Wedding Planning Weekend

Hello! And greetings to you all.

photo (4)


Last weekend, Bry and I decided it was high time to do the things we  haven’t had time to do because of the Seahawks we are so busy. As a result, his and hers trips were planned respectively. Bry scampered off into the Cascades with Jeremy to climb Rainier. And then they decided to ski down that sh*t because, yeah. They crazy.


And since our wedding is 158 days away (according to my handy-dandy wedding countdown clock) and all I’ve done is book the GD venue, I thought it wise to head east and procure the remaining 3823,234,32 items I need before The Big Day.

I arrived home in Kennewick late on Friday evening after a dry, but foggy drive over and hit the hay almost immediately. The next morning we got to work Googling polyester tablecloths to our hearts delight and calling rental companies 7 times because we kept thinking of more questions.

Unfortunately, my wedding venue is totally bare bones. Basically, I fork over a big ol’ fee and they unlock the doors and PTFO. So everything from napkins and tablecloths to wine glasses, tables and chairs is on me. I have to find someone to run the show on my end and get this: right now they don’t even have a wedding coordinator. Which means, every time I have a question I have to talk to some dude in the tasting room who doesn’t know what a peony is.

Before this weekend, I was SERIOUSLY considering eloping at the Bellagio and sending out “Oopsie we did it (and no we’re not pregnant)” cards. Everything was just a mess.

Thank God for Nan, sister Megan and sister Ray-Ray.

Immediately we talked to our caterer,who helped determine what we needed in terms of tableware. And thanks to my sister getting married last summer, she and my Mom knew what to do for tablecloths and napkins; not to mention we already own a treasure trove of lanterns, chargers, vases, birdcages and tealights.

We found some nice-looking fake flowering trees at T.J Maxx for $39.99 a piece that can sit at the ceremony site (such a maxxinsta right now). I also made the judgement call that it is PERFECTLY fine with me if we mix real and fake flowers for arrangements to save some cashola.

photo (3)


And only in the good ol’ TC will you find exotic wedding paraphernalia such as these bedazzled cowboy champagne flutes:

photo (2)

Then we went to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn Fabrics and bought a few fake sprigs and bud vases.

photo (1)

The Kennewick JoAnn Fabrics. Just, yes.

When we got home, we threw a bunch of randomness on top of a cute white charger and added some tall mercury-glass candle holders from Megan’s decoration stash – and what do you know?! We found ourselves a right-fine tablescape! Hopefully it is Sandra Lee-worthy.


Oh m’lord

So now, it’s just a matter of procuring the necessary components and the decorating portion of this shin-dig will be DONE. Praise Jesus.

On Sunday, I got up and drove back west. When I got home, I treated myself to a Lush-errific bath, vodka sodas and several million YouTube makeup videos.


All in all – a successful weekend.


7 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Weekend

  1. Debra G Smith says:

    By some miracle of a chance do you still have the “western wedding toasting glasses with the hats and horseshoe’s? If so would you be interested in selling them


  2. Carey says:

    Natalie. I have a large number (don’t really remember how many exactly, but around 15-20) of ivory table cloths for 8-10 top, round tables. I bought them for my wedding because they were cheaper than renting (!?!?) and I figured I would sell them afterward. That obviously didn’t happen so they are stashed in my basement. A quick refresh and an iron and they will be good as new! Let me know if you want to use them! Also available from my wedding: globe string lights, more bird cages.


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