L’Oreal Elvive Damage Erasing Balm Review

Howdy doo!

Today I bring you a review of a recent product from Influenster. If you haven’t already signed up for Influenster, you should! It is free, really easy to use and best of all – they send you free things. Sign up here!

This time it was the new L’Oreal Elvive Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm.

I have zero complaints about the packaging, smell and consistency. This product smells nice, has a nice weight to it and comes in large tub making it easy to scoop.

After showering and using the Melu Shampoo from Davines, I busted out the balm and coated the ends of my hair. I let it sit (per the directions) for 3 minutes and then rinsed out with hot water.

I immediately noticed how soft my hair felt as I rinsed the product away. MUCH softer than the Melu and Oi Conditioners I’ve been using. However, I didn’t let that fool me! SO many drugstore conditioners use ingredients that create a silky soft feeling when rinsed out (…PANTENE…) but actually just coat the hair in wax. Then the product just builds up on itself but is really doing nothing for the hair.

I also am not an idiot. I know that a split end is not repairable by any product, no matter how expensive. The only way to effectively get rid of split ends and damage is to CUT THEM OFF.

For reference, here is the ingredient list and as you can see, the fourth ingredient is wax. I did a bit of research on this particular one and it isn’t necessarily “bad” but I discovered it is typically “added for increased lubricity and to keep liquids and oils from separating”.

So how did it work?

Meh. Being a somewhat educated woman in the realm of haircare has taught me that (as with lots of things in life) you absolutely get what you pay for. And this product costs $6.99 for 8.5 ounces. Although I do not think it did any further damage to my already damaged hair, I do not think it lives up to it’s “damage erasing” claims.

See evidence:

Still some damage there, me thinks.

All in all, it was fun to try out and my hair kinda smells like marzipan so #winning.

*I received this product complimentary for testing.

Origins GinZing Vox Box

It’s time for another Vox Box!

This time I was sent a few items from the Origins GinZing line for testing from Influenster.

*And remember, Influenster is totally free to sign up for. All you do is link up your social media accounts and you’re in! Click here to register and hopefully start getting free stuff too!

Here we have the Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer, the  Refreshing Eye Cream and the Refreshing Scrub Cleanser.

The Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer

I have actually tried the regular (non-gel version) of this moisturizer before in a sample size and I do like it. Is it THE BEST moisturizer out there? No. Is it THE MOST moisturizing? No. I like this product however, for a few good reasons. First, it is priced well at around $30. Second, it does a good job at hydrating the skin and the product absorbs quickly. And lastly, (as with the eye cream) it adds a slight radiance to the skin. The brightening effect is not too noticeable with the gel cream but I do notice a nice subtle radiance!

The Refreshing Eye Cream

I have used this product before and I LOVE it. It has a slightly pearly finish after applying which is really nice and brightening under there. I like to wear it everyday, regardless of if I am wearing makeup or not. But it does beautifully under makeup as well.

The Refreshing Scrub Cleanser

I have never used this before but it is coming at a great time since my Soap & Glory cleanser is almost out! I am anxious to try this with the entire line to see how it performs.

And that’s it! Have YOU ever tried Origins skincare?

Origins Skincare VoxBox

Influenster’s at it again!

A wise person once said, “Free things are the best things” (surely someone has said that) and I personally couldn’t agree more. If you have lots of Facebook friends, a blog, a strong Instagram following, or a combination of everything then you can totally get free things too. Sign up here!

Back to the Origins Skincare VoxBox. I received the following products:

Origins High Potency Nigh-A-Mins – I have never used this night cream before and am very excited to give this a shot!

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask – This is a new-to-me mask as well, but the charcoal trend is going strong and I plan to do a full review on this later.

Origins GinZing Eye Cream – While the GinZing line is something I have tried out, I have not ever used the eye cream. I am really pumped about getting this stuff on m’bags.

Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash –  I pretty much love that the word “frothy” is part of the name of this stuff. I have used this before and absolutely love it! The consistency is super thick which gives me the feeling its really pulling everything off my face. I also love the way it rinses off and leaves my skin feeling nourished.

Origins GinZing Moisturizer – I have been a longtime fan of Origins VitaZing Moisturizer, which has a very subtle tint-release and SPF so I am really excited to try this one!

Have YOU tried any of these products from Origins?


*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème Vox Box

G’day gents!

I was recently selected for the Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème Vox Box by Influenster (the products were complimentary) and thought I’d share my thoughts!


Not being a huge fangirl of liquid lipsticks these days, I was unsure of how I’d like this one from Marc Jacobs Beauty. However, the brand has really put out some great things, namely the Marc Jacobs Glowstick, Velvet Noir Mascara and of course the High Liner. When the box arrived, I was slightly disappointed to see that they selected the shade Hot Cocoa. My blonde hair and transparent-white skin doesn’t typically lend itself well to any colors in the brown family.


But then I swatched it and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t just straight-up brown, but had a slight rosy hue to it.


The box also contained a coordinating lip liner! Mine was in the shade (nude)ist.


Here it is next to the lip creme:


And because I am a hard core beauty blogger (teehee) I decided to try it on and snap a pic for you guys.

DISCLAIMER: I have been sick all week and have closely resembled Aileen Wuornos.


NOT a precise application but you get the idea. Also, please note that I am reppin’ a North Face fleece.


Overall thoughts? I actually really like this stuff! The formula STAYS PUT and it wears really nicely. My issue with most liquid lipsticks is that they get all patchy and gross, but this one fades really well. I like the formulation and surprisingly, the color is growing on me! I think with a whole face a’makeup it wouldn’t look half bad. The lipliner is pretty typical, nothing overly wonderful. But a nice color and well pigmented, for sure.

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Oh, and this is Aileen Wuornos for anyone who doesn’t know…and this is a good pic.


Influenster Flawless VoxBox

Well, what do you know?


For me!?

I’ve mentioned Influenster a few times before… and I receive nothing from them except these fun (and free) Vox Boxes full of goodies. It is really easy to sign up and ANYONE can do it – check it out for yourself by clicking here!

This time, I got the following products to try out:


Obviously the snap peas went first. I brought them into work and was happily chomping away when one of my coworkers came up to me and said “you know those things are fried in like 1,000 gallons of oil?” BUZZ KILL.

Of these things, I will use everything but the Yogi tea. I truly wish I had a taste for tea, but it just tastes so flavorless to me and I don’t get the point.

I am very excited about the mascara and the nail polish. Covergil makes some slammin’ mascara and y’all know I love the staying power of Sinful colors polishes.

I have already tried the Dr.Teals epsom salts pictured here and they smell so great! I usually buy the detoxifying clay one, but the eucalyptus + spearmint is super dreamy.

And of course, the facial wipes will come in handy for those nights where 2 + glasses of wine, lifetime movies and birthday cake Teddy Grahams kick my ass.

Kat Von D Lock-It VoxBox

Hey makeup nerds!

I am back with you for one heckuva Vox Box. Like, the Simone Biles of Vox Boxes.

(and no, I am still obsessed with Simone. or any of the other gymnasts for that matter. including the 41-year Uzbeki old one.)

As I have mentioned countless times, I am signed up for Influenster, and so can you. I have no affiliation with them other than the fact that I am a member. Check out their site to learn more because I am not an expert. What I do know, is that they send me cool sh*t. This time it was a box of goodies from Kat Von D! A brand I have never tried before (SHOCKING I KNOW) but always wanted to. Here is what I received as well as my initial, very early thoughts!




The box included:

• Lock-it Concealer Crème in Light 11 Neutral
• Lock-it Concealer Crème in Light 5 Neutral
• Lock-it Setting Powder
• Lock-it Edge Concealer Brush
• Lock-it Setting Powder Brush

Lock-It Concealer Cremes

As of right now, I really love these concealers. Both shades are nice and fair (perfect for my Scandinavian-princess skin) and the packaging is really cute. The wand is a nice angled doe-foot and deposits a good amount of product.

I swatched these both on my hand and then blended them out slightly (pictured below). They blended really nicely and both looked like they had great coverage.





Here are a couple shots of me with the lighter concealer on under my eyes with the setting powder (sans mascara in the first one #alienface). Overall, I like this concealer. It may not be as crazy of coverage as say the Mac Pro-long Wear, but I def need to play with it more!



Lock-It Setting Powder

10 points for packaging on this one, Miss Von D! I also LUURVE that the product is dispensed out of a star! I only used this one time but so far it is an excellent, finely-milled translucent powder!




 Lock-It Concealer Brush

Both brushes are very nice. Super soft too! I usually use my finger to press concealer onto my undereyes but this brush might convert me. I love the slight angle to it and the fact that it is a duo-fiber.



Lock-It Powder Brush

Can I also get an AMEN for these stiletto-like handles!? This brush is stupid soft and I love the fact that it is tapered at the top. Getting the perfect amount of under-eye setting powder on this brush is so easy and it deposits the product perfectly in that area.


Marc Jacobs Glowstick Review

Shoutout to Influenster for sending me this product to review! (ANYONE can sign up for Influenster, btw I’m not that cool)


When I found out I was receiving this box, I was of course, overjoyed and promptly watched the application video on the Sephora website. What I really liked about the video, was how the guy was putting it basically ALL over the face. I mean YAASSS QUEEN. It truly looked so natural, dewy and gorgeous on the model.





The packaging is very true-to-form MJ. Black and white, very sleek and modern. I really like the little rounded square shape and the fact that it twists up.



The formula is pretty much your run-of-the-mill cream product. It’s not too thick, but not too thin. It is not sticky, nor does it have a smell.



One swipe

I realllllly love the glow this product gives! It is striking without being overpowering and the fact that it’s a cream gives it even more of a natural look. The staying power was good, I did not notice it disappeared on me, but I also didn’t think it was particularly long-lasting either. The way I applied this was with my fingertips and then used a duo-fiber brush to buff it in a bit.


I love it! I am so excited to use this all summer on not only m’mug, but my decollete and shoulders. This is truly the first cream highlight I have seen that really packs a punch in terms of pigmentation and blends out smoothly.