Christmas 2014 Re-Cap


Miss me? I’m sure ya did!


Shoulder Padzz

I’d love to tell you that my absence was due to a brief volunteering stint in Africa, or that I was cleaning up our entire house with eco-friendly products. Heck, I’d settle for a debilitating injury. But the truth is…I’ve been lazy. The shameful kind. The just-one-more-episode-of-Gilmore Girls kind . The mmm-this-pirate’s booty-is-GOOD kind.

You get it.

But I’m back and I’m here to stay. It’s a New Year afterall and hopefully an eventful one for me and the huz-cat. We’ve got some trips lined up (one to FRANCE) and a new-found affinity for hummus so LET’S GO!

Our 2014 Christmas was great. We kicked it off by leaving the afternoon of the 23rd after we were both off work. Oh yeah, I got a JOB. It’s amazing isn’t it? Go me. Anyweez, we got home and after a million kisses from McDoogal and some dinner, we hit the hay in preparation for yours truly’s birthday! I’m officially “in my thirties” now and I find it both disgusting and liberating at the same time. Go fig.


My birthday kicked off with a trip to IHOP, because, duh. I have NEVER been to IHOP and, well, I suddenly had the urge to order a stack of 500-calorie pancakes. So we went. Check out the array of syrups! Buddy the Elf would have been in heaven.


After breakfast and a little walk, Nan and I decided to get our nails done. It was there, at the nail salon, where we discovered a new show that had us both on the edge of our seats (literally). Blacklist. Anyone a fan? The 20-something sweet boy who was doing my nails said it was his favorite and he kept telling me what was about to happen. I was thinking “SHUT UP!” but his enthusiasm was just too presh.

Of course we attended the 6 o’clock mass that night where my Dad played a little clarinet and sax. Father Richard was en pointe this year and the homily was actually uplifting – WIN! After church we all went over to Megan and Ben’s for my birthday party.


We had crab, crab cakes (Ben made them and they were so good!), manicotti and one of Rachel’s famous cakes. She did a funfetti cake for me with MACARONS on top!! Does this girl know me, or DOES SHE KNOW ME?


The next morning was Christmas! And true to Danielson form, things were a bit wonky. Sister Amy and her fiancĂ© weren’t able to drive over until later that day and Sister Megan had her new family to celebrate with. That left Bry and I to fend for ourselves. So we did what anyone would do in our situation – we went to see the Hobbit! IN 3-D! It was SO amazing to watch in 3-D but the movie itself? Mehhh.

After the movie we came home and helped my mom with a few last minute touches on the ol’ Christmas ham and then Amy and Shannon arrived! They brought with them one of their many fur babies, Ellie. Or as I like to call her, Elle Belle.


Guys, I seriously fell in love with this dog in a matter of minutes. She is the sweetest, liveliest little baby ever and I want her. My grandparents came over at that point and it was positively ADORBS to watch them interact with little Ellie. My heart melted into a gigantic pool of love.


We had dinner then opened presents and it was a magical evening. Except I got a Downton Abbey puzzle for Nan and discovered she already had one..asjnasdoinwnNL!98324joa. whatevs. I LOVE Christmas.


Oh, Gare

Oh, Gare

The next day Bry ventured back to Seattle to spend a little QT with his bro before he left on a trip to Thailand. I stayed back in Kennewick to spend some time with m’girls and yes, Ellie absolutely had something to do with it. We went to lunch, shopped (BBW was a MADHOUSE) and played cards – it was a good day.



On Saturday, Meg, Nan and I drove over to Seattle so they could see my Aunt & Uncle and I could do a little Christmas with the Nash clan. Did I mention how much I love love LOVE being a part of this family!? We opened more gifts, drank champs and got ready to head out for dinner.


Maxamilien is a Nash tradish and one I am proud to help uphold. It wasn’t the same without Bryan’s brother KC, but we had no problem putting down some steak with truffle fries and a bottle of wine!



The next morning we begrudgingly said goodbye to our fair state and drove back to Portland. Our NYE was very uneventful, with a couple glasses of champs and lights-out at 9 BUT New Years Day was a blast!

We went skiing at Mt. Hood Meadows and I actually did decent for my first time back. Yes, I felt like my legs were filled with boiling acid, but all in all, it wasn’t too shabby.


Here’s to 2015!!

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