Last weekend, my mom and sister came for a visit. I took a half day off work Friday so we could gallivant around the city, try on mini-hats at Joann Fabrics and drink “skinny” margaritas that necessitated Splenda packets. Really, the goal was to knock a few items off the ol’ wedding to-do list and have a little fun while doing so. We scoured the city for a perfect off-the-rack blush toned bridesmaids dress for Megan. Turns out, it doesn’t exist. We pissed off the girl manning the Nordstrom Rack dressing room by bringing additional items into the stall after the initial batch. Literally, I thought she was going to kill me, even though I was SUPER smiley. GOSH. We bought discount fashions at H&M and I made friends with the cashier at Love Culture (a shop for girls 10 years my junior). I was toting my Tory Burch around all proud and sh*t and the cashier girl was like, “My Mom wants one of those Tory Burch purses.” So I guess I’m a Mom now and have NO business shopping at places like Love Culture. Anyway, here is what I got:


Every time I go to the MAC counter I inevitably end up swatching the lipsticks. You see, I am relentless in my search for beautiful lipsticks and the Cremesheen formula at MAC has me hooked. So, while Megan was trying on 73093 pairs of shoes at Nordstrom, I decided to make good use of my time by doing the same with lipstick. As I surveyed the rows of pinkish hues, a beautiful bright shade caught my eye – Sunny Seoul. Anyone else have this shade? I tried ‘er on and after showing Nan, she said, “That shade actually looks really pretty on you!” Like WTF Nan!? So all the other lip colors I wear are hideous? So of course, I bought it and I CAN’T STOP wearing it. I do notice it feathers/bleeds a bit so I may have to invest in a coordinating pencil, or that NYX Wonderpencil or something.

photo (2)


photo (1)

Like the patch of self-tan I missed?

photo (3)

On me

Bryan and I are watching the 7th season of Dexter and here are my thoughts thus far… Thank GOD LaGuerta and Angel got divorced, that was one gross couple. Plus, I couldn’t stand the way LaGuerta said Angel like “Ahnhel”. Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) looks more like an alien than ever. The story is going crazy since Deb found out Dexter is a serial killer and I can’t decide if I hate that she knows. Also, the babysitter? She dresses like a common hooker but is supposed to be this good girl? I don’t get it. Also, I am dreading the series finale because I hear it is terrible. And I just realized that I have said nothing nice about this show. Oh well.

Also, I randomly sprayed this stuff on my skin at Macy’s and am now obsessed and need 40 gallons.




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7 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. Kimberly says:

    Bringing up Dexter, I feel like Deb always has the WORST facial expressions….almost like she’s sawing off her own arm…she bugs! Also do you watch New Girl?!…I feel like you’d love it! God bless you Ahnhel!!!


  2. mrsashleyf says:

    So I’m about to go on my first “beauty” shopping spree! In general I’m a pretty low-maintenance gal but your posts have sold me on the fun and benefits of taking better care of the ole mug. Do you have any suggestions on must-haves for beginners??


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