My 2016 (Random) Favorites

I decided another go-round of favorites was necessary for last year. Makeup, skincare, hair stuff, and the like can become so blasé these days!

Of cooourrrse everyone raved about Champagne Pop, Shape Tape and the Kylie Liquid Lipsticks but you wanna know what I want to talk about?

The cutest puppy on Pinterest!

The best boxed cereal!

How many times a peen is flashed on Game of Thrones?

You know….the important stuff. So here. It. IS.

** Please bear in mind that I am not restricting myself to things that debuted in 2016.**              These were simply my favorites in the year 2016, but could have been from 1987 for all I care.

Favorite Television Show 

This was a toughie. Here were the contenders:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Stranger Things
  • Walking Dead
  • Silicon Valley
  • American Horror Story




Favorite Perfume


ARI by Ariana Grande!  Not the most sophisticated of scents. But boy, give me a sugary sweet perfume with a marshmallow undertone N.E day!

Favorite Baby

Was there a question in anyone’s mind!?!?!




My sweet, sparkling baby angel Taterbug.

Favorite Candy

This has to go to a candy I’ve loved so much in 5th grade, it was my nickname at Girl Scout’s camp. A candy so delicious, Marshawn Lynch would score touchdowns for.

I’m talking about the one, the only…


Favorite Excuse 

Made famous by one of my all-time favorite TV characters, Phoebe Bufffay:


This realllllly rang true for me in 2016. For the first time in my life, I kinda just did what I wanted to. If I didn’t feel like making dinner, or matching my socks – I didn’t. No excuses. If someone invited me to a less than desirable function…cough, weddings, cough…, I just didn’t go. Call me an asshole. Selfish. It felt great.

And on the same token…

Favorite Man


This guy ♥.

Who helped me in so many ways this past year and hopefully, I him :).

Favorite Purse





2016 was all about the backpacks for me. Roomy, easy to organize and hands-free, I mainly used m’trusty Patagonia but then I got a couple realllly cute ones for Christmas that have changed the game!

Favorite YouTuber

Of course, I’m always going to watch the Beauty Gurus do their thang. I particularly love

But my newest YouTube obsession has been…BALLERINAS. In another life, I was one. In my current life, I lack the discipline, grace and stamina so I watch them on YouTube. Joy Womack is the first American to go to the Bolshoi Ballet and she is magnificent to watch.


Favorite Physical Activity

Running is really the only form of exercise that I halfway enjoy. Going to a gym, lifting weights? Just, no. And DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON CROSS-FIT. I am basically the antithesis of cross-fit. But a nice, leisurely jog through the park in the autumn? Ah heyyyll yeah.


Favorite Trend I’m Glad I Tried

Ok you guys – time to get real. I purchased a bodysuit last year. A bodysuit. And I got it at Forever 21. And when I wear it,  I feel like a girl of 10 again. In Unionbay overalls, three alternating colors of scrunchies on my wrist and of course a SLAMMIN’ bodysuit underneath.

Also, as you might expect, it comes unsnapped like all the time because I’m 9283 feet tall. I own the style featured below, but in a soft ballet pink.


What were YOUR random favorites last year!?


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