Besties, Barges and Dutch Babies

Hey little cherry slurpees!

Here’s what’s happening in my neck’a the woods.

I went to a barge launching affair at the Zidell ship yards with David’s family. It was kindofabigdeal, as this is the last barge ever made and launched in Portland. Apparently barges are still a thing? I feel like it could be a topic in a Seinfeld episode…”Are barges still a thing?”

We came. We applauded. We wore barge hats. Totally barged it up. Barge style.

For Father’s Day, David, E and I went home to Kennewick to spend a little QT with Gare of course! And of course, we always look forward to seeing sweet baby Tate.

On Friday night my Dad had a gig at a winery so of course we went and got our dose of culture for the night.

The next day was filled with Mickey, Barbies and of course the splash pad by my parents house!

Look at his little skinny baby legs in that swim nappie. I LITERALLY DIE. I just clench my teeth together so hard when I see him.

Sunday morning was of course Father’s Day!

Here’s Gare performing a perfect Danielson point

We took him out to breakfast where I had my very first dutch baby!

Seriously SO good. I love these things. I might name my first-born after one.

This last weekend was also pretty great as my three best friends in all the world came to visit.

David likes his paparazzi shots.

We had a great time and actually made it out of the house once or twice! (it was 991242 degrees). WHY can’t these girls just live in my town? Or in my pocket? I love them so.


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