What We Ate in Maui

I don’t know how food bloggers do it.

Re-living all these meals for this post had me salivating. Literally. I have swallowed like twice as much as usual #TWSS.

But anyways, here’s what we ate in Maui. I realize we went in October and that I don’t have pictures for every single meal. DEAL WITH IT.

Friday – Sansei Restaurant

We went here our first night in Maui for two reasons: the online reviews and it’s close proximity to our condo in Kapalua. Oh! And I wanted sushi the worst. We ended up eating here twice it was so good.

We had:

    • Edamame
    • California Roll
    • Spicy Tuna Roll
    • Spider Roll

Saturday: Cheeseburger in Paradise

This place is a Nash family tradition and one that Bryan and I upheld. We each got the classic “Cheeseburger in Paradise”, split a basket of fries and had mai tais. Hit the spot.



Sunday: Aloha Mixed Plate


We went here after I had read tons of good reviews online, praising it’s Hawaiian-style menu. The prices were cheap and the food, delicious. I ordered the Aloha Mixed Plate, which came with chicken, beef and fish with two scoops of white rice and macaroni salad. Bryan had fish tacos but definitely wished he had stuck to the original.

Monday: Merriman’s

Bryan wanted to try this place out since we were staying in Kapalua and we heard great things about the food. Well, to say we were impressed would be an understatement. After dining here, we decided to cancel our reservation at Mama’s Fish House since our desire for gourmet food, amazing service and beautiful surrounding had already been satisfied.

The amuse bouche:
We shared:

      • Warm Crusted Big Island Goat Cheese: Kula Strawberries, Maui Onions, Strawberry and Garden Mint Vinaigrette


      • Peter’s Original Caesar Salad: Triple N Farm Baby Romaine, Fried Green Tomato Crouton


    • Merriman’s Original Wok Charred Ahi: Curried Ninole Hearts of Palm, Black Forbidden Rice, Pohole Fern Salad, Wasabi Cilantro Vinaigrette

Tuesday: Leilani’s
I feel like Sydney Fife from I Love You, Man when I talk about the fish tacos at Leilani’s. They are on-another-planet good. It is planetary. You get me. We ate here twice because of the fish tacos. Once for dinner and then for lunch. Oh, and we also ordered a caesar for balance.

Wednesday: Breakfast at Pioneer Inn



Macadamia. Nut. Pancakes.

Wednesday: Mala Ocean Tavern

We dined here after a recommendation from Bryan’s mom and found it to be completely charming. Maybe a tad overpriced but perhaps we just ordered too much? Sitting on the deck was awesome and so were the fresh-made chips and pureed edemame they brought to the table.
For dinner we ordered:

    • Mark’s Hydroponic Caesar Waipoli Caesar Salad: Flax seed croutons, white anchovy and grated egg
    • Fresh Mahi Mahi Special
    • Ahi Tuna Sausage Flatbread with goat cheese

Thursday breakfast was none other than Krispy Kreme.


For dinner we went right on back to Sansei!
This time it was:

      • Edamame
      • Sansei’s Shrimp Dynamite: Crispy tempura shrimp tossed with creamy garlic masago aioli and drizzled with an unagi glaze
      • Bagel Roll
      • Panko Crusted Ahi Sashimi Sushi Roll: Sashimi grade Hawaiian ahi, arugula and spinach wrapped into a sushi roll, panko crusted, flash-fried and served with Sansei’s mild soy wasabi butter sauce
      • Takah Sushi Special Roll Named in Honor of Takah Sama, Aspen, Colorado: Shrimp, ahi, crab, avocado and cucumber, inside-out and crusted with masago

Friday: I’O

We went here on a recommendation from our server at Hula Grille and were SO glad we did. The food was totally amazing, as was the service and the view. Totes romantic.

We shared:

      • I’o Crab Cakes: Panko crusted crab and goat cheese cakes with roasted red bell peppers, garlic and a caramelized Maui onion and miso aioli with green papaya slaw


      • Waipoli Road Salad : Assorted O’o Farm greens & vegetables, fresh herbs, Olowalu tomatoes with Maui onions and feta cheese tossed in a citrus mustard vinaigrette


    • Rainbow Catch Mahi Mahi: Oven roasted fish with a lemongrass pesto & Olowalu tomatoes, goat cheese fondue sauce & white truffle oil accent over rice and dill cucumber salad

For dessert we went to Lappert’s for ice cream and slowly made the way back to the car by stopping under the banyan tree. I could do this every single day of my life.


Serious face.


It’s all ONE tree!

Photo Cred

Saturday: Everything bagel at the Coffee Store

Dinner at Sea House and Hula Grille
For our last night in Maui, we decided to watch the sunset from Napili bay, while sipping mai tais. We ordered coconut shrimp and it was delicious.

Happy Camper

Happy Camper

For dinner, we shared a burger at Hula Grille with our feet in the sand and listened to the ukulele man. It was the perfect ending to a perfect trip.


Travel Beauty Bag: Maui Edition

Greetings Lovelies!

Today I thought I would share the contents of my makeup and toiletries bag whilst in Maui. After a million and one trips of bringing a thousand mascaras and 763 eyeshadow palettes, I have learned m’lesson. Like Mowgli, I only need the bare necessities.

So here. They. Are.



  1. Covergirl Eyeshadow Trio in Shimmering Sands – Such a classic. Had it since high-school. The colors are pigmented and look gorgeous together.
  2. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer – My favorite go-to matte bronzer for contouring my face.
  3. Anastasia Eye Brow Pencil in Ash Blonde – Really want to upgrade to the Brow Wiz, but not until I use up this pup.
  4. Coola Tinted Sunscreen in SPF 20 – I really liked this organic sunscreen. In fact, this is the kind of sunblock they offered at the Spa.
  5. Covergirl Ink It Eyeliner in Black – Love this eyeliner. Stays put and is VERY black.
  6. Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette in Light – One of my all-time favorite concealers. I love the setting powder and the multitude of shades was nice to have.
  7. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation – LOVED this foundation for Hawaii. SPF 25. Oil-free. BRIGHTENING. Perf.
  8. MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle – Holy grail highlight.
  9. Benefit Cha Cha Tint – Sample from Ulta. Loved this on my cheeks and lips. Definitely used a chapstick with SPF though.
  10. MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural – Holy grail face powder. Beautiful, natural looking finish.
  11. Too Faced Lashgasm Mascara in Black – New-to-me mascara from Sephora. Just meh. Worked nicely but would not repurchase.
  12. MAC Pro-Long Wear Concealer in NW15 – Holy grail concealer. Does. Not. Crease.
  13. Origins Vitazing Moisturizer – Favorite moisturizer for the summer time. Subtle tint-release and really brightening.
  14. Essence Silky Touch Blush in Sweetheart – This blush really IS silky. I loved this really natural color on my skin.


Beauty Products

  1. Biotin – Gotta take my pretty pills.
  2. Kenra Volume Hairspray – Such a nostalgic smell for me. Reminds me of getting ready for homecoming in high school. And the formula is nice.
  3. Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl Bronzing Body Lotion – SUCH a beautiful and delicious smelling lotion. Absolutely obsessed.
  4. Moroccon Oil – Holy grail hair oil. Nothing else will do.
  5. Pssssst! Dry Shampoo – This is just meh. Not as good as Batiste.
  6. Dove Deo – Smells great, but not as good as this one.
  7. Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect Sunblock in SPF 20 – Obsessed with the smell. The shimmer is pretty but I wouldn’t re-purchase this formulation.
  8. Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray – Have YET to find a beach spray I’m in love with. This one is ok and added a little oomph to my already salty locks.
  9. Q-Tips – Duh.
  10. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion – No crazy smells and does the job.
  11. L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Lotion in Deep/Dark – My favorite drugstore self-tanner BY FAR. Just wish it didn’t have the sparkle because it is INTENSE.

Mkay that is all. What do you bring on vacation?

Maui Extravaganza

I’ve got two tickets to paradise! Pack your bags, we’re leaving the day-after-tomorrow!


Oh, Mr.Scott!

So, YEAH. We got back on Sunday and no part of me was ready for returning to this season of leaves, pumpkins and people dressing up as Miley Cyrus for Halloween.

Not to worry though. I have my wonderful sunburns mems to keep me warm! And really, I’m kidding. This girl did not get one, solitary sunburn. Save for a slighter beiger shade of, well, beige and a few freckles splashed across my nose – I remain your loyal, pasty-white internet friend.

I am scheming up a few different posts to break up what I fear could be a post longer than the script of Hoop Dreams, for your reading pleasure. Indeed, a grand synopsis will kick-off this whirling dervish of sand, sun and of course, rum.

We arrived in Maui on Friday. Our complimentary drinks at the United Club Room pre-flight made for an excellent way to pass the time during the 5.5 hour trip by (you guessed it) sleeping. Drinks at 9 am? YES.


The air in Hawaii is my favorite air. If the air they sold in that movie The Lorax was from Hawaii, I would be their #1 customer. The thick humidity may as well be 1,000 plumeria-scented baby fairies, kissing my entire body. Now, THERE’s a visual. But you get the idea, I LOVE it.

We fell into our usual (usual. ha. this was only my second visit) routine of hitting Costco to stock up on necessities booze for the 9 glorious days ahead. $175 later we had in our cart:

  • 2 kinds of chips
  • Salsa
  • Booty
  • Bread
  • Cheese
  • Pineapple
  • Bag o limes
  • Bag o lemons
  • Handle of vodka
  • Handle of tequila
  • 24 cans of Bud Light


We stayed at the Kapalua Villas on Maui. They was nice.

IMG_1553 IMG_1555 IMG_1556

The trip was full of discovery.

Like discovering the amazing beaches we were right next to.

Imacon Color Scanner KapaluaVillas_IronwoodsBeach

*Not my photos, obvi.

Or grosser things like the teeny tiny geckos that speckle the sidewalks and don’t move until your foot is literally 1 centimeter away from it.

Discovering the fact that you can’t leave even 1 solitary piece of booty on the counter or else ants will come.

I discovered that I love the show LOCKUP because seeing these people makes any problem you have just melt away.


I discovered that spending a day at the Kapalua Spa is what heaven must be like. READ: waterfall shower, sauna, steam room, unlimited towels, robes, spa slippers, high-end sunblock, and body care products. I almost brought zip-lock baggies and just pumped away at that free lotion.


Oh! And one other thing. All week, we kept noting the crazy amount of runners and cyclists around the hood. I know Maui is conducive to runners and other exercise enthusiasts, but the staggering numbers of all these fit beings led us to believe something fishy was going on.

Well, we were right.


The supposed islands of curvaceous, tanned hula girls was now inundated with the thin, muscular silhouettes of professional triathletes from all of the world. Men in teeny speedos yelling “Ciao!” with the confidence of Peter Jackson at an Elf Convention.

We were able to watch the beginning of the triathlon before we left on Sunday, which began with a 1-mile “rough water swim”. As the frail bodies emerged from the water, making their speedy transitions on to their pristine mountain bikes I looked down at the small stomach ponch that had formed just above the waistline of my shorts…and then I had another margarita 🙂

IMG_1613 IMG_1614 IMG_1615 IMG_1617

I also happened upon some re-discoveries.

Like the fact that my fiance is THE BEST bartender this side’the Mississippi.

DSCN4593 DSCN4676 DSCN4675




And the fact that I still enjoy dancing to Britney Spears solo after 2 margaritas.

DSCN4680 DSCN4682


That hammocks are simply great.


And so are lava flows.

20131023_172827_resized 20131023_172922_resized

I re-discovered how hard it is to completely remove sand from all crevasses of the body.

That IZ has a voice that could bring world peace.


I re-discovered why I love this beautiful, lush island. Oh, and wore this tank:


Aloha for now! And mahalo 🙂

Haul for Hawaii

Guess who got her hair did?

photo (2)



The before. Sad Clown.

And on to the haul!

DISCLAIMER: These items were all purchased for under $50.

“Typical” YouTuber hauls usually amount to hundreds of dollars (yes, I add things up in my head as they go) and a large amounts of nice things. But chy’all know me. A girl who is tickled by an armload of books “free” from the Library. A girl whose heart starts beating at the mention of “an additional 70% off the lowest-marked price”.

So, when I pulled out the ol’ suitcase to start packing for Hawaii and realized I HATED all my summer clothes/swimsuits – I determined I should get a couple things to spruce ‘er up. Here’s what I found:



14278940_121121050000I also got the bottoms in this style. I chose this because the top was $7.98 and the bottoms were $5.86. Oh, and because it is push-up. DUH.

14754590This one, I only got the bottoms in and they are SUPER comfortable. I plan to wear it with multiple colored tops.

14481153_130521160000Haha it totally looks like I am just posting underwear on the blog. Oh well. So, I am not crazy about cherries or red, BUT this has little ties with cherry print and I have a top at home with a cherry print, so the red cherry print wins.

The Gap

I am a Gap girl. Say what you will about it. The Gap has gone through it’s ups and downs. Once, our source for carpenter jeans, gray hoodies and Dream perfume back in the day . Winter seasons with just absolutely hideous sweaters. The Gap has been judged harshly through out the years and I have remained loyal. Designer jeans don’t hold a candle to my trusty pairs from the Gap. I love their scarves, socks, heck – I even love their underwear! So, it was no surprise to me that I walked in to the Gap on a recent lunch hour and left with three Hawaiian-ready items for aroung $30.

These shorts were $7.97 and are more neon-pink in real life.


These printed denim pups set me back $11.97. They fit SO good.

Lastly, I couldn’t leave without these rose-gold leather flip flops for $9,99 (they were the last pair). I mean. They’re rose gold.

336f926f6588975bc6ab83594837fd05On an un-related Haul for Hawaii note, I picked up this body mist from Victoria’s Secret because it’s one of my absolute favorites and I need it in my life.

They had a one day sale on all their fragrance sprays so I paid $10 for this sucker, they are normally $25. Just call me the discount diva! …Or not, because that makes me look like one of those crazies on Extreme Couponing.

photo (1)