The Sun Will Come Out

Joyeux Noël Chers!

Versailles in the Hall of Mirrors + Too Much Blush

I’ve never been one to sugar-coat. It’s interesting because I love any edible sugar-coated confection. Doughnuts, candy, pecans…you name it. I don’t however, care for information which is coated in sugar. In fact, I despise it. Shoot me straight, I like to say.

Life isn’t always a trip to Baskin Robbins. Sometimes it’s a can of  split pea soup or a day old bagel. Not horrible, but not appetizing either. How do I know this? Well right now Bryan and I are living a lukewarm chili kind of existence. It tastes fine but would be so much better if it were piping hot.

As we continue to patiently wait for the right jobs to come our way, we have (in the spirit of the recent holiday) much to be thankful for. Absolutely wonderful family who keep a roof over our heads, amazingly prepared meals on the table and a television bursting with Netflix, Seahawks football and the Thanksgiving Day Parade. We have people who come over to celebrate our engagement with champagne and pizza. We have brothers and sisters who make us laugh and bottles of wine to ensure a tasty holiday meal.

Getting Ready for the Party

Awkward Body Positioning

Sprinkles Cupcakes!

Chicken Satay

T-Giving Dessert Plate (We Shared)

While prospects look good and we see employment on the horizon, it’s easy to doubt choices made. The what-ifs creep in and easily cloud any glass half full positivity. Wallowing in doubt and self-pity is not something we’re allowing ourselves to do. Personally, I have employed what I call the “Annie Outlook”.

“When I’m stuck with a day That’s gray, And lonely, I just stick out my chin And Grin, And Say, Oh…

The sun’ll come out Tomorrow So ya gotta hang on ’til tomorrow Come what may

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya Tomorrow! You’re always A day Away!”


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