Valentines Day Home Decor

I made you guys a card!


Dontcha just ♥ it!?

Unlike many other practical women, I LOVE Valentines Day. I DO NOT CARE if it is a holiday invented by the greeting card companies. Give me cheesiness, pink everything and boxes of Russell Stover chocolates ANY DAY.  I love professing my love. I love showing people my love. I love bouquets of red roses, sub-par champagne and romantic dinners at the Olive Garden.

I love IT ALL.

Anyweez, I have recently purchased like, 3 decorations for the upcoming day and I wanted to share them!


We already had the picture frame with this lovely moment captured inside. The two teeny tiny hearts are actually little trinkets I was given awhile back inside a letter and they are just the sweetest. The “love you more” sign I got for $4.99 at Marshall’s for two reasons:

  1. I am a lil’ basic
  2. I say this phrase to anyone who tells me they love me (and it’s true)


This heart-shaped wall hanging is double sided! The other side is a chalkboard in which I also wrote “Love You More” on :). It came with a set of “xoxo” push pins and was a steal from Target at just 5 bucks! I stuck in some of my favorite black and white pics and wrote the little message on the card as well.


Here is our whole console table. I got the “L♥VE” garland at Target in the party section for $4.99 and you can’t tell here but it is completely sparkly. Not a bad little arrangement if you ask me!

Do YOU decorate for Valentines Day?



5 thoughts on “Valentines Day Home Decor

  1. Anonymous says:

    I too, love Valentines Day. I think its great, you don’t have to spend a fortune, but you get to take time out of your busy life to show the most important people how much you love them. I got Matthew a card and a chocolate heart in a box made to look like a ‘ticket to my heart’ (cheesy) and he loved it, despite its inexpensiveness!


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