Helicopters and Halloween

What’s up mellowcreme pumpkins?

The pumpkins are indeed the best part of Brach’s Autumn Mix – who agrees!?

So this last weekend was pretty magical. Portland had 70 degree weather, David and I discovered we get the current season of AHS Cult on Hulu and I allllmost went for a run.


I took David over and under on a helicopter ride!

So pretty right?

But really, it was a pretty sweet little situation. We did have to share the helicopter with one other person (a man with B.O) but it was SO beautiful and worthy every penny.

That night, we went to a Halloween party with our pals Kelly and Connor.

We decided on high school stereotypes for our costumes. Me: goth. David: nerd. I proposed this idea because I’ve pretty much been bingeing on YouTube goth Black Friday .

My makeup took me nearly 2 hours. I had to use a whole face of the lightest concealer I had mixed with some crappy white cream makeup I got at the Halloween store. I wanted to cancel out my eyebrows but we didn’t have a glue stick so I just did my best with concealer and white eyeshadow. The other thing that took me forever was obvs the liner.

I absolutely LOVE doing this kind of thing though. I could spend all day making it perfect.

Once we got to the party – it was ON.

Also – these two captured my heart with these perfect Wizard of Oz costumes.

The next day was spent pumpkin patching and gettin’ ready for ACTUAL Halloween.


Then I glued E’s costume down for the 2389223 time.

And coated the shoes with a final layer of modpodge. Here they were pre-modpodge.

If you can’t tell from the pic, she wanted to be a cupcake this year. We followed this DIY to make her costume.

And lastly, here’s a couple pics of Tate and Nana. Who are my favorite people to Facetime.



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