Unicorn Hair!

I knew this would happen eventually.

I mean, we all did.

The other night while David was at a basketball game, I accidentally decided to fix myself a lime perrier + vodka and use E’s hair chalk. I feel this could happen to anybody.

You see, I have been secretly (well not-so-secretly now) obsessed with the whole kawaii trend.

I have also been binge watching Kelly Eden’s YouTube channel, which makes me insanely happy. Here is a picture of  her Hollywood apartment…

More than anything tho, it is really bringing out my obsession with miniature things, pastels and Hello Kitty. Although who are we kidding? Was it ever NOT out?

Anyway, here is what I accomplished after 20 minutes of me with pink, purple and turquoise hair chalk pens.



I threw my hair up in a bun for bed and then decided to wear it into work on Friday. I also sported my Troop Beverly Hills sweatshirt.


 Then everyone at my office wanted pastel hair too! hahah #trendsetter

Oh, and I also painted my nails like this:


I didn’t choose the kawaii life, the kawaii life chose me.


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