Haul for Hawaii

Guess who got her hair did?

photo (2)



The before. Sad Clown.

And on to the haul!

DISCLAIMER: These items were all purchased for under $50.

“Typical” YouTuber hauls usually amount to hundreds of dollars (yes, I add things up in my head as they go) and a large amounts of nice things. But chy’all know me. A girl who is tickled by an armload of books “free” from the Library. A girl whose heart starts beating at the mention of “an additional 70% off the lowest-marked price”.

So, when I pulled out the ol’ suitcase to start packing for Hawaii and realized I HATED all my summer clothes/swimsuits – I determined I should get a couple things to spruce ‘er up. Here’s what I found:



14278940_121121050000I also got the bottoms in this style. I chose this because the top was $7.98 and the bottoms were $5.86. Oh, and because it is push-up. DUH.

14754590This one, I only got the bottoms in and they are SUPER comfortable. I plan to wear it with multiple colored tops.

14481153_130521160000Haha it totally looks like I am just posting underwear on the blog. Oh well. So, I am not crazy about cherries or red, BUT this has little ties with cherry print and I have a top at home with a cherry print, so the red cherry print wins.

The Gap

I am a Gap girl. Say what you will about it. The Gap has gone through it’s ups and downs. Once, our source for carpenter jeans, gray hoodies and Dream perfume back in the day . Winter seasons with just absolutely hideous sweaters. The Gap has been judged harshly through out the years and I have remained loyal. Designer jeans don’t hold a candle to my trusty pairs from the Gap. I love their scarves, socks, heck – I even love their underwear! So, it was no surprise to me that I walked in to the Gap on a recent lunch hour and left with three Hawaiian-ready items for aroung $30.

These shorts were $7.97 and are more neon-pink in real life.


These printed denim pups set me back $11.97. They fit SO good.

Lastly, I couldn’t leave without these rose-gold leather flip flops for $9,99 (they were the last pair). I mean. They’re rose gold.

336f926f6588975bc6ab83594837fd05On an un-related Haul for Hawaii note, I picked up this body mist from Victoria’s Secret because it’s one of my absolute favorites and I need it in my life.

They had a one day sale on all their fragrance sprays so I paid $10 for this sucker, they are normally $25. Just call me the discount diva! …Or not, because that makes me look like one of those crazies on Extreme Couponing.

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