How I Wrecked My Skin

Hello little sweeties!

Today I bring you some words of wisdom, courtesy of Brian, Nick, AJ, Kevin and Howie D.

Lookin’ back on the things I’ve done
I was tryin’ to be someone
I played my part, kept you in the dark
Now let me show you the shape of my heart

In my case, the “shape of my heart” is in the form of small, brown dots that grace m’mug. Otherwise known as age spots. sun spots or grossest of all, LIVER spots, I have noticed these little b*tches poppin’ up since I hit 30. How did they get there?

The motherf*ckin’ sun, y’all.

TRUE LIFE: The sun wrecked my skin.

All of you know that I am not a stranger to the tanning bed. At one time, my skin tone resembled that of Beyonce’s left butt cheek and I was darn proud of it.

just. don’t judge too hard.

So many gals my age can relate to this I think. The tanning bed was one of my favorite places on earth. Warm. Cozy. Perfect for a power nap. And best of all, I came out feeling prettier. As messed up as THAT sounds.

Not only did I tan in the beds, but I tanned outside. I embraced the sweet little freckles that would sprinkle themselves across my nose each summer. I slathered on the Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil, the Australian Gold, the Maui Babe Browning lotion. YOU KNOW the lineup.

I didn’t think anything of this behavior until my mom had her second melanoma removed. Her doctor basically told me that we are all putting ourselves at major risk of skin cancer by tanning all the time. It was that easy for me. I just stopped.

I cancelled my tanning membership, stopped tanning outside, wore sunscreen and hats. I was maybe 25, but unfortunately the damage was already done. Because today, years later, I am suffering the consequences.

Here are my sun spots with a tiny bit of foundation, blush, bronzer etc..

NOT CUTE guys.

And don’t get me wrong, I know they’re not unsightly or anything but they are big and they do bother me. So what are my options?

Well, skincare is just not going to work. Any topical treatment that promises to get rid of dark spots is just LYING. No chemical can remove this puppies, or at least, none that I’ve heard of. From the research I’ve done, it’s gotta be a laser.

IPL Photo-facials to be exact. They are offered at lots of Medi-Spas and are actually becoming quite popular in removing age spots, acne scars and other imperfections.

I am reallllly thinking about scheduling one of these to help diminish the appearance of my sun spots, but I know it isn’t a permanent solution. You have to get one or two a year in order to keep up the results or else the pigment just comes back.

But ANYWAY – just stay outta the sun will ya? Your face will thank you later 🙂

What do YOU think? Anyone our there ever have an IPL facial?

12 thoughts on “How I Wrecked My Skin

  1. Th says:

    Did you have ipl/photofacials? I am asking because the photos show squares from the laser and I had the treatment and regret it every second of my life because I too have the squares. Did yours resolve?


  2. Dani Kay says:

    This is such great advice! So many of my friends tanned religiously when I was younger and I definitely might have gotten caught up in it if I wasn’t naturally tan because of my heritage. I became SPF obsessed in my early 20’s as well!


  3. AJ says:

    I can do you one better on the tanning beds, as my generation also slathered baby oil on our skin and sat out in the sun and fried our selves. Followed by tanning beds as they came into vogue. I can remember leaving parties, and slinking off for a quick hit in the tanning bed. Beer and tanning beds, oh boy!!! Two things I quit in my twenties, beer and tanning beds. My figure and my skin are better for it. I reccomend the laser procedure, but not at this time of the year. Sunshine and laser don’t mix well. You are correct, it does come back, but the positive outweighs doing nothing. I reccomend that you use a reputable skin doctor over a as seen on tv clinic. Dr. Lee at Portland Dermatology Clinic is an expert. David knows Dr. Adler there. Thus concludes my blogging for the year. Cheers!


    • The Natalie Diaries says:

      My mom did the baby oil + iodine in the 60’s and 70’s. Now she has what looks like a big shark bite out of her leg because she had a melanoma in the 80’s. The struggle is real. I know Dr.Adler as well, great guy! I have heard good things about that place as well as Key Laser Institute. I think you’re right about holding off until the fall though. Until then I just slather on the fake tan and hope for the best.


  4. almayerich says:

    This is the best advice that I wish I had gotten 14 years ago! I’m about to be 30 (29 remixed as I’d like to call it) and I gave up tanning beds a several years ago. I was never one to go all year round but looking back I still went way too often in the summer. Now I prefer to slather on the SPF and just spray tan in the summer so my ghostly white legs don’t offend people when I’m out in public.


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