An Epic Return

Hey Pop Tarts!



Are you sick of pictures from Paris yet? Well too bad!

My, how I’ve missed all twelve of you! I wish I could say that I was sunning myself for 2 months in the south of France, picking up the language and eating croissants while staying alarmingly svelte.  Alas, I have not.  In reality, it’s been a whole lotta Ling Lings from Costco (shout out to Carey), learning scary words like 401(k) and continuing my search for the perfect drugstore mascara.  I thought it was Covergirl Lash Blast.  Turns out it’s not.

Here’s what we’ve missed:

  • I got a job at a financial planning office.
  • Christmas and big number 25 again…for the 4th time.
  • We moved out of Bryan’s parents house.
  • Bryan got a job at a bank and has found his true métier.
  • We went to Hawaii. And here are some pictures.



Classic Gary Danielson Pose




Let’s move onto the real reason you all are here…the parts where I talk about completely random stuff that’s goin on.

Whilst in Hawaii, namely Maui (and yes, we did think about getting Mauiied so you can all stop wondering) I experienced many new things.  I swam with a turtle. A real, live turtle.  But not just any turtle . This one was massive.  Kindof like the Rock, Hulk Hogan, Khloe Kardashian or my calves.   I’m using the term swim loosely as clearly I cannot.  Allow me to rephrase swim to floated- along-half-way-on-a-boogie-board-with-a-tilted-scuba-mask-draped-over-my-face.  ‘Twas super attractive obviously.  Bryan probably fell so much more in love with me.

I also discovered the majesty that is LUSH.

Face lookin purty bad.

Face lookin purty bad.

I wandered into the Lahaina Lush after gobbling down mac-nut pancakes and inquired about a potion to scumble my slight sunburns.  I ended up with a bath melt and bath bomb which I was super stoked to use in our gigantic jetted tubs at the Westin. Oh law, you shoulda seen these bubbles. Enough to bathe an army. Ew… Or not.  The entire room was redolent with the scent of roses and whatever else made the air smell like majesty.

Another recent obsesh?  Why, Downton Abbey of course! I know like err’one is going insane for this show but I for one, am glad.  If our society started watching more progrums like Downton, we’d be in much better shape.   We would be calling one another “Lord” and “Lady”, we’d change into sparkly clothes for dinner and our ladies maids would do our hair and nurse our babies. Okay, maybe not that last one.


Aristocratic traditions are my jam right now.  I love all the parietal rules, simplicity and general politeness of it all.  Or maybe I just need to move to England?

In other news, planning our wedding is on the horizon.  I even made a binder, complete with sheet protectors and cupcake-scented dividers.  I’ve started tearing things out of bridal magazines and allowing myself to get excited.   I even took a short trip to Walla Walla last weekend, which is where we’re looking at tying the knot.  I just want it to be completely beautiful, have Ina Garten do the food, get Monique Lhullier to do my dress and hire Martha for all the other “good things”.  Oh and can I please just run to Saks and Bendels to fill my honeymoon trousseau? Good.

Oh and I got to see m’besties the other weekend!  Better than a Dowton marathon with sour patch watermelons and a heating pad.


I do promise to write more, kitties.  I just have to wait for the mood to strike and Pretty Little Liars better not be on :).


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