What We Did Last Weekend

Hellllo my cotton candy Jelly Bellys!

So, last weekend was kindof a doozie.

Friday I found a pair of wedding shoe candidates at DSW and texted my casual friday OOTD to Megan per usual.

photo (18)

photo (17)

After work, I did not feel like cooking. But then again, I never do. So, we decided to try out North Bend Bar & Grill which is not far from us. Anytime we go out for dinner, I turn into a 12 year old girl on the night of 8th Grade Celebration. I get all excited and want to dress up. So I did (well, dressed up for me).

photo (3)

photo (5)

Kate Spade lipstick in Parisian Pink (a gift from Ray-Ray!)

We arrived to patrons donning Looney Tunes lettermans jackets and women in banana clips. My wine came in a water goblet and was massively over-poured. YASSSS. Bry had a burger and I chose the panzenella. Both were great and we will definitely be back, but I will probably wear a North Face fleece.

We got froyo on the way home and I went insane on the toppings. At home, we switched on a movie and I fell asleep halfway through my pistachio with a chunk of Heath on my lip. ‘Ttractive.

Saturday morning was glorious. As is the case with all Saturday mornings. I finished this book and wasn’t thrilled with the ending.


As some of you may know, Bryan is prepping for CFA III. His third and final exam to become a bone-a-fyed Chartered Financial Analyst. This is the big leagues here guys. The CFA is to Finance as Dumbledore is to wizardry. Or as Miley Cyrus is to buttcheeks.



An academic, I am not. So while Bryan busted his behind, clocking hours upon hours watching classroom videos and doing practice tests, I put makeup on. Another kind of studying.

I got Bryan to help me move my vanity back into my new freshly painted lady room. I hung up pastel fairy lights and channeled all the YouTubers I love as I buffed 75 different eyeshadows on to my lids. As evidenced here:

photo (4)

photo (2)

Notice the new white walls??!

After a good chunk of studying, Bryan decided that he wanted to make fish tacos for dinner. I said sure as long as I didn’t have to handle the fish. So we went to the Q and filled our basket with raw fish, tequila and Cholula. Then we came home and Bry mixed up margaritas. You guys. Bryan makes the most PERFECT margarita ever. Of all time. Plus infinity.

Then we decided to have a wedding-update convo whilst buzzing in the late afternoon.  It went something like this:

  • Natalie: “If we have any wedding money leftover after everything is paid for, I want to book a videographer.”
  • Bryan: “I don’t want a video of our wedding! Who cares??”
  • Natalie: “Don’t you care about having a video of our wedding we can show our kids someday and watch each year on our anniversary?!”
  • Bryan: “Our kids won’t want to see that.”


Then we had dinner and watched another movie and I fell asleep at 8 PM.

In a word, Sunday was odd. In a good way. We started saying, “Sunday? Funday!”. GOD we are such nerds and not in a good way. Things started out innocently enough. Bry began his studying regime while I holed up in bed with coffee and Dexter (the show, not another man named Dexter).

Then we went to the gym where I halfheartedly ellipticaled through a couple episodes of this new peach of a show:


Then we came home, had sandwiches and Bryan started making margaritas again…

And then we were day drunk 🙂

We blasted gangster rap on the Bose, clinked glasses and basked in the glory of being childless 30-somethings. *Yes, we realize that as soon as we have a child, these days are O-V-E-R. We are trying to take advantage now.

A little while later, we took shots.

I don’t know.

photo (8)

After the haziness faded a bit, I decided it was time to go shopping at the outlet mall. I had two extra 40% coupons for Gap and Banana that were burnin a whole in my pocket. The odds of getting Bryan to agree to a shopping trip with me are about 10,243 to 1 so I was surprised when he said it sounded like fun.

photo (6)


We both got a few new things and I got a cardigan at Banana for $4.30. No big deal.

photo (9)

photo (10)

photo (11)

After the shopping, I figured we’d make our way home. When Bryan missed the turn for our house I knew our Sunday Funday was not over. He made a few turns and before I knew it, the neon Snoqulamie Casino sign was slowly coming into focus.

photo (16)

Oh law.

photo (12)

Bryan is so cute and I look like Sloth from The Goonies

The place was buzzing. Why. WHY may I ask was a random casino SO packed on a Sunday at 5 o’clock? We entered the casino and I knew I wouldn’t last long…you see, it’s a smoking facility. Bryan went to go see if they had our ol’ standby, video blackjack – while I made my way through the mullets crowd to find the bathroom.

And this is when I found the crown jewel of the Snoqualmie Casino.


photo (13)

photo (14)

A fresh piece of plastic just for me!? I wanted to talk to the other women in the bathroom about it. “Did you see the toilet seats!? So cool!!”. But I didn’t. Instead, I went to the bar where I hoped Bryan was feeling the same way I was about having smoke blown in my face by a man wearing a Margaritaville tee shirt 2 sizes too small.

We decided on one drink and one slot machine.

I DON’T understand the appeal of slot machines. It’s like a reverse ATM. There’s not even a cool handle anymore. You just press a button and it takes your money. We lost $10 and I couldn’t take it anymore. END THE MADNESS, I declared.

photo (15)


We went home and threw our clothes in the washing machine (circa 2005 when we all did this after a night at the bars). And Bryan made us his amazing pizza and we turned on Rush Hour. I promptly fell asleep at 7:30 PM on the couch. Clearly tuckered out from Sunday Funday.

What will next weekend hold?! Cosmic bowling? A trip to Ikea? You just never know with us.


8 thoughts on “What We Did Last Weekend

  1. mommybeauty says:

    Love your vanity! My husband was the one that wanted the video and I didn’t. We did end up getting it, and I am now glad we did. As for your children not wanting to see it, my 12 year old son watched ours recently and he really enjoyed it. You should definitely get it.


  2. Whitney Tampien says:

    Videographers are worth every penny! Jord wasn’t keen on having one but now he actually really likes our video and we do watch it every year on our anniversary… and YES, your kids will want to watch it (this is all coming from the least sentimental person on the planet, so my opinion should mean something! Ha!) Just my two cents. 🙂


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