Stila Magnificent Metals in Diamond Dust

Hello flowerbombz!

I’ve come to realize as of late that I probably should just go ahead and own ALL of the Stila Magnificent Metals. I mean…they’re super glittery, stay put with the help of a glitter glue AND are just gorgeous. Either that, or I am just being extra and can’t get over the fact that glitter is apropos on the eyes for a hot minute.

I already have the shade Smoldering Satin, so I thought I’d pick up the next shade I’ve been dying to try…Diamond Dust!


Apologies for my weird hobbit feet in the background of this pic, but the twinkle. AH LAWD the twinkle!

I also swatched it inside to get another perspective for y’all because I care.

If you do not own one of these colors, RUN don’t walk to Ulta and pick one up. Each one is gorgeous, neutral and adds that little bit-o pizzazz on the ol’ eye real estate. I just ca’t say enough good things about these!

So what do YOU think? How many of you own one of these pups?


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