Azteca. After white-knuckling it up and down the pass while mini-vans angrily whizzed by, I was more than ready for warm chips and a bucket of tequila-laden drinks. Then, it was over to Meg and Ben’s soon-to-be abode for a looksie. ¬†We took in the gorgeous view and I had a chance to chat with my sis Rachel for a few minutes while¬†mosquitoes¬†happily chomped away at my lower legs. ¬†My blood must have given those skeeters quite the buzz because now,¬†2 weeks later, I look like a modern-day leper.


Enjoying a nip of Fireball at Ben’s.

That night, Nan and I took inventory of the decorations I have been slaving over for the past couple of months when I discovered the horror of all horrors РI had forgotten the main decoration. The pièce de résistance if you will. I cursed, I wept, I pounded my angry fist into the air. Then we got to work designing an alternative (see pictures below).

The next morning I awoke to perform my usual “being at home” rituals. ¬†Woke up wearing Amy’s old soccer shorts and Gonzaga summer camp muscle shirt with pit-stains, went upstairs and got myself a cup of Yuban from our coffee pot which ALWAYS leaks no matter how you pour it, played with Chloe McDoogal the ill-tempered chihuahua and sung the “Your a Little Girl” song I made up on the spot¬†¬†and then ¬†proceeded to try on all the millions of beauty products my sister has in her bathroom.



We began our Friday as we normally do, with a trip to the Targs.  While I found difficulty in selecting a lamp shade to adorn an acrylic lamp base, I easily found the Milani blush I have been on the hunt for. Three cheers for Dolce Pink!


We then went to Starbucks and I selected a delicious tomato and cheese croissant that tasted like pizza.  Then we treated ourselves to pedicures.  Sadly, I cannot recommend anyone go to Magic Nail (singular) after my sub-par treatment, as there was nothing magical about the inferior, less-than-10-minute job they did on my southern-most extremities #2coatsmyass.


Da Bride.


Nan and Aunt Judy


Appropriate Literature


The Grow-Out Twins!

Around 4:30 I headed over to our family friend Karla’s lovely home to do a little decorating. ¬†We hung, arranged, draped and wove various pink¬†accoutrements about the house, fussing over ¬†tiny details, laughing at our ourselves and hoping it would all come together. Somehow, we managed to adorn the house¬†tastefully¬†without breaking any bones or using the F word too much. Go us.




Calico Critters!!




Take Home Treats


Handsome Prizes

After a lengthy decorating sesh, I found myself jonesing for pizza and my ALL-TIME favoritethingintheworld, Nan’s caesar salad. ¬†Megan and I picked up two pies from Yoke’s (Amy’s former employer) and may have accidentally bought eyeliners and eyeshadows at Fred Meyer. Might be doing another beauty post soon because this is best pencil eyeliner from the drugstore EVER:


We feasted on pizza and drank Sminoff Light Vodka mixed with Sprite. Yum.


Ah Yeeeah.

Then Rachel and Jaclyn came over and we played a few rousing hands of shanghai rummy which I lost by a margin of roughly 100 points. Luckily, I had the antics of Jaclyn and Nan to keep me happily entertained.

The next day was the BIG day. I sprang out of bed, went upstairs and scooped up Chloe for a little bouncing like a baby in the kitchen. ¬†Clearly, I need a puppy…are you listening Bryan?? The house aflutter with excitement and last minute prep, Nan and I made a dutiful run to the Wal-Mart for almond milk, a chalkboard and a block of Tillamook cheese. ¬†The necessities. ¬†We were to meet at Karla’s around 11 and it was already 9:45. ¬†Megan was in the shower, my hair + makeup were a mess and I still needed to do Nan and my aunt Judy’s makeup. Luckily, with the combination of me being AWESOME and the Policar’s perpetual tardiness, it all worked out.

As I adhered false eyelashes to my face and orangey self tanner to my skin – I had to smile. My big sister Megan was getting married. We got to have a big party for her, all pink and girly, eat cupcakes, open presents, get drunk, laugh and cry. Unfortunately I had to snap out of it, I had makeup to apply, cupcakes to pick up and babies to kiss! Well, maybe not babies to kiss…


Snagle Tooth

I quickly pinned a bird in my hair and ¬†arrived to Karla’s a little late donning this shirt:


We filled the ice buckets, laid out the cold cuts and with one final spritz of hair spray Рthe party was ready! Guests began to arrive promptly at one. I did what any amazing hostess would do, took their purse and graciously led them to the spiked punch. Masterminded by my aunties, we served Pink Lady Punch Рa delightful concoction of Sprite, Vodka and pink lemonade.


Sister Rachel and Jaclyn


Megan, Grandma Milly and Myself




More Sistas


We mingled, nibbled Jewish delicacies like boyos  and snapped pictures of adorable party-goers in their Kate Middleton-inspired fascinators.  We then dined on yummy chicken salad croissants and fresh fruit while I happily polished off a few more boyos.


Nan and Co.


Boyos. Omg.


As soon as the food was eaten, it was time for my section of the party – the GAMES. ¬†Our family, admittedly LOVES to play games. Board games, card games, yard games even MIND games…muahahaha! So when an opportunity presents itself where games are appropriate, we’re all over it. I realized that not all shower guests are as keen on the recreational¬†activities¬†as we are, so I had to roll with the punches.

The first game we played was one I got the idea for from Pinterest (where else?). The point of the game is to match as many movie quotes as you can to the movie it is from. To make it all bridal showery, I selected Meg’s favorite rom-coms. ¬†And surprise, surprise – Megan got them all right. I planned to play another game, appropriately labeled “Megan Trivia”, but I was losing my audience. And a good entertainer should know how to revive an otherwise distracted audience…


Yes, we played the “panty game” at Megan’s bridal shower. Typically a bachelorette party game, I was unsure as to how Ben’s 93 year-old grandmother would react to a see-through g-string being waved fervently in her face. ¬†But upon my aunties unrelenting persistence, we encouraged guests to choose a pair of underwear that represented their personality and bring it along¬†to the shower to provide Megan a honeymoon trousseau…of sorts.


Everybody was a good sport and improvised by bringing items they may have been more comfortable with Рlike an apron or flip-flops.  Megan guessed wisely and ended up procuring a very interesting array of undergarments and the like in the end.

After that, it was on to the good stuff РPRESENTS. In typical little sister fashion, I was jealous. However, I was happy to see my big sister receive so many thoughtful and amazing things that the green little monster inside of me quickly diminished and I happily, but diligently crafted her bouquet of bows for the rehearsal.


Scarily Excited…

The party concluded with Rachel’s amazing cupcakes, which were filled with scrumptiousness and slathered in a marshmallowy dream.


Rachel is a PRO

We polished off another bottle of wine as we cleaned up and loaded our things into the car.  After arriving home, a quick cat-nap and a cold shower later, we were off to dinner at Casa Mia, an east Kennewick establishment. We had yet another pizza, salad and a little more vino for good measure and then it was back to the homestead for another Danielson family favorite: saladbowl.



A deconstruction of the classic game shirades, saladbowl is a test of whits, speed and above all-creativity. ¬†My allergies had taken a turn for the worse so I proved to be quite the teammate, attempting to¬†elicit Nyquil from Nan when I had already taken the whole¬†medicine¬†cabinet. ¬†After a devastating loss, the kiddies decided to go out on “the town”, i.e the Sports Page, while I settled into the couch with my book and benadryl-induced coma.

Sunday started innocently enough. The usual morning coffee, kitchen bouncing with Chloe and chatting with the fam.


I look like a young british man.


I styled Karen’s hair for a wedding she was on her way to and then took off for Redmond. ¬†I hit traffic right outside Ellensburg and basically crawled along the highway going between 10-30 MPH for over an hour while listening to a book on tape that I have now heard over 3 times (oh, and I have to use a battery operated boombox to listen to the CDs). I arrived home to our¬†stifling¬†apartment around 6:30, made even worse by the fact that we had stupidly decided to make pizza (yes, my 3rd of the weekend). ¬†4 slices, 2 popsicles and 1 Benadryl later, I hit the hay – a little toasty but absolutely elated at a successful weekend.


Groping and Jaclyn Photo-Bombing

Next up Рour adventures in Leavenworth. My family actually got their sh*t together and rented an adorable little cabin for the 4th.  Stay tuned for costco-size proportions of vodka, wine and of course GUSHERS.

Yay for summer!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Cookies!

Ok, so I know I’m very with this post. Most people are already on to posting about a new diet, 2012 vacation plans or still trying to return the hideous Christmas watch from Sears only to learn it is now worth $1.99. Hello re-gift!

I got back to Jackson about a week ago after spending nearly two weeks in the fabulous state of Washington, namely the Tri Cities. Looking back on the time I spent at home, I realize how different it is from most other people’s “home for the holidays” stories. Why is this? It’s simple. Our family is close. We don’t drop everything, plan cheesy Christmas-time pajama parties, sit around eating gourmet meals and especially, hug…Instead, we go about our lives. And I love to come along for the ride. So this Christmas, while the Danielsons of course enjoyed our normal Christmasy festivities, I also partook in lots of other day-to-day fun times which I love doing.

  1. Fighting the crowds at Columbia Center Mall. Who, I ask allows their pre-adolescent children to stroll the mall at a glacial pace for hours, stuffing Cinnabons in their makeup-laden faces and “macking” their pimply boyfriend during the holidays? We encountered dozens of such cases at CCM and when all you want to do is collect your $10 birthday gift at Victoria’s Secret, this can be quite the annoyance.


  1. Going to the eye doctor. Tried on some specs, made it rain.

Making a Comeback

3. Going for walks. We took Chloe the ill-tempered Chihuahua for a much-needed walk along the levy. God bless Dad and Amy for later trimming her nails.

4. Shopping at Ranch and Home. This is a must-do if you’re ever in Kennewick.

Humongous Safe

5. Reading, relaxing and coffee. I was able to pound out this little beaut in a little under 4 days.

6. Turning 28. Ew. At least my crown was fabulous.


7. Going to Christmas Eve Mass. We thought it was the kiddie version, with the little Mary and Joseph skit but it turns out it wasn’t. Fail. At least we got to hear my Dad play!

8. Consuming wine. Kestrel Platinum is my fave – not sure why…?

Oh, a cute bottle. Duh!

9. Opening presents on Christmas Morning Night. We ended up opening presents on Christmas night. Sister Amy wasn’t getting back from her job in Spokane until about 5 pm so we waited until after dinner to finally open presents.

Nan and Nat

Amy in Flannel

McDougal on Christmas Watch

I also got to spend a little time in Seattle! My Mom and I went over for 2 nights and we able to hang out with the Policars (cousins) who are just about my favorite people ever. I also got to spend time with Bryan and his family which was so much fun and very, very Christmasy. One night, we sat around the fire place, chatting and sipping Grand Marnier while I opened my birthday presents…majesty!

Speaking of presents, I got some amazing things. Bryan really outdid himself with this necklace and earring set from Pearls by Shari. Ever since I moved to Jackson, I’ve had my eye on this necklace. It is always in the shop’s window and for me, it just represents my life in Jackson. It is beautiful, unique and just so…me! Corny, yes. But I effing love it.


Another great day was getting to see one of my dearest friends, Lacey and her new baby Winston. We¬† hadn’t seen each other in SO long and it was due-time for a visit. Winston is of course, the sweetest little boy ever. He is a mama’s boy and I can see why. Lacey is a wonderful mother and friend. If you’re reading – I love you Lacey and Winston!

I was very sad to leave Washington, my family and friends. I feel so at home when I’m in Washington and while coming back to Wyoming isn’t the same, it was so great to see Bryan, Holly and be back at work.

NYE was totally cray-cray.

Sparkly Tank-Top Holla!

I kid. We actually went to bed around 11 and tried to stay awake by watching the Lion King. We stayed up long enough to mutter, “Happy New Year” to one another and quickly drifted off. I think all the Christmas boozin’ got us outta the NYE mood. Oh well, there’s always 2013!

A Very Kennewick Christmas

Happy Holidays little darlings!

Tomorrow I embark on my journey home to Kennewick, Washington. It will be an epic, 2 week journey filled with laughter, tears and of course, candy cane shakes from Burger Ranch. Am I excited to go home? Well, yes I am.

When I tell most people from Jackson, Wyoming that I am excited to spend almost 2 weeks in the Tri Cities, Washington the normal reaction is “oh, the dry sh*tties?” or, “oh gosh…I’m sorry.” Why must people say this? For some reason, the Tri Cities is some sort of anomaly. You can be from Washtucna, Touchet, Sprague or dare I say it…Benton City (nothing of which, is wrong with these places) and most people say “oh, that’s cool”. But the Tri-Cities? You may as well throw yourself into a ditch for all the negative attention it draws.

WHY is this? Are any other Tri-Citians sick of this ridicule? Yes, Hanford is technically a toxic dump and we may not have the best culinary scene but we do have some gems. Including, but not exclusive to:

  • The home of the original Zips (by the cable Bridge). Boo yes.
  • The highest grossing 7-11 in the country. On Clearwater, what what?!
  • Desserts by Kelly. Perfectly ghetto. Cake nazi owner. What could be better?
  • The boat races. White trash? Yes. But also a great excuse to wear dirty white Old Navy flip-flops with zero shame.
  • Casa Chapala, Chicos and other various taco trucks that beat the snot outta any Mexican food within a 150-mile radius.

Other faves, circa 1997 would have included:

  • Skate West (the site of many school skate nights where I was the awkward tall girl who looked like an alien and didn’t know how to “shoot the duck”.)
  • Sunburst Video. 5 videos for $1 back in the dizzle. Be kind, rewind.
  • The Minute Mart. Ohhhh, the Minute Mart :-).

On a more serious note, the Tri-Cities happens to be booming. The weather is warm. The wine flows like Columbia River and hello, we have a Coach store.

But enough of that. Here’s what been going on in Bry and I’s neck-o-the-woods.

I’ve been baking and cooking some new delights!

Southwest Eggrolls

Mock Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies

Coconut Almond Spice Granola

Bry and I attended an open house for a new store in Jackson called Lucky You. They had hot cider and tons of adorable cookies.

I’ve been busy at work…

Cupcake Apron

Christmas Apron

The folks at Elevated Grounds were so awesome too. Look at the birthday cupcakes I recieved as well as the awesome gifts!

Christmas Basket and Cupcake Jar!

Jackson is so awesome during the Christmas season. But I can’t wait to spend time with my family. Playing shanghai rummy and Balderdash with everyone. Eating mounds of caesar salad. Making bombs-away drinks with Megan and Rachel. Watching Wee Sing Christmas with Amy. Watching my Dad squish his gifts before opening to ensure it isn’t a “soft” present (meaning socks or another clothing item). Having 2 glasses of wine with my Mom and watching her laugh her head off at every You Tube video I play for her. And lastly, Chloe ferociously biting¬† my hand for trying to pick up my shoe.

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone enjoys this time of year as much as I enjoy wearing blush ;-).

Washington Extravaganza 2011

J.D Working the Mushroom Cut


“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…I’m standin’ here outside your door…I hate to wake you up to say goodbye…”
 That John Denver was full of sh*t (cuz cursin aint lady-like on a blog ok?).

It’s true, B and I are headed west to Washington state in exactly 1 week. Where the evergreens are a plenty and the wine flows like the Columbia River. Since Bryan hails from Kirkland and yours truly from Kennewick, it only made sense that we make the pilgramage. Here is the 4-1-1 on our trip in the form of an itinerary.

9:00 am Wake up. Prolly lookin like this:

Fresh as a Daisy

9:15 am Pick up coffee.


 11:00 am Stop in Utah and say what up to my peeps.

I've got my polyester brown frock giiirls!

1:30 pm Make a pit stop for sustenance.


8:00 pm Arrive in the ‘Kane and get all cray-cray¬†at Dempsey’s.

My Drag Name - Summer Clearance

12:00¬†am Chug a fifth of SoCo, sneak into a frat party…polish off a few people’s empties, some brewskies, some Jell-O shots, do some body shots off myself…pass out, wake up the next morning, boot, rally, more SoCo, head to the race.

Don’t be jealous.

But seriously folks, here are Bryan and Natalie’s Top 10 Reasons to go to Washington State:

  1. Run/Walk Bloomsday Race (7.5 miles)
  2. Party in Spokane with Amy like a G6
  3. Pay a visit to the Alma Mater, Whitworth U
  4. Wine Tasting in the “town so nice they name it twice” (Walla Walla for anyone who isn’t Gary Danielson)
  5. Tour of Kennewick to include: taco trucks, the nation’s top-grossing 7-11, Griggs, Zips by the Cable Bridge and of COURSE Desserts by Kelly (which also coincidentally, doubles as a baseball card shop)
  6. Visit B’s Crib
  7. Make delicious ‘za with Bry-Bry’s broseph, Corbin
  8. PARTY BUS! I am 100% serious. Cue black lights and disco balls.
  9. Stroll around the Emerald City – Pike Place, Delancey’s, etc. B will probably try to climb the space needle.
  10. Be with amazing friends, family and people who we don’t really like¬†but¬†will pretend to their faces.

Just because.