Snowshoeing Suckiness

I feel like this time of year is just…sucky.

There’s taxes.

The weather.

It’s just the WORST.

And speaking of taxes, I did mine this year all by myself using free Turbo Tax and it was actually really easy. I am pretty sure I messed up a couple times, but like is the IRS really gonna audit little ol’ me? (KNOCK ON WOOD)

But here is another sucky thing…Snowshoeing (and Cross Country Skiing Skiers)

A couple weekends ago, I tried my hand (or should I say feet haha) at snow shoeing with my best buds Kelly and Olga. We were in Bend for a company ski trip and the three of us decided to rent snowshoes and give ‘er a whirl.

Turns out the route we were on was also used for cross country skiers and there also happened to be a cross country race that day.

To anyone who enjoys either of these sports, riddle me this: HOW?

I don’t understand what is remotely “fun” about either of these “sports”. Tromping around in the snow wearing heavy, water-proof snow gear while sweating heavily and fogging up your sunglasses is NOT my idea of fun. If I am going to exercise, I will go for a run or go to the gym or evvven hike if pressured. But to purposely go out in big ol’ ski clothes and attempt even the smallest incline, just heyll nah.

And don’t get me started on cross-country skiers.

“It’d be awesome if you girls could stay to the right and off of the tracks!”, “Can you get off of our tracks?!”, “ON YOUR LEFT! ON YOUR LEEEEEEEFT!”

I could have killed. them. all.

the only reason there are smiles in this picture was because we knew burgers were in our future

So, like yeah. I guess it was a pretty day.

this is my “tolerating it” face. notice kelly all adorbs in the background while I’m in one of David’s 11 year old hangy Old Navy thermals…

So, in conclusion let me be clear about a couple of things. I do not like snowshoeing. And I reallllly don’t like cross-country skiers.


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