Liebster Madness

Another day Liebster, another dollar.


I have been nominated a few more times for this honorable award from the adorable Abby, of Hundred Acre Beauty, the amazing mommybeauty  and Treana (fellow bride to be) of Treana’s Transitions. Thanks girrrls!

Since I have been nominated before (here and here) I’ll keep it short and just answer a few questions, promise 🙂

11 Random Facts About Me

  1. I just started wearing contacts regularly and I HATE putting them in.
  2. When I was in 5th grade, I was the Tin Man in our school’s production of the Wizard of Oz. I was on the news and behaved like a regular asshat.
  3. I am passionate about LGBT rights.
  4. Cereal might be my favorite food.  (Who wants a Top 5 cereal post!?)
  5. I can play the first few measures of Vanessa Carlton’s 1000 Miles on the piano.
  6. I HAVE never and WILL never eat a banana. I DESPISE them.
  7. I believe Edith Bouvier Beale  to be one of the best humans ever.
  8. Debra Messing bugs me.
  9. I have an obsession with serial killers.
  10. One of my lifelong dreams is to sing in a gospel choir and be the only white person.
  11. I have Bill Crystal’s autograph.

Questions for Me

1. What is your favourite food/meal to have on a special occasion?

Crab cakes, birthday cake w/rainbow chip frosting, ice cream cake. Various cakes.

2. Your favourite hobby?

Blogging! Writing!  I also like reading, singing and dancing around the house and baking cupcakes. Also, makeup. Shopping for it, applying it, organizing it, etc.  AND I enjoy playing volleyball and running (downhill) when I can.

3. Dream job?

PR for a theater or ballet company. Makeup artist. Product development/marketing for a high-end cosmetics company. I’d also take Rick Steve’s job.

4. Favourite brand of makeup?

If price were no object, Nars or Chanel. Brand I use most? L’Oreal or MAC.

5. What is your guilty pleasure?

Lifetime Movies, Shows like Greek and Make it or Break It, Tricky Sticks from the Pipeline (OMG). Swedish fish.

6. What is one thing people would be surprised to find out about you?

Even though I looove me some makeup and hurr curr – I am also kindof a major ragamuffin. I have perpetual bedhead and smudged mascara.

7. When I ask what makes you happy? What is the first thing that pops into your head?

VACATION. Christmas time. Sun.

8. Greatest accomplishment?

I gotta say volleyball. It was MY WHOLE LIFE for a good, oh, 10 years or so. Firstly, I am not coordinated. I am also clumsy and kind of a walking disaster BUT – I worked my ass of for a good while. And it paid off – both teams I played for in college won the league. I received awards and broke some school records. My senior year I was even awarded first team all-american and was MVP of the league! For the gangly, B-team, awkwardness that I was – I think I ended up doing pretty well for myself. *plz note I played at a community college and a Div. 3 college – I’m not Misty May or anything CLOSE.

9. What is on your agenda today?


  • Buy falsies and new tanning mitt
  • Pack boxes for move
  • Try to work out (probs not happening)
  • Self-tan
  • Watch 8-10 YouTube videos
  • Do a mask
  • Try to get Bry to slow dance with me in the kitchen
  • Curl my ‘stensions
  • Paint nails pastel pink


Let’s keep up.



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