Things I Got for Christmaukkah and My B-Day

You knew this was coming.

Each year, I am flooded with gifts within a two day span because Nan and Gare idiotically (love you guys!) decided it was a good idea to conceive a child (gross) exactly 9 months before CHRISTMAS #amateurhour.

So here are some things I got this year, commemorating my grand, yule-tide entrance into this world.


A Disney Swarovski Crystal Bracelet from David! He secretly snapped this up while we were in Disney a while back. I love it so much and have barely taken it off because MICKEY GOES WITH EVERYTHING.

Obviously, I got quite a bit of makeup this year. I mean DUH.


Sister Megan got me this Kat Von D duo-toned blush and so far I really like it!


She also got me this highlighting palette which is surprisingly not half bad for L.A Colors. Swatches below:


The whitest shade is DEFINITELY glittery so beware.


Meg also gave me this Benefit lipgloss in the color nookie nookie. It is gorgeous and slightly iridescent which is totes on trend rn.



She also gave me this LOVE-ly (get it?) palette from Too Faced. The colors are all shimmery and super buttery and pigmented. Also the eyeliner that came with this bad boy is AMAZING. SUPER DUPER soft and VERY VERY black. I might end up re-purchasing the eyeliner by itself.

And David got me a Velvet Teddy! Probably not the kind you’re thinking of tho…


I’ve wanted this color for awhile now




Nan and Gare gifted me the perfume I wanted so badly and it smells just as good as the 53937 other times I put it on in Sephora on my lunch break.


If you don’t know Sailor Moon, then  I don’t know you you obviously don’t ever go to Hot Topic. Nor were you a pre-pubescent girl in the early 2000’s. Amy and Shan totally surprised me with these amazing Sailor Moon tube socks and tank!


David’s Dad and Lisa got me the Lush box I so desperately wanted! I CANNOT WAIT to try these products out (listed below):



David also got me the Astronomical Lush box, which comes with some amazing goodies! I have already tried The Experimenter and realllly loved it.



Ah yisss. The Tory Burch nylon backpack I wanted! I squealed with delight and surprise when my Mom gave me this. I am going to be the most chic commuter EVERRRR.


And last but CERTAINLY not least, Shannon got me the Wet Brush PRO! I have the regular Wet Brush and swear by it (great for kiddos too!) and I can tell you that the pro version is amazing. I love the feel of the handle too!

And that’s it folks. What did you get for xmas?


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