My 2019 Christmas List

Happy hizzledays everyone!

And apparently I am stuck in 2007, but according to Urban Outfitters 1997 is back so I’m only like a decade off.

I get so frickin’ excited to start shopping for Christmas gifts around this time!  And this year,  I have a new human to buy for :). Hope she likes random sh*t I find on sale between now and Dec, 25 🙂 .

For myself though,  the theme is basic and black! I need a few real practical items like black sneakers and a new travel coffee cup…but also want to try my hand at gel nails! See below:

  1. MelodySusie LED Nail Dryer Nail Lamp

So I am like, really good at painting my own nails. Trouble is, regular nail polish is terrible. It chips within minutes and takes FOREVER to dry. I used to have time for this, but anymore, I do not. I have acquired what I have determined to be a mediocre level of knowledge on gel nails and from that, have decided I am ready for an LED lamp. Because a UV one just won’t do. I also need to purchase a set of polishes and some other doo-dads but…patience.

2. Gapfit Studio Side Stripe Joggers  (Small Tall)

Did I tell you guys that I recently discovered TALL SIZES on various online retailers? I feel like such an idiot, walking around all this time with my sleeves too short and highwater pants, when J CREW has had a “tall shop” probs for like, years. I recently bought a J Crew quilted army green jacket in a medium tall and my life is forever changed. Now I need ALL THE THINGS in tall sizes. But the first order of business is getting a GD pair of joggers or sweatpants that are f-ing long enough. These ones from the Gap look so cute!

3. Gap sweatshirt (Small Tall)

Same thing goes for sweatshirts!

4. Nike Cortez Sneakers (9.5)

R.I.P my fave black perforated vans. I’ve had them for 3 years but I can no longer wear these out of the house. Both my big toes have busted through the top and they are now unacceptable. The Nike Cortez black on black sneakers look like a fun change-up!

5. Yeti Travel Coffee Cup

This could be the most practical item I have ever actually wished for.

6. Bumble & Bumble Styling Set

You guys know the ongoing saga that is my hair. Currently we’re in the awkward grow-out phase of postpartum hair loss and LORD give me allll the volume. Without it I am afraid it’s 80’s rocker hair all up in here.

7. Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer Mini

I am fresh outta primer and have always wanted to try this bougie one from Tatcha. They just released it in a mini which is perfect. Everyone should come in mini if you ask me.

And that’s it! I mean, obviously I could tolerate the entire holiday collection at Lush, or of course anything from Sephora. Or Yankee Candle. Oh! I actually really need a new wallet…


Better stop.

My 2018 Christmas List

Sound the alarm!

Gird your loins!

Pull up your boot straps!

My 2018 Christmas list is here!


I feel like this year is alllll about luxury. Which is funny, because I am about to yield a child who will inevitably humble, embarrass and otherwise de-glamorize me beyond recognition. Maybe that is why I am craving those items in life right now that say, “Hey – I’m comfy AND classy!” Those things that will make me feel kinda chic when life is kicking the absolute sh*t outta me. When I can wink a sparkly eyelid at the mom fresh out of barre class in her Lululemon cropped tank while I awkwardly maneuver the stroller with a crying baby and my postpartum muffin top showing and think, “You’re fine! You got this.”

Bobby Brown Face Base

To kick things off right, of course I want the same moisturizing primer that all the rich gurus like Jeffree Starr and Tati are using. I picture myself dunking a brand new beauty blender into this product and having skin JUST like theirs.

Camo Tee Shirt – Size M

Why it has taken me this long to finally procure a camo tee shirt, I do not know. I used to own THEE best one in high school and my sisters and I would fight over it. It was one from the Army surplus store and had been washed like a million times. It was so thin and SO soft. Hoping this will serve me the same way.

Lush D’Fluff Shaving Soap

I want a big ol’ tub of this stuff for two reasons. One: it smells strawberries and Two: the texture is like none other. It really is fluffy! Gotta hand it to Lush for always keeping things fun.

iRobot Roomba 690 Vacuum 

I have wanted a Roomba for a few years now but the price and the fact that I have a relatively small house has held me back. This year they are going on sale for Black Friday and I have decided that it is time. It’s time to say yes to having consistently clean floors (we have all hardwoods). It’s time I start realizing that shaving off an entire chore is worth $250. It is time to step into the light and get excited about a vacuum cleaner.

Kopari Body Care Set

I have really been enjoying the Kopari Coconut Melt in these chilly months. I use it on my belly, my face and my hair. It is kindof an amazing to have one product you really feel good about slathering everywhere. Since I discovered the Coconut Melt, the brand has expanded into all kinds of new products. I REALLY want to try the Coconut Shower Oil…and this set comes with a little bottle :).

Minnetonka Cally Slippers in Blush Suede – Size 10

Can you believe I DO NOT own a pair of slippers? It is a travesty I know. I had to special order a pair for David (he wears a size 15) and I get so jealous when he has them on for puttering around the house. In keeping with the theme for this year, I definitely need a pair!

Quay “It’s My Way” Sunglasses – Black

I feel like I have asked for a different pair of these sunglasses every year for Christmas. These ones in particular are just SO practical for me. They are GIANT, better quality than all the crappy ones I have from H&M and will be much needed to cover up the bags under my eyes in the coming months (which btw, are Prada).

Asymmetrical Snap-Up Fleece –  in pink and white (or any color) Size L

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without at least one item from good ol’ Abercrombie & Fitch amiright!? I have wanted this fleece for over a year now and right now it is ON SALE. I love the style of the neck, the quilted section and I mean, it’s fleece!                                                    (performance fleece….ooh it’s fine!) <- Anybody?!

Too Faced Twinkle Twinkle Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow – in Honey Please

I feel I owe it to you all AND to myself to compare this stuff to the Stila Magificent Metals glitters. I LOVE those ones and am curious to know how this formula compares!

Koolaburra Sylvia Boots – in Chestnut, Size 9.5

I ask for boots every damn year but I LIVE IN PORTLAND OK? Boots and coats, man. That’s all we get for so long. It’s just practical. And these ones have little fur and knit components. I MEAN. So cute.

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Good morning strawberry zingers!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I LOVE VALENTINES DAY. Ok ok, it might have something to do with the color scheme and the fact that candy is err’where but who cares!? It’s the best. And because I’m a little bit extra, I LOVE to give cute Valentines gifts out this time of year. Because what’s better than getting a pink and red themed care package? NOTHING.

 For Gals

Daryl Dixon Shirt 

Etsy – $15

This item needs no explanation. If you do not watch The Walking Dead than I am sorry.

Love you More Pillow 

T.J Maxx – $20

I say this phrase to all my loved ones and it is always true. Everyone needs seasonal throw pillows amiright!? You could also keep this on your bed anytime of the year!

“Be Mine” Tee Shirt

H&M – $13

This little tee shirt makes me so happy. Notice the tiny heart detail on the bottom? The fit is actually very nice and at $12.99 – it’s a steal!

Candle in Honeysuckle

Bath & Body Works – $24 (USE A COUPON!)

My sister Megan turned me on to the gloriousness of honeysuckle scents from BBW. This one comes in an adorable V-Day themed jar that you can clean out and use for cotton balls when you are done!

Rose Jam Body Spray

Lush – $40

FINALLY Lush has answered my prayers. I have been tweeting the companies for years asking for this scent to become available in a perfume or body splash. IT IS HERE! Hopefully Davy is reading because…hint hint…I WANT THIS.

I will now work on tweeting Lush about a candle in this scent. Aw yiss.


52 Reasons I Love You Idea

Do I love cheesy, lovey-dovey gift ideas? IS THE POPE CATHOLIC?

I love making sh*t like this for people I adore. Click the link about for a step-by-step HOW TO on how to make this!

Angels Envy Whiskey 


This bottle-o-booze is representative of any alcohol or food item that your guy or gal loves. It’s nice to step it up a notch on V-Day and spend a little more on something bougie. Dahvide LURVES this whiskey.

Replica At the Barber’s Cologne

Maison Margiela – $130

I just recently smelt this sucker at Sephora and lemme tell ya – I almost bought it for myself. It smells like a clean, sexy man. Who doesn’t like that?


Crosley Pink Turntable Record Player

Amazon – $64

David got me this exact record player for Hanukkah last year along with 3 of my favorite albums. I CRIED. It was the most thoughtful and romantic gift ever. We slow danced in the living room. I love owning a record player again and this one comes in SO many colors!

Origins Love Oil

Good Clean Love – $22

Guys, you can put this stuff errwhere. Catch my drift? On occasion, I do make David rub my shoulders and go to town on this hump on my back I’ve had FOREVER. I used to think massage oils were just not necessary until we tried this stuff. It smells amazing and makes the massage feel about 92784 times better. This brand (more on them later) also uses aphrodisiacs in several of their products and like HELLO, yes! Please be more attracted to me! I love that and seriously feel that they work.

Myths & Legends Organic Aphrodisiac Perfume 

Good Clean Love – $30 each

These two fragrances are not for dilly-dallying.

Legends is the more “masculine” scent, with notes East Indian Sandalwood, Omani Frankincense, and Bulgarian Rose. The scent does NOT mess around guys. And either you love this or hate it. I tend to like heavier scents, myself.

Myths is the more “feminine” scent. I really enjoyed how this scent paired with Legends.

I think any couple would get a kick out of trying this set of two fragrances.  It would be fun to try wearing them out together on a date night! Plus, the small size means you’re not making a huge investment on a giant bottle. Win!

*I was sent the Good Clean Love products complimentary for testing. All opinions are my own.

Christmaukkah 2017

You know I love the holidays but MAN am I ready for some free weekends AMIRIGHT!?

So, let’s just get straight down to business and talk about all the sh*t we did.

Hanukkah was nice and early this year! David and I accompanied his grandmother to an auction for the Jewish Academy to kick off the season. The 80’s theme was everything.

Each night of Hanukkah, we lit those candles and I sang my best blessings. We dispensed little gifts to E and of course Jack, our “mensch on a bench” kept a close eye on us.

I also got to see the Nutcracker with my friend Kelly and her daughter! We had a fabulous time but I was a little disappointed there wasn’t any audience participation because I had my ballet shoes in my purse.

Soon enough December 22nd rolled around and David and I took the train to Pasco to spend 5 days in lovely Kennewick.

The train was SO MUCH FUN and I felt like I was on the Polar Express. We watched a movie, purchased little bottles of wine and split a king-sized Snickers.

The next day, we woke up and headed over to Megan and Ben’s to see none other than….


Tate is in the cutest phase right now. I mean, yes he throws fits sometimes but his little face scrunches up so cutely that even when he doing the blood-curdling scream, it’s adorbs.

We decided to head to Beaver Bark to get him Santa pics and see the reindeer.

OF COURSE right before it is Tate’s turn to meet Santa this DUMB-ASS employee dressed up like the Grinch, complete with the long, green, furry fingers comes over to us. So obviously Tate is  absolutely terrified of him and the Grinch is like, still trying to interact with him so I just shout “Go away Grinch!”. Hahahaaa.

But then Tate was a little sheepish and was expected to sit down and smile, so we got this little face, which is still pretty cute:

And then we made Nan take 2934733 pics of us with these huge hats on because #Christmas.

Later that night, we took Tate to the trampoline park and really it was all I could have asked for my birthday because homeboy LOVED IT. And nothing makes me happier than my nephew laughing. It’s like crack.

We played in the toddler area most of the time and quickly discovered that Tate sucks at jumping…but he did love sliding around and being thrown in the foam pit.

Here I am trying to push him up to Megan…unsuccessfully.

And yes I did wear a giant pair of David’s basketball shorts the gym.

That night we played shanghia rummy and I put on the new rainbow highlighter I got from Kelly’s daughter. 10 out of 10 unicorn.

Also of course we went to the Sports Page with Ray-Ray and got turnt.

Just kidding. We basically hung out and then went to Ron’s for chips and cheese.

On Christmas Eve my birthday, it was ALL ABOUT ME! So I put a bunch of glitter on my face.

Actually, we just went to the mall and my mom bought me 7 pairs of underwear at VS for $28. But it was pretty fun picking them out. We also went to Claire’s. Claire’s is overly stimulating for me, much like the store Justice.

But we did find this gem:

That night I opened up some prezzies and we had DQ ice cream cake.

The next day was Christmas and all just kinda mozied around until like noon, when Amy and Shannon got up (Amy had to work x-mas eve, so they couldn’t come until  midnight).

Annnnd, they brought their precious dogs Ellie and Toby!

That night after dinner we hung out, played games and watched TV like the Americans that we are.

We did a little shopping on the day after Christmas, but I didn’t find anything too amazing. My mom and Megan however, randomly found me a really expensive leotard and ballet skirt at T.J Maxx (of all places) for $10. So THAT rocked.

David and I came back home to Portland on the 27th and spent the next few days being deathly ill! We started to feel better right around New Years.

My resolution? Improve my ballet.

Peace out 2017.

T-Giving & Our Christmas Tree

Happy December lads and lasses!

Thanksgiving this year was just delightful. Nan and Gare came to Portland, David took my Dad and I to a game at PK-80 and best of all – we didn’t have to make dinner. Yippee!

At the Moda center for the Duke vs Portland State PK-80 game.

Here are the Danielsons at dinner:

After dinner, we hung out while attempting a game of Quwarkle.

The next day was Black Friday so obvs:

Hold your comments until the end to tell me how pretty I am.

That weekend, we put up our tree! David and I wrestled with the lights for a good 45 minutes before deciding that some of them just didn’t work. So, I decided to add a couple strands of white lights to mix in.

Then, I got out my piddly little box of decor and sprinkled it around a bit.

And I nearly died putting this garland on the stairs.

But its done now 🙂

My hobbies as of late include:

  1. laying on the carpet watching Hallmark Christmas movies with Meira and threatening her life if she tries to get up.
  2. making a nest in our giant chair and trying to get Meira to lay with me (she will not).
  3. forcing David into my Seahawks onesie so we can take pajama pictures in front of the tree.

Murrrrrrry Christmas everyone!

My 2017 Christmas List


SunnyLife Retro Portable Beach MP3 Smartphone Speaker with Radio

I’ve wanted this radio for a while now. All the Sunnylife Retro gadgets are pretty rad though. And now that David has built us a mighty fine deck in the backyard I am picturing myself sipping vodka-lemonades while blasting sweet tunes from this little pup.

Quay Australia Stray Cat Sunglasses

I just love how freaking huge these are, and that they’re pink.

Abercrombie 8 Perfume

100% a sentimental scent for me. I used to douse myself in this and plan to do the same thing if and when I get it.

Sorel Waterproof Emilie Chelsea Boot  in black (9.5)

I had to include a couple of practical items on my list this year and these boots are just that. I reallllly like these ones from Sorel, despite the $150 price tag. I could wear them everyday and they are WATERPROOF.

Brazilian Crush Body Mist

If you have not smelled this stuff, do yerself a favor and go into Sephora for a whiff. It. Is. Magical.

Neat Dude Beanie

10 out of 10 only want this because my queen Jenna Marbles wears one.

Ultra Thin Hammered Gold Rings (6.5)

These are classy, fun and the best way to dress up your phalanges. I am pretty sure a 6.5 would fit my pointer finger. My ring finger is a 4 1/4 so I dunno.

Earth’s Nectar Leave-in Conditioner 

Practical gift no. 2 because I am always 5 sprays away from being out of leave-in conditioner and I cannot be without. I found this brand on Sephora so it must be good right? Anything salon-quality would be fine though.

Otterbox for iPhone 7

Annnnd practical gift no. 3. I have dropped two cell phones and broken two screens. So, I am biting the bullet and getting a mom-case. I hate myself.

Sunburst Drop Earrings

The David Yurman sunburst earrings would be awesome, but they cost about a gr so no. These little ladies I found on Etsy and cost $10 so YES.

Helicopters and Halloween

What’s up mellowcreme pumpkins?

The pumpkins are indeed the best part of Brach’s Autumn Mix – who agrees!?

So this last weekend was pretty magical. Portland had 70 degree weather, David and I discovered we get the current season of AHS Cult on Hulu and I allllmost went for a run.


I took David over and under on a helicopter ride!

So pretty right?

But really, it was a pretty sweet little situation. We did have to share the helicopter with one other person (a man with B.O) but it was SO beautiful and worthy every penny.

That night, we went to a Halloween party with our pals Kelly and Connor.

We decided on high school stereotypes for our costumes. Me: goth. David: nerd. I proposed this idea because I’ve pretty much been bingeing on YouTube goth Black Friday .

My makeup took me nearly 2 hours. I had to use a whole face of the lightest concealer I had mixed with some crappy white cream makeup I got at the Halloween store. I wanted to cancel out my eyebrows but we didn’t have a glue stick so I just did my best with concealer and white eyeshadow. The other thing that took me forever was obvs the liner.

I absolutely LOVE doing this kind of thing though. I could spend all day making it perfect.

Once we got to the party – it was ON.

Also – these two captured my heart with these perfect Wizard of Oz costumes.

The next day was spent pumpkin patching and gettin’ ready for ACTUAL Halloween.


Then I glued E’s costume down for the 2389223 time.

And coated the shoes with a final layer of modpodge. Here they were pre-modpodge.

If you can’t tell from the pic, she wanted to be a cupcake this year. We followed this DIY to make her costume.

And lastly, here’s a couple pics of Tate and Nana. Who are my favorite people to Facetime.