Influenster Spring Fling Vox Box


If you are active on the social medias, have a blog or BOTH than you need to be signed up for Influenster if you haven’t already.

It took me about 10 minutes, I linked up all my SM accounts and BAM – 2 weeks later I was notified that I would be receiving the Spring Fling Vox Box. FOR FREE. Yes, my friends. I actually received free things. I feel like a real, live beauty blogger. Who is begged by major brands to promote their goods and services on the daily. I’m SO cool you guys.

AnyWHO – yes. Anyone can sign up, so give ‘er a try. I have no referral link and am not getting a dime for talking about any of these products. I just like free stuff. Simple as that.

Here’s what I got!



Kiss Press-On Nails


I am really excited to put these on. I have tried the Impression ones and they were SO thick that I couldn’t run my fingers through my hair without ripping out 20 strands. These look pretty and fairly natural, obvs I will report back.

Nivea Skin Firming Body Lotion


I am already a huge fan of Nivea. This formula seems like it’s RIGHT up my alley though – skin firming!? Yes please.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara


When I think of retro glam eyelashes, I think Twiggy. Yes, I will take a set of those! I am not sure about the hourglass brush, but of course I will give it a shot.

Peach Cobbler Air Freshener


This was to promote the movie Labor Day…whatevs. You guys know I love me some car air fresheners, esp the ones by Yankee. Not too sure about the peach cobbler scent and how that would mix with dirty hiking clothes in the back of Bry’s Jeep.

Softlips 5 in 1 Cube


I am SO PUMPED to try this little sucker out. It seems all the chapstick brands are trying to emulate the EOS balms (which I find to be fairly waxy, btw, they do work well as a lipstick base though). This will get lots of use this summer!

Playtex Sport Tampons


Let’s just go ahead and discuss this, shall we? Ew. Free feminine hygiene products are always a win in my book, I hate buying them. Also, I love that there is a chick hurdling on the box. It’s the stupidest predicament to feature, like how many women that buy these actually hurdle? Why not show a woman sitting on the couch with seven blankets, a Bud Light tall-boy and a Dance Moms marathon. MUCH more accurate if you ask me.

That’s all she wrote, folks.’Til next time!


8 thoughts on “Influenster Spring Fling Vox Box

  1. livcape18 says:

    I signed up for this. I don’t have a youtube channel though. I’m so confused by this site ha. How did you wind up getting free stuff?!


    • The Natalie Diaries says:

      I just linked all my social media accounts to my profile (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc) and my blog URL and then you get points based on what you link. I don’t know exactly how it works, but there is a Q&A I think that might help!


  2. luxmakeupart says:

    It must be a sign…I saw an ad on facebook earlier for influenster and was intrigued. After reading this I’m definitely checking it out! Hopefully it’s available in Canada! *fingers crossed*


  3. mccumber1990 says:

    I love influenster! i just got my 3rd voxbox, the vowvoxbox and i have only been a member since October ill be doing a page here in a few days of the stuff i got in my new box!


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