Mardi Gras. Mixed CD’s. Misc Mischief.

Hey there Jujubees!

I have a lot to get through today so I’m diving right in here!

A few weeks ago, David, his cousin Jackie, Grandma Rosalie and I went to an auction for her synagogue that had a Mardi Gras theme. I did green, purple and gold eye shadow but failed to get a good pic of it like a nincompoop.

Also, David booked us all a trip to Hawaii for the end of March which I must remember to start drinking Slim Fast for.

I even drew a palm tree to commemorate in my 2017 Hello Kitty day planner.

David and I went to a Blazers game vs. OKC and they won! Suck it Russell Westbrook.

those eyes tho

I used the H&M eyelashes for a date night/night out that I hauled in this post and was pleasantly surprised!

Annnnd, I wore a slightly tramp-ish dress with knee high boots and was all “I am woman, hear me roar!”

Then last weekend, I drove home to see my Mom, Meg and of course my baby Tate.

I discovered this in the CD case in my car (yes, like in High School) behind another CD and of course listened to the whole thing on the way to Kennewick. Lots of Blink 182, some Mandy Moore. you know.

All that one can get with him anymore is blurry pictures. The little meatloaf is so wiggly and fast.

But really, Tate is the absolute love of my life. I would do anything for him.

We got to do lots of fun things, such as…

Going for Fro yo!

Shopping at Target

Going to the park!

The Mickey hoodie slaaaays me

And of course, we spent lots of time hanging at Nana’s, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (his FAVORITE).

My Mom is also making everyone matching stocking for Christmas and aren’t they so cute?

She also hand-stitched this little easter egg ornament which she gave to me. I told her I’m opening her up an Etsy store and we’re both going to be rich! muaahaahahaaa

While at Columbia Center, I hit a jackpot of a sale at Gymboree for E and got her a bunch of awesome summer stuff for Hawaii including these flops which are to die.

And I cooked her up the best pancake art I am capable of.

Yes, we have a full set of four of these Hello Kitty placemats

And lastly, my Dad Gary Danielson was on the Variety Telethon in Des Moines. He is a celebrity. And I am his daughter. I’m not sure, but I think this makes us Kardashians now.



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