Honeymoon in Palm Springs

Hello peach rings!

The second installment of our marriage + honeymoon is coming atcha. Hope that’s cool.

David’s lovely grandmother Rosalie gave us a week stay in Palm Springs at a condo which she won at an auction. This gift pretty much determined our honeymoon destination because, free. Then we used miles to purchase the airfare and a rental car turned out to be $120 for the whole week. So basically Palm Springs paid US to be there.

Here were the highlights:

Before leaving Portland I had my nails done and got the chrome/pearly powder placed OVER a peachy colored shellac. It. Was. SO PRETTY. The guy doing my nails kept saying how good it looked, which never happens to me.

Upon arrival in PS, we were starving and immediately sought sustenance before going to Trader Joes for groceries. Because everyone knows that going to Trader Joes hungry usually results in Joe Joes, at LEAST one jar of cookie butter and far too many blocks of cheese.

David had two strong drinks and was immediately on vacation.

After shopping, we took 3 hour naps because that is what you do when you go on a honeymoon in your mid to late thirties. Then we went to Tommy Bahama for dinner because I like their coconut shrimp. Here we are with with some champs.

Another night we went to the Thursday Market in downtown Palm Springs. It was pretty fun to stroll along and people watch. Then we happened upon theee most charming macaron stand appointed by two strapping gays living their best cookie life. I tried to be friends with  them but the  macaron madness was real and apparently they were not in the market for a new sisterrr…darn. We did purchase three cookies, one of which was sparkly!

Then we went to a restaurant/lounge called Melvyn’s which is supposedly famous and listened to a man sing and pretend to play the piano. He also pretended to play the uke. It was painfully obvious that he wasn’t playing for real and so after one drink we asked our server about it to which she replied, “No comment”. We paid our bill and promptly PTFO. Are you kidding me!?

Saturday night we scored tickets to The Winehouse Experience at The Purple Room, which was a far cry from the fake and dismal performance at Melvyn’s. The 9-man band consisted of guitar, piano, sax, brass, drums and 2 male BACK-UP DANCERS. The headliner paying tribute to the lategreat Miss Winehouse was AMAZING and the show was spectacular.

Each day looked pretty much the same for us. Wake up, breakfast, get ready, go out, come home, take nap, get in pool, clean up, go to dinner. The pool portion was probably my favorite…

One morning we decided to visit Pioneer Town, which was about an hour’s drive. Allegedly, Pioneer Town was founded by investors like Roy Rodgers and Gene Autry and was the set for dozens of old western movies.

We arrived around 10 am on a weekday and the place was quite literally, a ghost town…

So, we did what anyone would do. Walked around and took selfies until the restaurant opened at 11:00 am.

Oh and did a little yoga…

Then we went to Pappy and Harriets for lunch!

Other fun outings included: shopping (duh), enjoying cold drinks pretty much everywhere and mostly RELAXING!

New earrings

Paparazzi pic at Jamba Juice

All in all, Palm Springs was wonderful. We thoroughly enjoyed our week of blissful relaxation and will definitely go back someday.


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