Amy and Shannon’s Wedding


I don’t cry at weddings.

Don’t get me wrong, their beautiful and sh*t, but there kinda a dime a dozen. Thousands and thousands of dollars spent to accomplish something that could be completely free. But last weekend, I cried. I mean, it wasn’t like I turned on the waterworks, but yeah, a couple glistening tears graced my cheeks. And I wasn’t even the least bit embarr because EVERYONE was crying.

So much love you guys.

The weekend started out with (count it) my FOURTH road trip in a row. I arrived at my parents house on Friday night, promptly grabbed chinese food with Gare and then popped over to Megan’s to bounce Chloe around the living room #babylove.



The next morning, I slept participated awesomely in deep conversations all the way to Spokane with Megan and Ben. We arrived at Nyne (the venue) at 11 am and rehearsed. Then, Shannon’s parents treated us all to the best lunch anyone could ever ask for:




The Johnsons. Bein’ Johnsons.

We gave Amy and Shannon a couple little gifts to get ready in and we had Amy’s man-robe embroidered!


The rest of the day was spent eating sour watermelons, checking into all our respective hotels and drinking wine out of shot glasses at my aunt and uncle’s hotel room.

The next morning we returned to Nyne and decorated. And decorated. And decorated some more. My Dad, Rachel and I were in charge of this big lighted backdrop that my mom had dreamed up. It took some finagling, but we got it!image




Megan, Rachel, Emily, Amy and I then went over to Megan’s hotel room at the Davenport Tower to get ready. Amy and Shan got us the sweetest little gifts ever and we all wore them for the wedding.


I of course did my own makeup and hair and then Rachel threw a braid on the side.



After everyone was lookin’ as good as they possibly could, we headed over to the Davenport to get some pics.





And then – it was time for the ceremony! We all lined up and filed out like good lil bridesmaids do.

Amy and Shannon said their own vows and I was just in awe of how poignant and beautiful they both were, even though Amy’s did mention “peeing the bed”. Baahahaha she’s a Danielson alright!

The reception was awesome and the food was delish. I had 3-4 petit fours and my dress started to get very very tight.




The night ended at the Peacock Room (my fave!), with key lime pie martinis, cougar gold dip and a tour of the hotel led by yours truly. Amy and Shannon even stopped by for a night cap before heading up to their room. It was LITerally, the perfect way to end the night.


I LOVE these ladies

The next day we tore down and I drove back to Kennewick with my Dad in his noisy pick up. Then I took a 15-min nap and made the drive back to Portland. One entire bag of Booty may or may not have been consumed.

I am excited to take a break from all this driving but it was definitely worth the effort :).

Amy’s Bachelorette Party

At the ripe ol’ age of 31 you might think my bachelorette party days are over, but this summer has proven two things:

  1. My bachelorette party days are definitely NOT over (you might say, they have only just begun)
  2. It is ALWAYS funny to ask people if you can try on something they are wearing <- unrelated

Anyweeez – last weekend I drove the 6 hours to Spokane to party it up with the ‘bians for Amy and Shannon’s joint bachelorette. My dear sisters Megan and Rachel arrived with Nan in tow at the Oxford Suites on the Spokane river with enough time to procure the LARGEST pours of sh*tty wine and snap a few pics.




Then, we headed up to the room to decorate and try our hardest not to prematurely stick our faces in the cake.






The gals started to arrive and dranks were drunk. My auntie got Amy this awesome shirt!





Then, we headed out to Nyne (which also happens to be the venue for the wedding).




How GORGEOUS are these two? NOT FAIR


My cuz DJ C-Mad was spinning the hits and Rachel and I just wanted to dance to Drake. Haha. After a bit, we headed over to the other gay bar in Spokane, Irvs.




And thennnnn the DJ at Irvs had Amy and Shannon sit down on the stage while people danced up on em. It was gross. And sweet. And slightly sweaty. After that, they were instructed to stand in the middle of the dance floor and everyone who loved them was told to encircle them. Macklemore’s Same Love started playing as this big ol’ gay group hug just got larger and larger.

Of course I lost it. I just started crying. SUCH a sap you guys I’m sorry! But I couldn’t help it. Amy just means the absolute world to me and the fact that the LGBT community has had to deal with ANY kind of sh*t over the years LITerally makes me wanna vom. Like come on people. But anyways – it was awesome and Rachel got part of it on vid…(sorry the camera gets flipped the wrong way JUST DEAL K?)

Our Wedding: My Dress

I am so excited to finally be able to show you guys the dress contenders. Choosing my dress was pretty easy after I narrowed down my criteria, which was:

  • To look like a Ballerina

Hahahaaa. But really, I knew I wanted to look hyper feminine, timeless and as much like a ballerina as possible. Not like the polished, face-lifting bun type, but like the beautifully undone, I-just-stepped-off-stage ballerina. After looking online, I noted a few styles from various designers that were MUST-TRY’s. It seemed I was utterly smitten by many of the dresses by Watters, so I sought out the shops that carried the brand.

Here are some of the ones that made the final cut.

Sorry about not remembering all the details of each of these. Detail-oriented, I am not.

This one came from a little shop in Bellevue, La Belle Reve. All I recall was that it was a style called “Megan”. In hindsight…I kinda wish I would have went with this dress. It was simple, really comfortable and the dress I chose was a TORTURE CHAMBER. Plus it was a good boob-dress.


I allllmost chose this dress because I felt like a southern belle AND a ballerina, which to me, is the most perfect creature imaginable.


One closed-mouth smile was needed

It was SUPER poof and the bodice was LIFE-CHANGING but I think it was like 18-hundo. Kinda spendy. This dress was in Seattle at a shop called La Belle Elaine’s.


This one was my and Bryan’s mom’s favorite, also at La Belle Elaine’s. The top was absolutely adorable, with a floral-lace overlay. I loved it too, but felt that it accentuated my linebacker shoulders.

And lastly, here is MY dress, found at I Do Bridal in Seattle. It is by Justin Alexander, style 8670.

In the first photos, I am wearing the sample from the store. You will see how much more POOF was involved in the finished dress.



Below are some shots from our wedding day.

Overall, I loved my dress. We added tiny rolled satin straps to it because 1.) I do not like strapless dresses on me and 2.) they added to the ballerina-factor. It definitely could have fit me better and was probably better suited for a big-chested gal, but the gals who helped me failed to point out that fact. My advice to any bride would be to choose a dress that speaks to your style and aesthetic, but that also suits your body. My sister had a similar experience when she realized after the fact, that her dress was probably better suited for a taller broad. Whatevs, we choose was we like.

Profesh photos courtesy of Allie Hannah Photography.

Mother Nancy sewed the straps on after the dress was on me


Soooo classy with the purple solo cup

Which one do YOU like best?

ALSO, would anyone like to see a bridal makeup post? I did my own makeup and would be happy to share!!

We’re BaaACK!

Did ya miss me!?


The weddin’ day! Called for this face.

I certainly missed all the dozens of you. Things have just been flat-out strange since our return not 48 hours ago. As evidenced here, I have:

  1. Eaten 6-10 GIANT bowls of cereal with delicious almond milk – a meal I have been missing very badly these past couple’a weeks.
  2. Had just HORRIFIC jet-lag and slept until 3:21 PM today, mind you – we went to bed at 8 PM last night.
  3. Realized I do not want to see another dish consisting of chicken and rice for a long, long time.
  4. Been irrationally scared there might be a lizard stowaway in my suitcase.
  5. Transferred all our h-moon pics to my laptop and realized I was shiny in EVERY GD one. Aw poop!

But first things first, the wedding:

Cliché as it sounds, it went by just SO fast. Logistically, everything went swimmingly – the caterers made food which people ate, alcoholic bevs were consumed, music pulsed, etc, etc. SO glad I didn’t allow myself to become fixated on any small details – in fact, I take pride in the fact. Devoid of such Pinterest-inspired frivolities, I quickly realized something I had not before considered – NOBODY GIVES A SH*T. Feed em’, water ’em. Show ’em a little romance and badda-bing-badda-boom. You’ve got yerself a right fine little wedding. SHUCKS!

For the remainder of this week (which I have been sleeping away so far) will be spent chronicling our h-moon adventures in  Bali.


Plenty more where THIS comes from. heh

And then, you guessed it! I will of course be writing about THE BIG DAY down to every bud vase, glass of Veuve and twist of the curling iron.


closed-mouth smile for the win

So stay tuned little fishies, stay tuned!


Great Expectations

As I sit here at my kitchen table strewn with lists, RSVP cards, seating charts and yes, even our wedding bands, I can’t help but analyze it all. A week away from “the big day” and what does it all really mean? Never an over-thinker, I am a bit surprised at my brain’s way of processing all that has happened over the past few months.

A big move, unemployment, wedding showers with gifts, friends and family. Mixed feelings about choices we’ve made, from my wedding dress to our honeymoon destination. It all piles up in my brain and I am left overwhelmed, with greasy hair and still in my pajamas at 2 o’clock. I sit questioning myself, for it has been me and me alone who has made these decisions.

It was my sister (and best friend) Rachel who reminded me the other day to snap out of my state of worry. “You’re marrying Bryan,” she said. “‘That’s all that matters.”


And so. It is with great joy and a brand new HELLS-YES attitude with which I forge into the next 9 or so days. So what, if half the people we invited said NO? Who cares if my boobs don’t quite fill out my dress? Who have I ever been to really care what others think?

I love my friends. I love my family. I want them to feel welcomed and loved. In fact, I want love to permeate the evening . A lovely affair, filled with food, wine, dancing and hopefully Toto’s “Africa”. A night where my Dad turns me around the dance floor and my Mom does “the shopping cart” with pride. Where someone jumps in the pool. And someone’s crying (because there is ALWAYS someone crying at these things, you know).

I have done great thus far at keeping my eyes on the prize and NOT getting caught up in stupid details so many brides might lose their sh*t over. But sometimes, I falter. Something creeps in and festers away in my mind until I am left a perpetual ball of nerves. It is people like Rachel, like Holly, like my Mom and Bry’s Mom and my sisters to keep my head outta the gutter and right where it should be. Firmly planted atop my shoulders, looking straight ahead at a life I am fortunate to have and a man who is silly enough to love me.

And that, my friends is what it’s all about.

Well, and candy. It’s also about candy.

My Bachelorette Party and Wedding Shower

Ok first of all.


Being the 30-year-old bachelorette that I am, meant my party was devoid of, shall I say, the trashy traditional ‘murican customs. Exhibit A: Nobody got alcohol poisoning OR puked. Exhibit B: We were all dressed on-trend, classy and all that fugly bachelorette party sh*t (i.e hot pink sashes, lifesavers tee shirts OR anything of a phallic nature) was NON existent.

And while nobody got arrested or went home with a bearded man named Buzz, us mature ladies GOT DOWN. In a cool, swanky, our-feet-hurt-and-we’re-kinda-tired way.

I arrived in Seattle on Friday night just in time to check in the hotel and grab pizza and wine at Pagliacci’s with Nan and sister Megan. We downed our food and promptly passed out at 10:30 PM after watching 15 minutes of Valentines Day on TV (such a stupid movie, if you ask me).


Kicking off the weekend

The next day we awoke and after our ritual Starbucks, twas off to Bell Square for some shopping. My poor little Nan has three separate (yet, possibly related) foot/ankle injuries. A bone spur, a painful Morton’s Neuroma (look it up) and an ankle pain which has not yet been diagnosed. After watching her hobble around that morning, it was clear that girlfriend wasn’t going to be able to traipse about the mall, trying to keep up with the likes of Megan in hot pursuit of a J.Crew sale.

So, we went to customer service and procured ourselves a right fine WHEELCHAIR. Nan felt like the biggest fuddy-duddy ever in existence, but Meg and I insisted she sit her butt down and accept the ride.


I pushed her about the mall, stopping to look at danskos and nearly jamming her feet into the back of the elevator, which, because it was glass, everyone saw. HEY! I was a first-timer!

Megan found some treasures at Anthropologie and J.Crew – then it was off to nowhere’s ville USA for my dress fitting. We picked up my sis Rachel and Megan bought me that caramel crunch Frappuccino at the Bux I had been dying to try!



We arrived one hour later at the dress alterations place and wandered around picking out the best and worst of the bunch.




My fitting went great and the dress fits like a glove. Now if only I could grow 3-4 cup sizes between now and July 5th, that’d be great.

After my fitting we went to Red Robin because, of course we did. We had fries and salads and felt healthy, yet indulgent. Rach then led me to the bar where we ordered Kamikazes and the old man next to us thought that was pretty darn funny. Oh, day drinking.





Sissy purses!

After lunch we made a stop at Nordstrom Rack where I very nearly dropped $140 on a discounted pair of Tory Burch pumps that were srsly made for me. But I was a good girl and remembered the fact that, oh yeah, I’m unemployed :).


We battled traffic back to Bellevue and finally arrived at our hotel around 5:30. Holly, Carey and Jaclyn arrived shortly thereafter and of course the shenanigans sky-rocketed. We sipped drinks of mojito, cosmo, champagne and yes, just straight vodka as we got ready and danced around the hotel room listening to hits of the early 2000’s and smearing makeup all over our mugs.

I opened some prezies and got some seriously beautiful lingerie in addition to silver butterfly pasties c/o Mizz Johnson. I can always count on Rachel to bring da funk.


We slipped into our outfits and quickly realized we were all in black and white because we are SO darn classy.


Then it was off to Palamino to meet up with Bryan’s mom and have a little din-din before hitting the town. Dinner was a BLAST. I consumed an entire pizza, 1 vodka gimlet and 2 vodka sodies.






After dinner, we decided to head over to the Parlor, per a recommendation from our server.


Immediately we found a large booth we could all sink into and order up some white gummy bear shots. If you have not tried this, just do it. I don’t care if you are 47 with 8 kids and two Pomeranians – go out and get yerself one a’these. SO GOOD.

Then we met a tabe of random men-folk and they tried to get us to take these 4 drinks off their hands which the bartender had mistakenly made them. They were fireball + pineapple juice. DRY-HEAVE. God bless Rach though, she took a small sip and proclaimed, “Tastes like apple sauce!”.


We danced. We shouted. Laughed and made random friends in the bathroom. We also went to the Lucky Strike where we danced on the stages and they blast icy air in your face, which really, is genius. I asked a tabe of young gentlemen how old they thought I was and the consensus was 22. 22!?



I love that Holly’s just throwing rap fingers



Clearly Megan loved the shots of Patron

THEY MADE MY NIGHT. And I told them so.

2:00 came and went. Rachel fell in some bushes and we stumbled back. Meg and I unsuccessfully ordered a pizza and I chomped down on a half-eaten Clif bar in my purse before 3 glasses of water and bed.

The next day we all woke up a little worse for the wear, but nothing a huge breakfast, Gatorade and venti Starbucks couldn’t cure.

We headed into Redmond at 11 am for my second wedding shower at a friend of Bryan’s families house. Her house was GORGEOUS and the food was perfectly delectable. We had 2 kinds of quiche, muffins, fresh fruit and delicious peach fizzy drinks. I got to see so many of my great friends in Seattle and also meet some ladies who are very close to Bryan’s mom.


Adorable lawn shower decorations!

I opened all my gifts and was blown away at everyone’s generosity. Again, I felt totally undeserving and weird, as I did at my previous shower. I mean, all these people gathered around me, celebrating me, buying stuff for me. Really?! It’s all so fabulous and heart-warming.

The drive home was long and BRUTAL. I stopped for a redbull and it did absolutely nothing for my sagging eyelids. So, I did what your supposed to do in that situation. I pulled over and took a nap. At a gas station. Parked next to a bunch of other cars who saw me sleeping prolly with my mouth wide open and snoring like a banshee. SAFTEY FIRST you guys!

I made it home safely to my man, who is also now done with taking the CFA III. We don’t get the results until early September, but at least his hours of studying each day are OVER and we can focus on being a normal couple again :).

All in all, a successful weekend full of love, vodka and edible bras.


The group!

It’s real.

Engagement Photo Prep

Happy Weekend BBs!

Tomorrow, (well today if you’re reading this on Sunday) we are taking our engagement pics. IknowIknow, it’s like 3 minutes before our wedding (really it’s 34 days) but SHUT UP, we’re just a little late mmmkay?

So today, while Bryan took 4,000 practice exams and calculated derivatives I got ourselves ready to put on our Sunday clothes. I chose two dresses a week ago at Express that I died over. I am wearing ONLY dresses in these pics because I am a classy broad. I am outfitting Mr. Nash is slacks, crisp oxfords, khakis and a casual button-down. Call me old-fashioned but there’s something about a couple posing sweetly in sandblasted, rhinestone encrusted denim in a park that makes me shutter. Hence, we shall opt for the route more tradish.

I also needed to procure a couple beauty aids to make me into an attractive human being.

1.) A new set a’falsies

These’ll do ya.


2.) Napoleon Perdis Boudior Mist Foundation…totally NOT a necessity but me and Christian (at the Portland Nordstrom) determined that yes, actually it is.




I am really anxious to give this baby a test-drive as I wore it all day and it performed like a champ. FLAWLESS coverage, like air-brushing, paraben free and it DOES NOT BUDGE. Boom-shakalaka!

This morning I painted my feet with Sally Hansons Ruby Sequin and my fingers with Mod About You and obvs slathered Out the Door topcoat for a high-shine, LOCK-IT-DOWN look.


Next I showered and applied my Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask (which STINGS btw, youch!). I rinsed that off and let two SKYN under eye skin-cooling pads do their thang for 15 minutes. After that, I self-tanned with the Tarte Maracuja Self Tanner and watched 1/2 an episode of Scandal naked while waiting for it to dry.


After that, I applied Moroccon Oil and Pureology 21 Benefits to my hair and wide-tooth combed it. Five minutes later, I went in with my Heat Tamer Spray and let that sink in before blowing my hair dry upside down.



Later tonight, I plan to brush through my extensions and get them prepped for curling tomorrow. After I iron our clothes and consume a couple BLLs I should be all set 🙂

Wish us luck! I’ll obviously be sharing the photos…duh.