Today, I became internet famous

Little me (well, actually, large me) had her picture posted on NBA.com. Basically I should have a reality show called “Nat Your Average Girl” I promise I JUST made that up. It’s good tho, right!?

Here is my claim to fame, in all of its bat-winged glory:

This would be me, shimmying away with my freshly-ordered (from here) Ed Davis face tee. Hat tip to David for procuring such a fine article.

You see, Ed Davis and I go waaaaay back. Back to a simpler time. When people said what they meant and meant what they said. I’m talking about October, 2015.

I knew I liked Ed from the get-go. Not only did he sport my mother’s maiden name on the back of his jersey, but he had that special something. Was it the amazing hair? The cheeky smile? I don’t think I’ll ever know.

What I do know is this: Ed, you HUSTLE after that basketball. You grab those rebounds with a tenacity no other player could possess. You do us proud. And you deserve a shirt with your face on it.

So thanks Ed. Thanks basketball. And thank you to all my loyal fans. Me and my shirt will not let you down.

To see the whole game day gallery, click here.


Hahahaaa this post is going to have nothing to do with nature. But it makes for a nice title. Also, most of the topics I have to share I saw while I was outside. So, basically, nature.

First off – I got a new job! Raspberries! I do however, work in a new part of town so I am now a chic commuter:




My walks around the city have been blissful, as of late. There’s the man on the corner wearing disposable hospital pants, the cute old couple sharing a single petite vanilla bean scone from Starbucks and giant, life-sized photos of the Blazers.


Me favorite player, Ed(wardo) Davis

One afternoon, on my leisurely lunch-walk, I happened upon a gorgeously renovated old building. So I peered into the window…


Interesting, I thought. A museum of course! But then, I looked up:


Notice the wide open doors on a cold, dreary day. I could almost feel Tom Cruise and John Travolta, in all their weirdness. CAH-REEPY.

Another day, I went to the historic and beautiful Pittock Mansion.

Pittock Mansion in the Mist

Such a photog

The grounds are just gorgeous and the tour is exactly as I remembered it as an awkward 7th grader.





And lastly, my little seester graduation from Correctional Officer School! AND she was the top student in her class #danielsonpride.



I got a lot of crap for posing like this.

And of course, here are a couple Tates. Hope you enjoy!