Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara Review

What up baes.

I was sent the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara as part of the Influenster program, which I have mentioned a few times here. I was overjoyed to receive such a bougie mascara, as y’all know I am a ride-or-die drugstore mascara girl. I wear about 10 coats of the stuff (no joke) on a daily basis which means I basically fly it. I’d say dry shampoo, mascara and Milk Duds have the shortest shelf-life in my midst. Plus, there are SO many awesome drugstore mascaras, spending $30 on one tube at Nordstrom is just silly.


But this was free. And luckily, I don’t love it and therefore, will not be tempted to re-purchase. Here’s the run-down.

Packaging and Wand



I lurrrv Marc Jacobs packaging! The black and white, sleek, shiny boxes – I die. The packaging of this particular mascara is also quite fun and edgy and I actually really like the wand. It is a nice size and the bristles grab alot of product, which I am a fan of.


It is a fairly wet formula, and I tend to like drier mascaras. It does pack some volume right off the bat, but the more I built it up, the worse the unevenness became. It started to clump on me and just didn’t go on super smoothly. I really do not understand where the velvet noir comes into play…I guess it was decently black but nothing shocking.


This mascara flaked on me, which is why I really didn’t like it that much. By the late afternoon, I felt I needed to top it off with something else to remedy the patchiness.



I am a HUGE advocate of waiting to judge a mascara until it has been open for a couple of months and has had a chance to breathe (much like a fine wine). So really, I should wait for another week or so to really judge this baby. And perhaps I’ll follow up with a rave review a week from now. But guys. The Covergirl Supersizer is my holy grail, all-time favorite mascara and it costs $7.49 at Freddies. BOOM.


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