Bath & Body Works Haul

Hello little dingo babies!

I don’t know about you, but I feel there are few greater things than a good sale. You see, I was raised in a household where we never even looked at regular priced items. The front of any store was basically off limits except for Goodwill. In adulthood I have realized that some things must be purchased at the regular price, but most things are attainable for less. Enter: BBW. One of my all-time favorites. Candles, triple-moisture body cream, wallflowers? I love them all. And a few times a year, they mark down all their sh*t. It is a lovely time of year known as the semi-annual sale.

The semi-annnual sale or SAS to any BBW aficionado is a great time indeed. We all race in, dig through giant bins of $3 hand soap, lotion and shower gel! Everything is coated in a thin layer of something that leaked at the bottom of the barrel but WE DON’T CARE. Give us that last, pumpkin cupcake room spray or GIVE US DEATH.

I digress.

Last year, my lovely betrothed gave me a $25 gift card to BBW for Christmas thinking I’d probably come home with a couple of candles, maybe a new fragrance set. HA. Little did he know just how far I can stretch a dollar at the SAS. FEAST YER EYES on this smorgesbord you guys. ALL purchased for just 30 bucks.


I attribute a haul of this size and magnitude to sticking almost soley to items 75% off.

This made the wallflowers I bought just about $1.60 each. Aw yiss. In addition to the lovely spring scents below, I also got Marshmallow Fireside which is currently plugged in!

They also had wallflower plugs on sale for 75% off!

These came out to about $3 each and the bronzy one is also a nightlight!

Next – hand soaps. And BBW’s are the best. They smell good, they clean your hands and I also use them to clean my beauty sponges. I got a couple for the end of the year and a couple to enjoy now.

The fall/winter scents were 75% off, coming out to only $1.60 per bottle and the other two were $3 apiece.

I also found this cute honey handsoap which I’ll probably save for winter as well. It was in the $2 range :).

Next they had a wall of random small, one-wick candles for 75% off as well. They ended up coming out to being just a couple of dollars. Some of them were a little bit mucked up but I found three that smell amazing! Beach Cabana is one of my all-time favorite scents from BBW, I would have bought all them if they had more.

I also grabbed one of their wax melts to try in my Yankee warmer. This cost just cents.

I did walk out with a couple body care items for 75% off as well. I knew I was getting the marshmallow body wash because HELLO and when I saw this ROSE scented mousse-to-oil I was like aw yiss.

Using my $25 gift card meant that I left BBW only paying $5 out of pocket. Not bad for a lunchbreak’s work.

And check out the  length of this receipt!



Summer Sephora Haul

G’Day Chickadees!


I have a few odd and ends recently purchased at Mecca and so I thought it was time I let you all in on what I got because well, I know you’re DYING to hear.

Sephora Summer Crushes Kit



I had to get this thing because it has SO many of products I have been dying to try. Just feast your eyes…

The Via Liberata tanning mousse alone was reason enough for me to purchase this set. Y’all know I am self-proclaimed tanning product whore and shelling out the $50 to buy the full size just can’t happen right now.


Everything else in the set I cannot WAIT to try. Especially the Lavanila Labratories fragrance, the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray (mermaid hair HERE I COME) and Caudalie Divine Oil which is a HUGE-ASS bottle.



Sephora Classic Mini-Multitasker Brush



Seriously just go to Sephora and feel this puppy. I feel like it could do anything. I plan to keep it in my purse and use it in the following situations:

  • I get to work and realize my blush def aint on fleek
  • my aging skin is making my foundation settle into my wrinkles
  • touch ups! Because duh.

Annnnd for the CROWN JEWEL of this haul….






You guys have no clue how excited I am to own this. Think of the most excited you’ve ever been in your life (acing an exam, jumping out of an airplane, etc.) and multiply that times 1,000 and you might begin to understand how freakin’ excited I am to dust this powder sent from baby Jesus on the tops of my cheekbones.

Jaclyn Hill collaborated with Becca on this stuff and she is def one of my all-time favorite YouTubers so this just adds to my excitement.

You guys, just loooooooooooooooooooooooook at the majesty.

I am so in love with this product that I am going to swaddle as if I would my own baby. I’ll sing to it. I’ll raise it to be an individual. This highlighter and I will have a long, loving relationship together.

Forever 31



Already laughing at my own joke per usual ūüôā

But really, how great would Forever 31 be? A place where Anthropologie and Ross meet, fall in love, and produce a place where Sam Smith’s angelic voice fills the air. And the racks are stocked¬†with tasteful and age-appropriate cheap sh*t that falls apart after 3 wears. Where a pair of¬†cute shorts you know will only last one summer, but that DO NOT show the bottom of your ass-cheeks, will only set you back $9.80! Where is this place, my friends? WHERE.

So what, if I want a borderline slutty tank that I can wear to book club and drink red wine in (because in your thirties you drink red wine)? And don’t go sayin’ that us 31-year-olds shouldn’t HAVE to shop at F21 anymore because our mid-level jobs are providing us with the means to shop exclusively at Nordy’s. Honey. I don’t care if I make 200 GR a year, I will STILL crave that $24.90 maxi dress.

So until this obvious gap in the market is remedied, I will continue to spend time hunting the racks of my local F21 in hot pursuit of the few items that work for my sassy, 31-year-old self. And here’s what I found.

Embroidered Peasant Shirt

00123100-02 (1)

Contrast Button-Down


Textured Striped Skirt


I also found a flowy blush pink racerback tank top that is the perfect color. But I couldn’t find the picture online because there are 21897437 tank tops and aint nobody got time for that.

Assorted Haul

Hello kittens!


Today I bring you another haul of a few things I have picked up whilst out and about.

The beauty section at T.J Maxx can be quite treacherous. It’s like everytime I go in there, I feel like I’m swimming in a sea of unknown brands, well-known brands and wondering “why is this Clarins face serum only $19.99?!”. It can be a scary, deep, dark place and navigating around isn’t easy. I find that I can usually tread water fairly well, picking up a random Joico K-Pak conditioner for $7.99 or a bangin’ Essie polish for $3. But other times, I drown. I just do.

My friends, this time I may have plummeted to the ocean floor, with all the muck and bottom-feeders.

Sugar Baby Golden Glamour Instant Self Tan Spray


When I saw this product, I was immediately attracted to the packaging because yes – I am a basic white girl. Throw a pin-up girl on just about anything and us basics¬†go weak in the knees. It was only $8, so I quickly googled the brand and saw decent reviews and high price tags – SCORE! I brought ‘er home to realize two depressing facts:

1.) It was NOT a sunless tanner, instead a spray-on temporary tan (like Airbrush Legs) which wasn’t the end of the world, I just thought I was buying a self tan.

2.) It doesn’t work. The directions recommend laying a towel down under you to protect your floors and surfaces so I just went outside on our dirty balcony and went to town. It literally came out basically SHEER with a subtle brownish-gray tint.



Shiseido Pureness Foaming Cleansing Fluid


So. I was very hesitant to buy this because there HAS to be a reason a department store brand like Shiseido is at T.J Maxx for $12.99, versus the $30+ this would cost at Nordys. But, I rolled the dice and thought, “Meh, if it’s a little expired I’m sure it’s fine.” And at first I thought it was making me break out. Not like gross cystic whiteheads but those little skin-colored bumps around my hairline. But I persevered and kept using it only to discover that you have to rinse it SUPER well or else it will leave a little film on your skin which is probably what gave me a weird texture.

All in all, it’s fairly¬†good for $12.99 and it also removes makeup.

Justin Bieber Someday Perfume



Y’all are laughing I KNOW, but I could give two sh*ts because I LOVE this perfume. I get compliments on it allll the time and I never tell people what it is. Muaahahahaaa. “Oh this? It’s just m’Biebs.” Can you imagine?

New  Tanning Mitts


I recently purchased both the Ulta brand tanning mitt and the St. Tropez one for $1.50 more and guess what?! I like the Ulta brand better. I think normally these are around the same price ($6.50), which is ludicrous that a cheap piece of foam is more than 75 cents AMIRIGHT!?

Bodycology Runaway Heart Sugar Scrub


Self tanning also denotes the official commencement exfoliation season. I really should exfoliate all year, but dead skin + self tanner mixes together about as well as orange juice and toothpaste. I bought this scrub at Target because it was the cheapest one and guess what? I am in loooove with it! Srsly go to Target right now and get yerself a whiff of this because your might change. I need the body spray NOW.

THIS Makeup Bag



A Very Baby Weekend

I keep tryin’ to think of a funny opener, but all I can do RN is hum Destiny’s Child.

Can you keep up? BABY BOY, make me lose my breath!


Last weekend, my sister Meg and mother Nan came to visit me. Megan is about 23 weeks preg and it was HIGH-TIME she make the trip to Portland to look for baby items in a tax-free environment.


They arrived Friday night and after my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw little Meg’s little belly, I decided it was a good idea to go ahead and have 2 LARGE glasses of vino and 3/4 of a box of Milk Duds. A grilled cheese may have made it in there too, it’s all a blur when I’m around these two.

The next day we woke up and hit NW 23rd because it’s cute and fun. We stopped immediately at Bagel Works where I ordered a plain bagel with plain cream cheese. It was definitely sub-par and not a place I would frequent. Give me a chewy, dense bagel or give me death.



We shopped around the area and I struck up a wonderful conversation at Blush Beauty Bar with a fellow customer who didn’t think she could pull off a bronzed eyeshadow. She had olive skin and gorgeous flicked liner and I was like, “GIRL LISTEN”. The ladies who worked there were kinda laughing but letsbereal, they probs hated me.

Then another gal couldn’t find a Nars lipstick in the shade Kelly, which is OBVIOUSLY from the Audacious line. When the salesperson didn’t know anything about it, I happily interjected and was all, “Excuse me? Yes, that shade is from the Audacious line, which is AMAAAZING and you should definitely get it.”

Sister Natalie, they should call me. Patron Saint of meekups.

Anyways, we got gas and I ran in for a fountain soda because it’s tradish.


Then we went to Washington Square and I wore my Tory Burch flats which was a terrible decision. We found some adorable baby clothes for Lil’ Toby Johnson (as we are referring to him) and I was able to sneak away at H&M and procure a tiny quilted sweatshirt with the words “Hello Little One” embroidered in.

Megan also found an amazing diaper bag at Nordstrom and I kindof want it for a normal purse. Is that weird?


I also coveted the following shoes:



We tried to go to the Glutton Cheesecake Factory for lunch but it was packed to the brim with hungry, sad-looking mall-goers who were willing to wait the hour + for a sh*tty piece of thawed-out Cheesecake.

Being the smart ladies we are, decided to succumb to Chipotle. For obvious reasons. Chips.


After that we stopped at the Brideport shopping area where I very nearly purchased this perfume at Anthropologie for $55 because it smells like a fairy princess.


That night, the Nan and my sis crashed early because one is old and one is pregnant. I met some co-workers for karaoke and performed not one but TWO songs. One of them may or may not have been from Frozen…

The next day we got up and decided to go to Nordstrom Rack. I found a few random Alex and Ani bracelets and Nan ended up buying me one. What a gal!


Kinda cool and art-deco-ish?

I always get sad after anyone in my family leaves so Sunday night was spent in the bath, Stanley Hudson style.

All in all, a wonderful, baby-tastic weekend.


And before you go mis-pronoucin’, it’s CHAMONIX – as in shaw-mah-nee. Ever heard of it? It’s in France.


OH how I miss the Nard Dog…

Anyways, back to the vacay.

If you haven’t figured it out already, I married a mountain-man. A crazy, oxygen-filled, iron-lunged, skiing, ice-climbing, beer-drinking sonofagun. And ever since this Heeman was a wee-man (baahaa) he has wanted to ski in Chamonix. And being the kind of gal who will NEVER turn down a trip to France ever, I obliged and went along.

Our flight over could not have been more perfect, save for flying first-class international in one of those mini-suites where they do everything except birth you a child. We left around 2 pm out of the ol’PDX, carpet and all, and 1o hours later arrived in Amsterdam. We jumped on another hour-ish flight to Geneva and were picking up our rental car in no time!


The Renault was a nice lil ride and the drive to our hotel in Vallorcine (about 20 miles outside of Chamonix) was wonderful, until we realized we had missed our exit…

Many of the roads in France are on tolls which is FINE when you have a credit card that works or euro. We had neither. And after we flipped a B to head back to where we had missed the turn, we immediately hit a toll booth. Assured by the rental car company that our Visa would be fine, we were very surprised to learn that we had no viable currency to pay with. Yippeee!

“Autre card!!?” (Other card!?) yelled the middle-aged French women through the crackly speaker.

“No autre card!!” we retorted (for the 10th time I might add).

After 10 minutes of explaining we DID NOT have euro OR another card, she had us hold up our Passports to the closed-circuit cameras so she could write down our home address and bill us. Whatevs, madame.

After spouting off over 20 cuss words we were on our way and headed in the right direction!

Upon arriving in Chamonix we immediately found a petit cafe (get used to me using French where I can here, folks) and ordered a cheesy, delicious hot sandwich with pomme frites!


We pinched our little selves and just couldn’t believe we were there. Colossal mountains just spewed out of the ground, and¬†felt like they were just feet away. Somber French couples, sporting his and her messy buns, being chic and chain-smoking while probs laughing at my clothes from the Gap.


We stayed at the Residence and Spa Vallorcine, which was quaint and perfect. Our room was a decent size, with a little sitting area, dining table and kitchenette. The bedroom was small and the bed was even smaller. I kindof felt like Shaq sleeping in that tiny European bed.





The only thing that would have made the room perfect would have been carpet. You guys KNOW I love me some carpet, especially in cold environments such as Chamonix. The cold tile flooring did not help the fact that the heaters in France are just NOT up to snuff. I need that central heat, yo.

The first night we threw on our ski sweaters and I debated making Bryan call me Bunny (or Muffy) all night. I would call him Carl…as in,”Oh¬†Carl, we just have to order¬†the brie!”



We went to the cutest little restaurant in Vallorcine (one of like, three restaurants) and ordered fondue, a goat cheese salad and wine, obvi.


 The next few days went something like this:

Wake up around 7, consume croissants and/or pain du chocolate.



Gear up


Go skiing




Ski more



Annnndd ski some more



Stop for café au lait


Make some videos

Have lunch



A bit more skiing








Our late afternoons and evenings were spent in a variety of ways. A couple of days, it was shopping around Chamonix, buying macarons and stopping for wine and crepes.






If you can believe it, my favorite crepe turned out to be plain ol’ sugar. Something about the crunch I think. Another funny thing that happened in Cham, was that I got a bit of altitude sickness. Nothing crazy – just a bit of dizziness paired with a loss of appetite. You can imagine how great is was to lose my appetite while in FRANCE! No – actually it sucked. And when it finally came back I was hungry AF.


One day, we took the tram up to the Aguille du Midi which takes you to about 13,000 feet, which makes it the highest cable car in Europe. It is interesting how I never learn my lesson, agreeing to do these things. The St.Louis arch = meltdown. Top of the Space Needle = no thanks. Yet somehow I let Bryan whisk me up in a shaky tram and walk along a staircase clinging to the side of a precipitous cliff. Oh, and did I mention the steel staircase was see-through? I would have snapped a pic had it not been for the mounting terror surging through my body.

Dinners out occurred daily and the fare ranged from elegant French cuisine to the nachos I ordered on our last night, made with DORITOS. God bless those clever little Frenchies.

I was left on my own a few times and Of COURSE y’all know I frequented the French Pharmacies I was so excited about. I spent a good hour in one, picking up product after product and trying unsuccessfully to read ingredient lists. I did ended up with a few GEMS so stay tuned for a WHOLE post on that, mon cheres!


I also did a fair amount of pretending to be a cool photographer, taking pics that were all arty and deep. Really, my point-and-shoot and I just kinda mozied around, taking sub-par pics.








It’s meeeeeeeee


So there you have it, our super -relaxing ski vacay in the French Alps…I think it’s time to go back to Hawaii :).

Your Basic Christmas List

It’ just about that time of year again!

And here at the Nash household, we do things right. I’ve got my Justin Bieber Christmas CD, new Martha Stewart red and white throw, and Frozen DVD waiting patiently for that most wonderful time of the year. The only thing this basic white girl needs now is a Christmas (and b-day) list fit for a queen! And probs a Chestnut Praline Latte.

So here it is! Behold a Christmas list brimming with frivolous goods and wares any gal might like. We’ve covered the main Christmas list “food groups” if you will,¬†for all the pyramiders¬†as well: B&B (bath and body), clothing, shoes, jewelry and OBVS meekup. What didn’t make the list were those strange personal quirky things, which are essential to any well-rounded Christmas list. For me, these items would include a Hobbit day planner, Hall Pass the movie (a classic), a PUPPY (pleeeease Bry!) or a large wedge of Cougar Gold cheese.

I think you get the idea :).

2014 Christmas List