Boyfriend Jeans, Babies and Bargains

Hello there muffins!

I have several topics to cover today, so let’s dive right in shall we!?

Firstly, we have boyfriend jeans. A baggier type of jean which often times features distressed details, this is a look that has been popular for many years. For whatever reason in the past, I shied away from them, thinking they would make me look bigger or more disheveled than I really am (and I’m already pretty disheveled). But then I noticed pictures everywhere of women rocking these type of pants with all kinds of super feminine tops and shoes. And if there’s one thing I can’t resist, it’s a frilly feminine look paired with somethin’ kinda boyish.

So I took the Forever 21 gift card I got for my birthday (thanks again Aunt Sandi!) and procured myself a nice little pair of boyfriend jeans. And guys….I love em!


And while I was there, I made an impulse purchase…but I mean….feast your eyes! How could I NOT own this?


Now onto babies!


E is obsessed with these little Baby Alive suckers. Most of them either pee or poo (no, I’m not kidding) and as a result, we have teeny tiny sopping wet babydoll diapers strewn all over her bathroom, our kitchen table and floors. We basically have a Baby Alive day care. Watching her play with the babies is pretty precious though, especially when she introduces a new one to the group.

In terms of human babies though, you know I have to tell you about Tate.




I haven’t seen my baby in over a month and I am seriously going through withdrawals. Meg tells me he is never without a train in his hand, he still LOVES books and is basically obsessed with anything Mickey Mouse. Oh Taterbug!!

 David and I took a random little trip to Eugene, Oregon last weekend. He went to the Ducks game while I went shopping and I ended spending the whole 3 hours chunk mostly at the Rack. Can you blame me!? I also ended up going to J.Crew Mercantile (outlet) and Old Navy.

And I’ll tell you what, I found some crap!



Earrings were $4 and the puff ball keychain with GOLD hardware (been looking for gold forever!) was $5.



Got this tee for myself and Megan! Old Navy, $14.99.

Then on Saturday night David and I had a little date night to a karaoke bar! I overdrew my lips and put on a black ribbed, sleeveless mock neck top FOR THE WIN.



Oh! Did anyone get anything good at the T.J Maxx/Marshalls/Home Goods clearance? Those yellow stickers, man. I got a medium Yankee Candle jar candle for 3 bucks :).




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