Testing Charcoal Toothpaste

Hi bunnies!

So apropos right? Easter being around the corner.

About a month ago, David turns to me while we’re watching Shameless and admits, “I bought some black charcoal toothpaste from Asia today”. Cool buddy ;).

But really, I got kinda excited because white teeth just happen to be something I pride myself on.  And come on, charcoal ANYTHING is just blowing up right now. People are smearing it on their faces, brushing their teeth with it. Probably making charcoal + jelly sandwiches.

So when it arrived in the mail a few weeks later, I was really excited to get brushin’.

Looove the packaging too!


So we took before and after photos because I have a beauty blog and also because we genuinely wanted to see results after one use.

So here’s our befores:



Annnnd the afters:



So yeah. Not WORLD’S whiter. But I see a little difference! We are both going to continue using it and I’ll do updates in maybe a month so we can BLIND you. Haha.

Have a good one kiddies.

My Summer Favorites

Hey girl heyyyy.


NBD just my natural lashes

It’s been just ages since I wrote down my monthly faves so I figured I’d just bundle it all up into summer. And… HERE THEY ARE. Also, as a side note: I auditioned for a community show choir and I got in. YES. I am a 31-year-old woman who thinks she is on Glee.


Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara


I know I have made some pretty hefty claims about certain drugstore mascaras bein’ the bees knees but this one seriously takes the cake. And the macaron, too.This mascara is super black, it is lengthening, separating and creates beautiful definition.  It also holds a curl. I will be hoarding this stuff in case they discontinue but I hope they nevvvvver do.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop


I LITerally have people stop me at work to tell me I look like I am glowing. I just freaking radiate when I wear this and I KNOW IT. It is hands down, the most beautiful highlighter I own and probs in existence. The texture is like nothing I have ever felt – sooooo buttery soft and creamy. This, my friends, is a show-stopper and completely worth the hefty $38 price tag.

Covergirl Shimmering Sands Eyeshadow Trio


I have been reaching for this eyeshadow trio all summer long and NO JOKE have worn this exact trio since high school (shoutout to my homegirl Lacey because she was the one who discovered it!). The colors are absolutely perfect together and the light pink shade is so lovely in the inner corner. They blend awesome together and are really pigmented – not bad for $5!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

photo (17)

I have hit SERIOUS pan on this stuff and for darn good reason. This is just such a great contour shade for us pale girls. The perfect balance of bronze mixed with a dash of shadowy taupe. I love it.


Dessange Color Correcting Creme


My hair was such an atrocity this summer. I got some color in that just doesn’t jive with me and then I tried to fix it with a few streaks from an at-home kit. I have been using the treatment on the right (pictured above) to combat my serious case of the brassies and lemme tell ya – this goop delivers some INTENSE purple. It looks like paint. I apply it all over my head and let it sit for about 10 minutes. When I rinse, the water runs purple for about 5 straight minutes but I love how much it helps brighten-up the blonde.

Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Eau De Toilette


I nabbed this at Marshalls a while back and have fallen in love with it. The smell is def very rosy but since I enjoy the same things as 87-year-olds,  it smells great to me. Also, a random thing I love about this product is the way it mists out of the bottle. It is such a wonderfully fine, wide mist and I love it so much.

Benefit Bathina Body Oil Mist


I’ve had this for over a year and have just now grown obsessed. After a shower and a fresh shave, I spray a little of this on (maybe 3 sprays per leg) and it smells soooooooooo good and makes me feel so opulent and bourgeois. My skin feels amazing but definitely NOT oily. It is a very tough feeling to describe and it may not be for everyone but I am just addicted!




I have been obsessed with Chipotle for awhile now. I’d say since I moved to Portland, although I def had it in Redmond too. What I cannot get enough of, is their GD salty, limey chips. It’s like crack for basic white girls. Everyone loves this place because you can be all, “I am totes healthy because Chipotle is like fresh and sh*t.” But really, if everyone found out it had like 922345234 calories per bite everyone would STILL eat there.

The Walking Dead

TV STILL -- DO NOT PURGE -- Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Gallery - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

TV STILL — DO NOT PURGE — Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Gallery – Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

I pretty much love Daryl. Alot. Also, Michonne is quite the awesome badass. I just finished Season 5 and am now moving onto Fear the Walking Dead. Gahhh! RIIIICK!

Saying “you guys” when only talking to one other person

I implore you to try this the next time you are one-on-one with someone. Like if you’re at H&M with your friend and you say, “Oh my God you guys this skirt is only 13 bucks!” Its funny because it’s just her and shows how excited you are. Right!?

Ok that’s it. What are y’all loving lately?

New Looks!

You guys.

I got my hurrrrr done by a professional! Read: no boxes of Feria were involved.

Inspiration Pic:


At the salon:




Annnd the result!


ALSO, you may have noticed things have changed a little on this little blog of mine (I’m gonna let it shine).

What do you think? How do you feel?

Ugly? Cute? Too BWG?

Lemme know. I’m countin on ya ♥

How to: Headband Curls!

I recently had a request for a little tutorial on the curling of hairs. And a’course I am more than happy to oblige.

I curl my hair often and in a variety of different ways. It all depends on what I am doing, i.e – a girl’s night out curls are not going to be the same as office curls or I-want-to-look-like-a-Victoria’s-Secret-model-curls. You get it.

Perhaps this blog post will spark a series of blog posts on different types of curls and the ways I attain them !? A plethora of ways I can teach you all to essentially bend your hair in different directions which is both aesthetically and emotionally pleasing.

Maybe I’ll dive into the depths of curling irons and wands and once and for all determine that the two quite simply, CANNOT be compared. Like Rainbow Chip Frosting and Funfetti – they’re two vastly different things.

A wand tends to produce more mermaidy, swirly curls – like this:


A curling iron will give you a more classic curl, like this:


And while the curling of hairs is all well and fine, one hard-pressing (haha get it) fact remains true. You must use heat. And heat, my friends, is no friend to a delicate strand of protein filament.

Enter, headband curls. Like your ex-hippie aunt who still doesn’t wear a bra, the headband method of hair curling is like sooo groovy because it involves NO heat. So here we go, headband curls!

Please bear in mind you have to do this overnight with DRY hair and you WILL look like a Grandma. Don’t expect anyone to think you look good when headband curls are processing because you just won’t, see pictures below as clear and non-negotiable proof.

And since describing this miraculous method in words is very near impossible, I thought it might be easier to just SHOW you. Yes, my friends, I got in front of a camera again.




Annnnd part 2:


Btw, this is the tutorial that showed me the way (ALL HAIL SOUTHERN BELLES):


Skincare: Smoke and Mirrors?

Do you like my mysterious and quizzical title?

The idea for this post came when Bry and I were waiting for a delayed plane out of PDX and I wandered around a Keihl’s store. I skirted around the outside, close enough to sample a little hand cream but keeping far enough away to avoid getting badgered by sales folk. Then I overheard a conversation between the sales gal and woman with (if I’m honest) not-so-good skin. Hyper pigmentation, dark spots, lines, wrinkles, and pores big enough to store loose change.

She stared open-mouthed in frustration as the sales girl talked about this product and that. A corrective and firming regiment of balms, tonics and creams seemed to be just the ticket! Bryan wandered over at that point and I asked him what he thought of the promises of all these products. He looked at me blankly and replied, “C’mon Nat. We’re all slowly dying.”

A bit morbid, sure. But I am beginning to think he was dead on (pun intended). We’re all trying to reverse a process that is inevitable for all humans. A slow breakdown of our youth and beauty sounds just horrific, so we look anywhere for help. We look to the $350 cream in a fancy pot and laquered box. We look to medi-spas, botox, fillers and even surgery. We will do anything.

So I wander up and down the aisles and aisles of skincare, reading words like “age-defying”, “wrinkle-reducing” and my favorite, “luminescent”. I think, I want to defy my age! I want a reduction in my wrinkles and OBVS I want to be luminescent. Of COURSE I do.

But I think the day Bryan uttered those words to me it finally clicked.  Sadly, NO amount of money is going to give me the skin of an 18-year old. Nor will I ever “glow from within” unless I’m just really sweaty. And the recent photos of Ms. Renee Zellweger prove that going the surgical route is just SO wrong. So what CAN I do?


  • I can drink water (even though I MUCH prefer Diet Coke).
  • I can exersize, eat things that are good for me and try to get in m’8hours.
  • I can douse myself in SPF, wear floppy hats and always find a spot in the shade.
  • I can keep my skin in great shape using simple methds of washing, exfoliating and making sure my skin is hydrated.
  • I can do fun things with my makeup like like eyelash extensions, a bold red lip and fierce brows (on fleek!).

I guess what I am saying is, although I’d like to belive that dropping thousands of dollars on laser treatments and creams laden with chemicals could make a difference in restoring youth – it’s mostly a bit of smoke and mirrors. Clever marketing, beautiful packagaing and perfectly trained sales people that rattle off 75 reasons why YOU NEED this product. It’s a bit of a circus, or a carnival that can be confusing and a bit scary to those who can’t see through the fog.

But don’t fret because believe it or not, it is pretty easy to take excellent care of your skin with products that keep it simple. If you’re interested in my opinion of products and lines that fit the bill and are worth the money, stay tuned.


Rockin’ Moroccan

Moroccan. OIL.

I started using this preciousness over 3 years ago, based on a recommendation from a stylist who came into the coffee shop I worked at. She had long, GORGEOUS locks and said she owed much of her mane’s success to Moroccan Oil. So, as a poor barista I walked down to the salon and forked over the $25 for a .85 oz bottle.

Weeks later, the state of my tired, broken hair had improved ions and I was also completely addicted to the smell of the stuff. Like liquid diamonds, I treated it as such. Savored every drop until the bottle was empty and off to the salon I’d go, happily exchanging my hard-earned tips for not even an ounce of this oil I quickly realized, I could not live without.

Like Lassie, Moroccan Oil has remained a tried and true, dependable, and loyal friend. There for me when other products failed. A shoulder to cry on after bad highlight jobs, split ends and one too many bottles of crappy shampoo.

Recently, sister Amy gifted me this set made in heaven. Three blissful products in LARGE sizes just for me. I am truly blessed. Here are the goods!


When just the color of the bag makes me giggle like a school girl, YOU KNOW the stuff inside is worthy of heroic introduction.


::cues Hallelujah chorus::


Of the three, I must admit I am the least excited about this, only because frizz isn’t something I suffer with. Perhaps I can bring ‘er on humid vacay?


Cannot WAIT to try this stuff you guys. A Moroccan Oil heat protectant? You had me at Moroccan.


Annnnnd the money shot. This is what I have used and loved these past years but in a, get ready for it– 3.4 ounce sized bottle of righteousness. The majesty will be unleashed very soon, as the last 1/4 of my mini bottle is slowly dissipating. Perhaps I’ll throw a party when I delve into this perfectly mastered bottle? I can see it now! Turquoise and orange streamers, maybe a firework or two?

And of course, the All-American Chocolate Cake from Costco. But that my friends, is another post ;).

Things I Don’t Want

You know, we all spend so much time thinking, talking and lusting about things WE WANT. Which is just sad, really. Not because we shouldn’t be materialistic (there are worse things, me thinks), but because desperation is not a good look on anyone.

So in light of this, I have decided to show you all some things I definitely do not want.

Like, at all. 



asdWhat is up with the whole neoprene trend? I don’t get how is it cool to wear scuba fabric in our daily lives. While doing scuba? Sure. Washing the dishes? Applying for a loan? No.

The garment pictured, combines the lovely neoprene trend with what appears to be an un-snapped body suit (you know the ones, girls) sewn into the silhouette of a skater dress. Annd, what girl wants a butt-stripe? NOT ME.



^And these shoes^

I’ll admit it. When skinny jeans first came out, I was a big skeptic. It wasn’t until months later that I finally caved and gave into that ankle-hugging glory. But this jean trend? It didn’t work on women in the 80’s and it doesn’t work now. Plus, if you have even the semblance of a saddle bag, skintight high-waisted pants aren’t really your BFF anyway.

I have nothing against a combat boot when worn with the appropriate pairing. The above platform versions look like a castoff from that movie The Craft.

The new Velvetines from Lime Crime

velvetine-salem_1_2I want to make it clear that I am NOT hating on Lime Crime. I frigging love their makeup and philosphpy and just, everything. And because I love them so much, sometimes it is nice when they come out with something I don’t like. The above pictured velvetine in Salem is from the new “Clueless Witch” line which has three dark, vampy shades. One of the shades would work for me, but this deep brown, matte lip color? You can guess what I think it looks like.

The Marc Jobs Lolita Palette


Oh, how I wanted this when it came out last August. I died for it. The packaging is bliss, the colors looked amazing. I was SURE the eyeshadows would be velvety soft, super pigmented and blendable. I have swatched the shadows and tried them on at Sephora a good 87263 times, and you know what? I was not impressed. Not at all.



This looks like her colorist was drunk. Or high. And you are probably too if you find this hair stripe to be a nice looking trend.


I mean. COME ON. Do I need to say anything about this mushroom pictured above? YEAH, didn’t think so.

 Oh and lastly…



On men, especially. I mean, are regular sweatpants not roomy enough? All I can think about when I see these are DIAPERS. You could have diapers on under there.

Or these, on anyone besides Aladdin.


Any new trends you can’t stand or things you don’t want?