Mt. Bachelor/Bend, OR Weekend Trip

Yo yo yo!


To kick off the new year, Bry and I decided to plan a mini-holiday ski vacay to Mt. Bachelor and here are the highlights.

We left around 10 am on Saturday morning and immediately encountered heavy monsoon-ish rain. I always feel bad when we do a road trip with horrible weather. Bryan always drives, grimacing and white-knuckling at the wheel, while I sit comfortably in the passenger side, seat-heater on high, with my pillow + blanket and usually a Starbucks. This time around, I had my new iPhone 6 (I am sooooo cool you guys) and new tablet! Of course I am addicted to a new show, The Walking Dead… anyone else? So I have my little earbuds in, warm and entertained by zombies, while Bry gets us safely to our destination with only minimal complaints – what a guy!

We arrived in Bend and stopped for lunch at Deschutes which was packed. We ordered soft pretzels because, duh – and I actually ordered a beer! I felt like a true Oregonian, drinking my craft brew in distressed denim. All I was missing was a forearm tattoo and flannel.

After lunch, we wandered around the town of Bend, making a couple pit-stops at Patagonia (or Patagooch as Bry and I say), Savory Spice and a store for real cowgirls called Desperado where I found some GEMS.

Baby Patagonia

Baby Patagonia


$14K Swarovski Mirror

We checked into our room at Sunriver Lodge around 4 pm, cracked open a couple of beers, flipped on the fireplace and then headed out to the hot tub. That night we went to dinner at Zydeco and split the Swordfish with a side of truffle mac and cheese. It was incredibly delicious and the ambiance was great too.

The next day we woke up early and went to the little coffee shop in Sunriver Village, called Brewed Awakenings.




After that, we picked up some supplies for the upcoming Seahawks game and mentally prepared. And WHAT A GAME. I died. Then I came back from the dead. Then I died again. Too much Walking Dead perhaps? It was like nothing I’ve seen before.

First half

First half

Right after THE WIN

Right after THE WIN


After the game I started feeling sick and Bryan had been fighting a cold for over a week so…we did not ski the next day. We had all our gear and everything, but we simply opted out. It was sad, but Bryan is taking an avalanche training class this weekend so we wanted to make sure he would feel good enough to go to that (4 straight days on Mt.Hood in a yurt – ick).

Before heading out of town on Monday, we stopped at McKay’s Cottage for breakfast. It was super busy and for very good reason. During our 15 minute wait, we had complimentary coffee and coffee cake bites which were scrumptious. For breakfast, Bry ordered the Smith Rock Benny which was Applewood smoked bacon, fresh spinach, tomatoes & roasted red peppers with poached eggs on grilled focaccia topped with hollandaise sauce. I got pumpkin pancakes, which tasted MAJESTY.





The drive home was much less eventful and we got home in plenty of time for a couple loads of laundry and dinner. All in all, a wonderful weekend in the PacNW!


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