Hall of Fall

‘eyyy Cheeto puffs!

I hope everyone is enjoying this truly glorious season. For us Portlanders, it means the start of rain season. The start of what I like to call the Pac NW Uniform: jeans, rain boots (Hunter, most likely) and a black puffy coat of a reputable brand. So yeah, I’m actually kinda pissed about it but – que sera sera. I live here.

A couple weekends ago, my whole family gathered in lovely Spokane, WA for a visit to my alma-mater Whitworth University. I played volleyball there a decade ago a little while ago and was being honored for my contributions to the team! GO ME.

Here I am in the fieldhouse, with a picture of my thighs me hitting a ball in the background. We also watched the volleyball game and my HOW THE SPANDEX HAVE CHANGED.

In all seriousness though, it was a pretty special and important moment for me and I am still shocked that I was even considered.

Here I am with my former coaches from SFCC (not sure why I look SO incredibly pointy):

And here I am with some of my teammates and coach from Whitworth:

We also attended a Whitworth football game! A first for me.

All in all, pretty dang sah-sweet.

But then we all went to Manito Park and Amy and Shannon met us and my heart exploded with love for my family and of course, Tate was his usual adorable self.

Then we got a family pic taken from the worst angle EVER but whatever.

Before leaving, we sat Tate on a bench to see if he’d let us take his picture and it actually worked!

Happy fall good friends!


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