The Cheapest Makeup Ever

I feel juuuust fine writing this post and calling out this brand  on their sh*t because they are discontinuing it. Just a disclaimer.

Am I rubbing salt in the wound? um YISS.

It all started on a rainy lunch break, where I haphazardly wandered into the downtown H&M. I thought I’d get another 20-pack of pearl earrings, maybe a $5 clearance scarf I’ll never wear, you know – the usual suspects. But then I noticed that H&M’s complete line of makeup was marked down with big red stickers for just DOLLARS.

I asked the two long-haired young men working about the sale. Was it all on sale? Or just certain items? They told me that it was “all like 1 or 2 bucks” so of course I mozied over for a closer looksie.

Like a moth to the flame, I was instantly pulled in. Decent packaging, wide color selection and price tags upwards of $9.99, I thought I had hit the proverbial mother-load. I stuffed maybe 10 items in my claws and dumped them out on the counter to see what the prices would be. Long-haired boy no.1 looked down at the mess of products I was inquiring about and said “I’m just gonna charge you a dollar each for everything”. FINE BY ME YOUNG MAN.

So I walked out with a big ol’ bag a’makeup for $11. Total score. I  whipped out my phone once I got back to work to snap a pic and send a braggy text to Megan about my deal of the day.


Later that night when David was putting E to bed, I excitedly dumped out all the packages on our bed and got to work taking pics for lé blog and swatching.

This is when my mistake was realized. Pretty much all of it is total crap. Like, worse than crap. Actual ka-ka.

The “sheer lip color” caught like crazy against my skin and the color was patchy and dry. It also wasn’t really that sheer.




The concealer’s consistency was as if someone took a crappy $1 foundation from Dollar Tree, mixed it with some mineral oil, and stuck it in a tube. I couldn’t even get a proper swatch.


The blue liner (while a beautiful sparkly blue color) completely flaked after 22 seconds.



This nail polish color is super pretty! It actually lasted for about 3 days before chipping.



And then there’s the lashes. I bought three packs of these. And I can happily report, they weren’t bad! Not the easiest to work with and I had to do ALOT of trimming and sculpting but they look aight (see below).



All of the brushes are SUPER wonderful considering the fact that they were $1. I wouldn’t have spent much more on them, though. They are decently soft and do the job.


The only thing I have not used (and may never use) are these babies:


The real victims here are anyone who paid full asking price for this stuff. I mean, $9.99 for the lipstick? I would rather buy a Homer Simpson Chia Pet.

So what did we learn today?

Do not go hog wild for discontinued, $1 makeup. Or if you’re like me, DO. Because you’ll get a kick out of it.


3 thoughts on “The Cheapest Makeup Ever

  1. stashy says:

    Aww, tough lesson learned! I guess there was a reason why they were marked down.
    I do have to say though, some of H&M’s makeup was good – I liked their eye shadows.


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