Are extensions trashy? 

I used to think so.

In my brain, certain connotations attach themselves to gals sporting extensions. Face-slapping silicone boobies, acrylic nails and probably a guest appearance on The Bad Girls Club. If you have ever seen someone with bad extensions and a high pony, surely you can understand my point.


Oh Brit.

But then. Then I see a picture like this:


or this

f23e9f5d67ad7b65ad7c1c4e19125feaor thisd72e8169621f4d090405c0ea75ba980c

I am not saying the women in these pictures are wearing extensions, but these days – I would not be surprised. You can’t swing a cat in Hollywood without knocking the extensions off every day-time TV queen, DWTS D-lister or Bachelorette hopeful. Apparently our own hair is no longer good enough.

So I look at these pictures and then I look in the mirror. SHAME. Despite my relentless attempts to achieve that certain un-done Serena van der Woodsen perfection, I am nowhere near close. Not even Jenny Humphrey close.


Serena wins

On a day-to-day basis, I could care less if my hair looks anything beyond mediocre. But on my wedding day? Yeah, I am aiming for editorial. Cover-worthy. Pinnable, Real Housewife worthy locks.

So all the sudden extensions aren’t looking so trashy anymore.

Immediately I can rule out the kind that fuse, bond or track into the hair. Too much of a commitment. So then I am left with the popular clip-in extension option, friends to many YouTubers and Beauty Bloggers alike.

BUT. Can I do it? Do I resign to the fact that I am willing to PAY to clip someone else’s hair to my own? Well I did it to my Christmas tree so…

Opinions are welcomed.


11 thoughts on “Extensions

  1. kanaluvvsu says:

    If you do happen to try extensions, get clip ins because they are less damaging than the other types! Also of a lot of research and look at reviews, like anything else online you need to be careful when buying it. I would suggest looking at tutorials as well, just to see different ways people out them in and you can try to figure out the best ways to put them on yourself in the process (:


  2. Jerica Rae says:

    Hi! I have clip in extensions mine are from foxylocksextensions.com , you can watch reviews on YT that’s what I did when I was debating on whether or not to get them. Now I have them and I am in LOVE with them. The ship from the UK, but shipping is actually pretty quickly to the US. They also have three different size sets which is nice, and the clips are the main difference compared to other extensions (you’ll see everyone talk about that if you watch reviews.) I am much more confident with my extensions too! Hope this helps you out a bit if you’re still considering 🙂


  3. Nacole Hanson says:

    My friend has the clip in kind that she puts in when she feels like it. It’s a fairly easy process and looks amazing. She does it for a Saturday night out, or for speical occasions like at my wedding. She was my blond matron of honor if you want to check it out in my wedding photos on facebook. Nacole


      • Nacole Hanson says:

        She ordered it online, they are Jessica Simpson brand. She went online with her hair stylist and she helped her choose the correct color…they had to guess a little on it. She said you might be able to order a couple different ones and send the ones back that don’t work, but she isn’t sure. Hope that helps!


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