Mini Collective Haul

Hey Y’all!

For starters, I am obsessed with the show Girls on HBO. It’s reminiscent of Sex and the City, except they’re younger, not as glamorous and the topics more…raw? Interesting? Unbelievable, yet totally relatable. On one hand, I feel sympathy for these four young ladies and on the other, fortuitous, having lived through a seemingly mild (in every sense of the word) decade. No 2-week marriages, awful self-inflicted baby bangs or absent hippie parents for me – THANK GOD.

I digress. Now, for the reason we’re all here today. THE SH*T I BOUGHT.


Apparently it’s been a lash kinda phase for me.

Maybelline One by One Mascara

I think the brand is getting rid of this formula, hence it was on sale for $3.99. I can get away with using a rubberized wand as long as I pair it with a bristley one to build up the volume. I figured $4 was a heck of a deal so I grabbed it!


L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara

A cult favorite, this mascara will pair beautifully with the Maybelline one (like a fine wine). The wand has bristles, is thick-ish and the formula is on the wet side which will create some gorgeous lashes!


Covergirl Bombshell Liquid Liner

I bought this on a whim because my L’Oreal Carbon Black dried out and I felt like branching out. I gave it a try and it was pretty easy to use and I was able to construct a nice winged liner. Plus, the size is SO cute!


Ardell Demi Lashes in 120

These were only $3.49 at the Rack and I loooove them. I find the lashes with a bit of separation between the clumps look a bit more natural.


Ardell Short Individuals

For the wedding, I plan on wearing a set of top lashes and adding in some individuals where I need. Then, I am going to spruce up my bottom lashes with a few as well.


Kardashian Beauty Ombre Blush

This blush was $10 and 50% off and I wanted it really bad for a while so yes, I had to have it. It is the lightest shade in the line and a really cute babydoll pink. I found out about it from Sam Schuerman, who rocks btw.


My bachelorette party (if we’re calling it that) is this weekend. So stay tuned for THAT.


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