New Makeup Looks!

Hey gumballs!

Check out this amazing makeup look I threw on the other day:

The gems were a bit tricky but I am just THAT good ;).

But for realsies, I have been playin’ around at the ol’ makeup tabe as of late, probably due to it’s AMAZING new location right in front of our bedroom window (thanks D!). I’ve got all my products organized neatly now and I am just tickled that I can now see all m’sh*t right in front of me. It’s the best you guys – the absolute best.

(let me know if anyone would like a vanity tour!)

Anywee, let’s show you some “looks” as it were…

This one wasn’t crazy unique or anything but I loved the shadows and the smudgy lower lash line.

Some lashes really would’ve set this look off, now that I’m dissecting it. Basically I buffed some dark blues into my crease and then packed the eyelid with the Stila Magnificent Metals in Smoldering Satin. I also used the Marc Jacobs lip liner in Nude(ist) along with my Soap and Glory Pillow Plump in Nude in Town to make my lips as full as they can possibly get without surgery.

David took me on a Mystery Dinner Date that had a flapper theme, so naturally I obliged. I looked at a bunch of pictures of makeup from that era and noticed that by and large, everything was really turned-down and pouty. I obvs added a beauty mark for dramatic effect as well as a slight Geisha-lip.

And lastly, I bring you my humble cut crease. I don’t do a cut crease very often but when I do, I really go for it man. I also added a beauty mark because OF COURSE I DID. Also note: this is fifth day hair. There is in fact, 7 lbs. of dry shampoo in there.

Leave a comment below if you want a break-down of what I used or a tutorial on any of these looks as I would be happy to accommodate!


4 thoughts on “New Makeup Looks!

  1. stashy says:

    Ha that filter is fun! Imagine doing that IRL? 😛
    The Mystery Dinner Date look is awesome! So dramatic!
    You’re so luck you have such defined crease – I wish I could do a cut crease.
    Yes please on the vanity tour. 🙂


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