Macaron Cafe Review

Bonjour bébés!


YES. I took this pic myself!!

Today I bring you a post all about one of my most favorite confections – the macaron!

Macarons are my favorite for a multitude of reasons:

  1. They are French
  2. They are undeniably sweet
  3. They come in pastel colors
  4. Blair Waldof eats them

So when the kind folks at Macaron Cafe offered to send me a box, I felt I would be doing human-kind (aka my blog readers) a disservice by NOT accepting their generous offer. And so I did. And man, am I glad!

The macarons were sent 2-day delivery, so they arrived very fresh and aromatic. The packaging is beyond adorable and is also very sleek.


I was sent the Small Luxury Gift Box which includes 6 macarons for $18. When you order on the website you can choose from about 24 flavors. I do not know the exact flavors I was sent, but I enjoyed each one immensely.


They were the kind of macarons my Parisian dreams are made of. A crisp exterior, pillowy soft on the inside and filled with a sweet, delectable cream. Ohhhh I could srsly eat these puppies morning noon and night you guys.


Also, there is something about a macaron that is just SO lady-like and delicate. I feel like these would make the perfect gift for a girly-girl, a Gossip Girl fan or anyone you want to feel special. Chocolates are like soooooooo been-there-done-that but macarons??! Macarons my friends, are the new chocolate.



These make me want to light my candles, throw on “French Kiss” and wear a beret while taking a bubble bath and sipping champagne.



I would recommend Macaron Cafe to absolutely anyone. Be it your GF, wife, husband, gunkle or Canadian pen pal (yes, they ship to Canada!).


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