Fall Happenings

Good Day Friends!

As you all know, I am a summer person through and through. Give me sunshine, sandals and vodka s’mores! Give me easy, casual outfits and slightly dirty hair! Give me watermelon with every meal and wet towels on the deck! Fall is gorgeous but to me, it just serves as a reminder that 6 months of drizzle is headed my way. 6 months of living in a rotation of 3-4 coats. 6 months of flat hair, LAYERS and wishing I had remote start for my car.

Despite the harsh reminder, fall has been absolutely gorgeous this year. Here is what I’ve been up to:

Pumpkin Patches!

I have a love/hate relationship with pumpkin patches…especially the ones that charge you to get in. The apple cider/pumpkin donuts are a love. The waiting in line to shoot a potato gun is a hate. Getting cute fall pictures…love. Parking the car in the middle of an alfalfa field…hate.

Also, pumpkins are cheaper at Fred Meyer…just sayin’.

David and I went to one in Kennewick with the Danielson crew and then took E to one here in Portland. Both were so fun.

Tate’s eyelashes in the above pic SLAAYYY me.

Our trips to Kennewick have been so much fun now that Tate is getting older and Meg is FINALLY starting to feel better (she is with child and has the Kate Middleton-style pregnancies).

Tate and David watching the Blazers.

Tate doing the “splits”.

We took E and pal Izzy to a pumpkin patch here in Portland the following weekend on theee most beautiful day EVER.

I die for how much Meira looks like a teddy bear here.

And then of course, it was Halloweenis.

No comment.

Meg finally bribed Tate to put on his costume! He was Curious George.

And then we had my baby shower. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever. I got a mountain of presents and ate two cupcakes in a row.

Of course spending the weekend with Tate was just dreadful ;).

His face in this pic, OMG:

Another random happening is my new specs from Warby! The color of them is called “rose water”. It may or may not have been the reason I chose them…

also, my real lashes:



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