Christmas Happenings

Merrrrrrry Christmas everyone!

This being my first official year of being a bon-A-fied MRS., I decided to do Christmas cards. You know the ones. With the picture and the corny little design, usually from Tiny Prints, Shutterfly or in my case, Costco. I felt weird ordering them, it being just the two of us – no kid, no dog, but then I realized that we put on a wedding dammit! And those pictures aren’t doin’ much besides sitting inside albums so share them, we shall.


I encountered a Santa-themed bicycle troupe the other day whilst out shopping for wrapping paper. They were super annoying, but they had Mare Care blasting so it was all good. Sidenote: Where is all the cute wrapping paper? I MEAN. I finally threw in the towel and succumbed to a mediocre snowflake print but COME ON PEOPLE. Of course today I wandered into Paper Source and found the sweetest gift wrap that was ivory with gold polka dots a!na@#%k$@sdnjkawa.


Only in Portland

I friggen’ love The 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family. Last night they showed Elf and tonight, Christmas Vacation. Additionally, there is the option of The Mistle Tones starring Tia Mowry and of course my personal favorite, Holiday in Handcuffs. Oh MJH is just a gem.


And lastly, I might have to rescind my previous statements about my new favorite foundation. I may have found one I like even better…ok I’ll just tell you. Nars Sheer Glow! I mean, duh. How had I not tried this before? It is easily the most beautiful finish I’ve ever seen (if you like a dewy look). So HOT DOG!


All for now! Off to catch the 12 Dates of Christmas!


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