Palm Desert Trip

Hey friends!

Bry and I are back from our amazing 8-day holiday in Palm Desert!


And YOU GUYS. I played tennis. Like, for real. And I only hit one ball into a cactus garden. I feel very successful. Maybe I should start tweeting the Williams girls or Anna K or someone!?

We left early mornin two Saturdays ago and made it into Palm Springs around 4:30 pm. After we picked up a SASSY rental car we headed to Ralph’s for groceries. Our room had a pretty nice-sized kitchenette so we filled our cart and headed for our hotel.

We pulled in at the Westin Desert Villas and after checking in we sat down to a great dinner at the hotel restaurant, Agave. The hotel continued to amaze us all week, with really friendly staff, beautiful pools and delicious food+drinks. YAY.


Lots of our trip was spent laying by the pool, playing tennis, grilling burgers and watching Below Deck on Bravo (SO good). I also brought along the Steve Jobs book, by Walter Issacson and devoured the whole thing in 7 days. What a guy. An a-hole, yes. But a genius, and now I want a Mac laptop…

Flank Steak!

Flank Steak!





Highlinghts from our trip include firstly, a jaunt up to the top of Palm Desert’s popular (rotating) aerial tram. We decided to do a 5-mile loop once we got to the top and I am happy to report that I actually went FASTER than Bryan. I was SO Legolas. Also, we passed a troop of Army guys on the trail in full gear so baaaasically I think that makes me a Marine. Green beret.

image (5)

image (3)



image (4)

After our hike we did what any Californian would do.

image - Copy (2)

image (1) - Copy

We also drove the hour or so over to Joshua Tree! Unfortunately my allergies decided to flare up HARD so I was a complete mess the whole time we were there. I could only manage a quick 2-mile hike but lemme tell ya – it was absolutely beautiful. It’s amazing in a way that words cannot describe. The trees and plant-life are very Dr. Suessy which was completely fascinating too. Josh Tree, two enthusiastic thumbs up!

image (4) - Copy

Feelin like crap

Feelin like crap

image (9) - Copy


20141015_123407_resizedimage (11) - Copy

After two days of wilderness adventure I decided it was high time I drag Bryan along for a taste of MY kindof fun. The OUTLET MALL. Palm Desert’s Desert Hills Outlets were the ticket. The place is absolutely enourmous and a bit palatial. Plus, it’s a designer outlet mall so it had the big boys. Prada, Alexander McQueen, Carolina Herrara, Gucci – I was dyyyyying. The most exciting (for me) shops were Nieman Marcus Last Call, Barney’s Outlet, Saks Off 5th, Tory Burch, J.Crew Outlet and of course The Cosmetics Company.

image (2) - Copy

image (3) - Copy

I ended up with a couple things from J.Crew and 1 Mac Mineralized blush from The Cosmetics Company. Bry was a sport and studied for an upcoming exam he has to take for work at Starbucks. But you guys, I could have spent ALL DAY at this place.

 image (10) - Copy

We had some delicious meals and ended up utilizing the BBQ at our hotel 3 nights too. I learned to swim underwater kindof and do a tennis serve. Bryan learned that sunblock should always go on the back of your neck and why the clearance rack at Barney’s Outlet is something to squeal over.

All in all, an educational and wonderful desert holiday!

The Oregon Coast

There’s something about a trip to the ocean that makes me feel classy.


For the majority of this summer, Bryan and I have sought out many a lake and river, heck – we’ve even splashed around in a few streams. But last weekend, when we randomly decided to check out the coastline of this new state we live in, it dawned on me: the ocean is a different story completely.

First of all, there’s the outfit: where old Wal Mart $7 string bikini tops and faded board shorts work for lakes and rivers, this attire certainly does not fly ocean-side. I found myself scrounging around in my bureau for anything reminiscent of Ralph Lauren.

Next there’s the culinary aspect. Our usual line-up of BLL’s, pb&j’s and Gushers just wouldn’t cut it. At the ocean, it’s all about cheese, crackers, wine and strawberries. Rich people food, you know.

I think you get the picture. CLEARLY, the ocean is where I belong. And while I would prefer The Hamptons or  Martha’s Vineyard, I suppose Cannon Beach will just have to do.







H-Moon Part 2: Lovina

G’day gents!

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

So. The last day in Seminyak I began to get a bit of a sore throat, but only mildly and in the AM. I thought nothing of it and just hoped it would go away. Well, it did not and cold symptoms began to progress.

The day we drove to Lovina was an uneventful one. I had gone through about 9829q8 Kleenex and now had to endure a 4-hour car ride through the INSANELY windy roads of Bali. We managed a quick stop off at another famous Balinese temple, called Ulun Danu which is situated on a lake. It’s breathtaking.



The gal on the left is FIERCE


Little Indonesian deer friend

Once we were up and over the mountain, we finally arrived at our destination, The Damai. To us, this felt like the real “Bali” experience. Unlike being in Seminyak (a city), The Damai offered a tranquil, lush, zen-like setting for the remaining 6 days of our honeymoon.


Entrance to our villa




Ocean views in the distance!

I was exhausted from the car ride and we were both famished so we immediately had his and hers lunches of club sandwiches and I hit the hay HARD until dinner time. I could have smacked myself for not bringing any cold medicenes. Y’all know I’m a self-confessed pill popper, so it would have been nice to have a little Sudafed, or at the very least some Nyquil. Luckily, I had some de-contestants which helped a little.

The next morning we made our way to breakie.



They grow their own herbs, a lot of produce and all the grass is hand cut



Breakfast was also included in the price we paid for the room and the spread was utterly fantastic.

To start, they brought coffee, juice and an array of local fruits. I was instantly repulsed at the banana (obvs) and that sliced open thing with gooey seeds in the middle? I couldn’t do it. Any of it.


But then. All of THIS came:


In addition to this smorgasbord was ALSO our full-sized entrees of food, my favorite being their pancakes…


Words cannot describe how much I loved these crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside discs of unadulterated buttery bliss. Our glutton-fests breakfasts each day EASILY tided us over through lunch and allowed me to look four months pregnant during our late-morning dips in the pool.

::cues Enya::




Before dinner that night, I drank an Asian Red Bull.


My face tho

At dinner, we ordered a bunch of seafood and my prawns still had their little exoskeletons and those gross little legs and also, they were spicy. It just wasn’t my night.




The next day, we decided to venture up to the “community” pool with the peasants. Hahaaaahhaaaaaaa. I put “community” in quotes because there are only like 15 villas in the whole place, so it’s not like it was a gross urine-infested cesspool like at Silverwood.



The next day we ventured into the little town of Lovina to watch the sunset.


Still not feeling 100%




Then we headed out for dinner.


Bry bein’ scurry


tee hee



i feel like I’m bushbaby in this pic

Bryan ordered some kind of curry and I decided on pizza after debating what would make me the least sick.



Tasted like a Totino’s party pizza with extra mozz on top


The next morning we woke up bright and early to go dolphin watching!


so pitty

so pitty


We ended up seeing a ton of dolphins but they are hard to photograph! Quick little buggers…


The only semi-useable dolphin shot

Then I tried to commandeer the boat and it didn’t work…


darn ‘ttractive

Later on, we changed and shopped around before we headed back to our room for a two-man pool party.



Tropical drinks!

Whilst pool-partying, I asked Bryan if he enjoyed the Kelly Kapowski swimsuit butt and he did not know what that was. The horror!! So. I had to demo.


Bryan had fully caught my cold at this point and the next day it rained 😦 so obvs we laid on the couch all day and watched movies. Btw, The Count of Monte Cristo is SUCH a good revenge flick. So satisfying to watch.

Our last days were spent laying low because of Bryan’s worsening cold.




Our very last full day, we decided to go to Spice Beach Club and spend the day lounging under the umbrella.




And since we had sooo much fun during the day, we came back at night to watch the sunset and have dinner.






When we got back to our room that night, we had a special gift from The Damai for our honeymoon!


The next day, Bryan was still really sick with a horrible cough and we had the following ahead of us:

  • 4 hour drive from Lovina to the airport
  • 5 hour flight to Taipei
  • 2 hour layover
  • 12 hour flight to Seattle
  • 2.5 hour drive to Portland

It was really joyous. The best part I’d say was the 12 hour flight for sure. Bryan woke himself up coughing every 20 minutes. We were directly across from the flight attendants little HQ and every meal was chicken + rice in a thick sauce By the time we got to Seattle, I was thoroughly thrown-off, hungry, and just haggard. We took turns driving and arrived around 10:30 PM.

I took a loooong, hot shower, used a ton of Lush, brushed my teeth with water FROM THE SINK and just soaked in all those comforts of home I had missed. By the time we fell into bed, it was near midnight and I gotta tell ya – climbing into bed that night had to be the most satisfying feeling EVER. You know the one. YOUR sheets, YOUR pillow. Before long, I drifted into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Traveling to foreign lands is tiresome. It’s expensive, uncomfortable at times and it is never “easy”. People keep asking us if it’s what we expected or if we wished we’d just gone to Hawaii. And while I LOVE me some Maui, I also think it is important (for me, at least) to push myself and experience these amazing cultures. All the head-colds, lizards and typhoid-infested drinking water couldn’t stop me from seeing everything there is to see and having a partner who feels the same way is the icing on the cake.

Until next time Bali. Until next time.

H-Moon Part 1: Seminyak


You would think that after a two-week stint in Indonesia I could greet y’all in the native language. But, no. I got nadda. In fact, on our layover in Taipei we both realized how little we knew about this big island we were about to inhabit. Ah. Well.

Thankfully in Taipei, we stumbled upon one of my favorite kitty-cats EVER on EARTH.




YOU KNOW I died.

And so. Armed with little knowledge of Bali, our plane touched down after a grueling 23 hours of solid travel to sticky-hot temps and absolutely bat-sh*t CRAY traffic. You see, in Bali there are no traffic regulations. Sure, there’s the odd stoplight. One would think the yellow and white lines on the asphalt should at the very least HINT to the illusion there is any kind of order – BUT NO. If driving on the left side wasn’t enough to kinda freak me out, surely the use of the horn was. Scooters whizzed by as bits of jungle and tiny shacks selling peanuts and Bintang quickly faded into a blur of people, buildings and noise.

Overwhelmed but excited, we checked in at our hotel in Seminyak, Le Jardin Villas. Upon arrival, we were given wonderfully fragrant leis and welcome drinks. Our breakfast came as part of our package so we made our selections for the following day and were escorted to our villa.



As per tradish, they washed our feet before entering… in a bowl with tons of flower petals. SO COOL. But also, I felt bad for the girl who had to touch my feet…



As soon as the tour of our villa was over and the door was shut – we both squealed with delight. Srsly, like little piggies. I mean, we were really THERE. In BALI. ‘Moonin it UP.





The first day or two were spent aboard the relaxi-taxi (name that show!) and I had my first run-in with a true Bali native:


Yes. I freaked out and started crying. Thank the baby Jesus I wasn’t ANYWHERE near this guy when I first spotted him in the bushes. After a few minutes, he decided to grace us with his presence atop our sundeck. Bryan was psyched and I was like “KILL IT, KILL IT!!!!” I was kidding though, I mean, he was just trying to catch a few rays I guess??


I named him Professor McGonickle


The third day we decided to head to our very first official temple for sunset. This particular one has been in the background of various movies and has probably graced the background of many screensavers as well.

I give you, Tanah Lot! The temple was originally built to worship Balinese sea gods and of course has heavy Hindu influence. It is literally IN the ocean during high-tide and provides one AMAZING backdrop for a killa sunset.









After our cultural experience for the day, ’twas time for dinner. And since we had heard rave reviews for Sarong, back in Seminyak, we decided to go there. The restaurant was beautiful, the ice consumable and all the people were white. Haha. Dinner was fantastic, too.





The next day we knew we wanted a little beach time, so we selected to visit one of Bali’s many beaches, Padang Padang. The entrance to the beach itself was CRAY. For a couple’a trees like Bryan and I, wriggling down the set of stairs which lay right up against a giant STONE WALL was intimidating, to say the least.


The beach was SWELTERING and it finally dawned on me that we were basically sitting on top of the mothereffing equator. Bryan took shelter under an umbrella and drank from coconuts (I think they taste like armpit sweat) while I slathered on the 70. Yes, apparently such staggering levels of SPF can be attained.



After a few hours of sun, we headed back to the hotel and quickly changed so we could do sunset drinks at another white-man’s haven Khu De Ta. Cocktails were ‘murican prices but oh well, it was swankers and the real estate was PERFECT to watch the sun sink into the horizon.





The following day Bry and I hired a driver/tour-guide for 10 hours, which cost all of about $55, so that we could check off a bunch of the “to-dos” we had left on our list. Our first stop was to watch the Barong & Rangda, a Balinese Hindu dance. I confess I know little about the Hindu religion, our driver, Iwan, tried explaining some of the ideologies to us, but mostly I was flummoxed. From what I gathered, Hinduism focuses on balance. In this particular dance, the Barong and Rangda symbolize good and evil. The costumes are considered very sacred as well as the dance itself.

Here we are all-American and sh*t.



Had to



Making the offerings

The dance was beautiful and even though the dialogues were in Balinese, it didn’t matter because the message was clear: There will always be an ongoing struggle inside each of us with good and evil…or at least I hope that’s what the point was. If not, I WANT MY MONEY BACK. hee hee jk.




One other cultural display I found interesting and a bit repulsive was a group of tourists who continued to walk around the arena and noisily snap pictures, during the show. At one point nearing the end, a woman rose from her seat to stand right IN FRONT of the stage and had her ENTIRE family take her pic as the actors were just feet away. The fervency in which this woman insisted on hundred of pictures OF HERSELF no less, truly baffled me. Have you no respect, woman!? GEEEEEZ.

After that, we stopped off at another Balinese temple and we had to wear SARONGS. Tres cool.



After that, we decided to head further into Ubud to try a Balinese delicacy: Luwak Coffee, or as I like to call it – “poop coffee”.


I had heard of “the most expensive coffee in the world” when I worked at Elevated Grounds and turns out, it comes from Bali. Essentially a little animal called a civet eats the coffee berry and then after it passes the fruit (I am being SO P.C right now) the coffee-makers collect it, clean it, roast it and serve it up to caffeine-crazed folks all over the world.

the civet

the civet


the poops







We tried an array of their other coffees and teas (not made with poop) and then of course ordered a $5 cup of the LEGIT stuff before leaving. End result: DELICIOUS! Smooth and perfectly balanced, the Luwak coffee captured both of our hearts…and taste-buds.




the good stuff

the good stuff

Once we arrived in Ubud I was positively TICKLED at the prospect of visiting Monkey Forest, a small bit of forest (jungle, really) inhabited by TINY BABY MONKEYS. Oh yes. Being a lover of any small mammal, I was simply in awe. Little monkeys, old and young, just roaming freely around a few acres of land, bein’ cute. You could buy mini bananas (MINI) and feed them but I sustained, as I didn’t want a  baby monkey bite.





I didn’t want to leave Monkey Forest. At all. I wanted one. I wanted one SO BAD. I mean ROSS had one!?

Then we headed into Ubud to go to the market. Our driver warned us that we MUST negotiate prices if we bought anything at the market…. so basically yer telling me it’s TIME TO HAGGLE B*ITCHES.

And haggle I did. I procured five or six random chochkies and spent the equivalent of about $17, so job well done by me!!

 The next day we left for the second half of our honey-mizzle – to Lovina in north Bali!

Stay tuned my precious gems!

Mini Portland Trip

That’s right!

Last weekend, we paid a little visit to the city we will soon call home.

And yeah, I WISH it was where Bry and I were going to retire, as the song on Portlandia playfully suggests. But no.

In fact, we ventured down to the state of Oregon last weekend so that Bryan and I could get a sneak peak of this brand new-to-us city and he could see his new digs at work.

We arrived in Portland around 8 am on Good Friday and quickly grabbed a coffee before Bryan had an 8:30 am meeting. Without even thinking about it, we sought out a Starbucks. SO funny you guys. I love me some local coffee shops but if you’re like us, Starbucks kinda feels like home. Anytime Bry and I are in a strange city, we always end up at Starbucks. To pee. To send a quick email. Maybe a chonga bagel, I don’t know.

After Bry gulped down a misto, he headed into the office while I (barely awake at this point) ho-hummed around the city, waiting for things to open. I stumbled upon an urban T.J Maxx and was elated when I discovered they were open at 8:30 in the mornin! The inside was pristine and all the staffers said hi to me. Like when do the people at T.J Maxx EVER say hi to you?

When I got back to the car, I realized we were totally out of gas so I pulled into a 76 and leaned over to the passenger seat to grab my credit card. When I turned back around there was a middle aged man standing right in front of my window.

OH YEAH. They pump your gas for you in Oregon. I rolled down my window and tried to share an “oops-Washingtonian over here” moment with the guy – but realized I wasn’t gettin’ an inch. So he and his deadpan proceeded to fill ‘er up without an iota of humor.


After that, I checked into our hotel and changed for a quick work out. Yes, I am working out regularly. These thighs aren’t going to gap themselves.

After working out and a quick shower, it was time for lunch with Bryan and his boss. We went to a really cool restaurant called Grüner where I acted like a regular asshat and spilled an entire glass of wine on my lap.

After lunch, I had 2 blissful hours of shopping sans Bryan. Surprisingly, I didn’t get anything exciting. I think it was the tax-free pressure (does this happen to anyone else?). After Bryan got off work, we walked over to the townhouse we are thinking of renting (pictured on the water, below):

The operative word here, is WALK. And oh, how excited we are!


Here’s a shot of the area

Our current his and hers commutes, upwards of 40 minutes each way, are gettin’ darn annoying. We are relishing the fact that it looks like we will be renting this townhouse and it is WALKING DISTANCE to the city.

You heard me right. I will be walking distance to Nordstrom Rack and the cool, urban T.J Maxx. Heart palpitations FO’ REAL.

After we saw the townhouse, we unknowingly started our own little “pub crawl”. We kicked it off at our hotel, The Heathman, sharing a cheese plate, wine and a cocktail. We then headed to Red Star Tavern and had bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers. I literally felt them jiggle down my gullet and rest softly on my thighs, they were that fattening.



After that, we decided to check out this restaurant and rooftop bar we heard about called Departure. It was kickin and I felt like I was redeeming myself from lunch because clearly, this is where the cool kids were hanging out.



photo (9)

We had an awesome dinner at Portland City Grill – appetizers, crab cakes, molten lava cake THE WORKS. We then shuffled back to the hotel in the brisk cold and fell asleep with our food babies.

The next morning we decided that we should probably go ahead and eat another large meal. So, we walked over to Mother’s Bistro (which is like, so adorbs) and had a belgian waffle and crunchy french toast <- brioche coated in batter and dipped in crushed corn flakes. It was stupid good and filling. We waddled (haha, waddled) back to the car and 3 hours later, were back home!

And if that wasn’t enough gluttony for one trip, we definitely made pizza that night for dinner.

So much for my thigh gap.

Up With Montana, Boys!

Down with the foe!


Yes, that is the University of Montana state fight song and last weekend as we rolled past the border into the big sky state, my mother began singing it. Not because anyone in our fam is a “Grizz”, but because Hamilton, Montana is the birthplace and home of my dear and recently deceased grandmother, Dorothy Davis. Last weekend, we made the trip to this beautiful state to bury her ashes and say our final goodbyes to this little lady who’s simple life I admire so very much.

Born in 1919 and popularly referred to as G-Dot, Dorothy lived to be the ripe ol’ age of 94. She was sassy. And spirited. She ruled the circle at seated kickball.

T-giving 09 023

Chloe loved her too!

Davis Girls - Copy

At the memorial, my aunt and mom read some of her beautiful writings and clever poetry. We reminisced her younger years, filled with golf, oil painting and plenty of Wonder Bread. We took a moment to remember all that she was – a devoted Christian woman, who may have had small-town views but NEVER judged. And all that she wasn’t – a gourmet chef or lover of spicy foods. She married my grandfather after only 3 months of dating, only to say goodbye to him 2 days after their wedding so he could fight in WW2.

She was a woman who had chronic acid indigestion, who hated losing at rummy and who I will miss each day of my life.

The memorial was perfect and seeing my great aunt Maxine was even better.

nat 053

DSCN0655 - Copy

But enough of the sad! On to the good! It is after-all, what G-Dot would have wanted.

In lieu of getting a hotel in the tiny town of Hamilton, we opted to rent a house via VRBO. We drove out into the sticks and after a few wrong turns, pulled into the driveway of the house (click here for the posting). The exterior looked pretty nondescript but after opening the front door it was clear we were in Montana. Knotty pine finishes enveloped walls laden with mounted fish, mallard art and cowboy paraphernalia. Chochkies rattled as I walked by every old-english polished surface. This place was a gem.

We immediately noticed the cool old barn outside and wisely headed out for a photo sesh and subsequent lols. Feast your eyeballs.







I can’t handle Meg’s face

The house was great, save for the fact that the 7,000 inch television required a PhD in technology to operate and the heat wouldn’t work the last day. Although, the heat not working may have been a blessing in disguise since it forced us to start a fire (with wood, you know) and pretend we were on Little House on the Prairie.

We found the world’s oldest K-Mart and contemplated buying matching thermal PJ’s for .99 cents. Oh, and this hat.


Other wonderful Montana discoveries:

Written in the bathroom stall of the $50,000 Silver Dollar Bar

Written in the bathroom stall of the $50,000 Silver Dollar Bar


Puka shells are always in style in the MT


It’s real

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and absolutely the best way to say goodbye to my wonderful Grandma Dot.

DSCN0669 - Copy

We will miss you.

Girls Weekend in Leavenworth

One of the best things about playing volleyball for the majority of my life has undoubtedly been the friends I have made.

Ladies who will be my lifelong buddies. My posse. My PICs, yo.



Three of those ladies, I got to meet up with last weekend – for a delightful 2 night stay in Leavenworth, the little Bavarian mountain town right smack dab in the middle of the state.

My pal Carey was kind enough to organize a short stay at the wonderful Sleeping Lady Resort, a small and completely charming little cluster of cabins nestled comfortably in the trees. Carey is SO good at these kinds of things. Nails it ‘err time.


From the website

I arrived on Friday night, after a two hour drive through the snow. Bryan drove me because he is nice and because I am the worst driver ever my driving skills need work.

We had dinner at Kingfisher restaurant and it felt SO great to be back with my girls. We had wine, great food(albeit, expensive) and ended up closing the place down.

173255_253989_1393264545671 173255_253989_1393264558419

Back in the room we sat around in the AMAZINGLY soft beds, sipping wine, eating chocolate and talking about issues such as full-bottomed underwear and the best wrinkle cremes. I realized, yeah – we’re definitely not 20 anymore. We are women. W-O-M-E-N. We have husbands (and fiances). We have children. And mortgages and our backs hurt.


Although so much has changed within the four of us, our friendships have remained the same. Conversations pick up right where they left off. We wish we could be at every birthday party, job promotion celebration, or major life event for one another. But we can’t. So we text and we call. And sometimes we don’t even do that. But we all know that no matter what happens, we’re still there.

OMG you guys this is sooooooooo sappy. Okay. On to the rest of the weekend before I puke.

The next morning I awoke to the musical stylings of Bekah, who will NEVER disappoint me with her half made up/half real songs and little jigs. What a gem, she is! Getting out the door is challenging with us, it’s like herding cats. Everything takes 1,000 more minutes than it should. In this case, it was totally my fault, but eyeliner application will do that to ya.




Nature’s fridge

We headed into the town for lunch at Munchen Haus for brats and a round of pints. The place was buzzing despite the low temps and so we quickly grabbed a table and clinked our steins.




IMG_2001 IMG_1999


After lunch, we wandered into a few stores. Our favorite by far was Paprika the”Sophisticated Hippie”.


Bek found a friend!

Then we were off to beer garden no. 2 – Leavenworth Sausage Garten. How much do you love that it’s Garten, not Garden?


So Normal



The local beer went down real nice and then we all bought chocolates. Oh lawd – SO bavarian.

Then we decided it was time to head back to the hotel to warm our buns in the hot tub. We rang for plastic cups, popped the champagne and headed down the path to the outdoor hot tub lookin DAMN SEXY.


Holly with the presentation


Check out them boots



The four of us alone in the hot tub with champagne- you can guess what went down. A FULL ON Kelly Kapowski style swimsuit competition, where each of us pulled the sides of our bottoms up past our hip bones and slooowly walked up the steps out of the hot tub. So. Hot.

After hot tubbing, we headed back to our room to change for our dinner at The Grotto. The interior was quite cozy, with a fully stocked bar and  a menu offering a modest selection of small plates, pizzas and calzones.



Little Pink Unicorn!?!? OMGGG

My calzone was decent. Nothing great. I may a bit biased however, because Bryan happens to make the best pizza ever and his dough is particularly scrumptious.


After dinner, we skipped dessert in lieu of wine and chocolate back in our little cabin. The highlight of the evening had to be Holly re-living her childhood dream of starring in the “Hold On”  music video by Wilson Philips. She acted out the whole thing, complete with serious/sad faces and it was AWESOME. After, we all huddled around Carey’s cell phone (the ONLY one of us who had reception) and watched the real music video, and I must say…Holly nailed it.


The next morning we woke up to falling snow and the sadness that our weekend was coming to a close. We group hugged for a solid 5 minutes (which isn’t weird to us, or anyone who has played volleyball, btw) and said our goodbyes. It was truly a weekend of love, deep conversation and large sausages.

It was sad, but in the paramount words of Wilson Phillips…

Hold on for one more day….