Hahahaaa this post is going to have nothing to do with nature. But it makes for a nice title. Also, most of the topics I have to share I saw while I was outside. So, basically, nature.

First off – I got a new job! Raspberries! I do however, work in a new part of town so I am now a chic commuter:




My walks around the city have been blissful, as of late. There’s the man on the corner wearing disposable hospital pants, the cute old couple sharing a single petite vanilla bean scone from Starbucks and giant, life-sized photos of the Blazers.


Me favorite player, Ed(wardo) Davis

One afternoon, on my leisurely lunch-walk, I happened upon a gorgeously renovated old building. So I peered into the window…


Interesting, I thought. A museum of course! But then, I looked up:


Notice the wide open doors on a cold, dreary day. I could almost feel Tom Cruise and John Travolta, in all their weirdness. CAH-REEPY.

Another day, I went to the historic and beautiful Pittock Mansion.

Pittock Mansion in the Mist

Such a photog

The grounds are just gorgeous and the tour is exactly as I remembered it as an awkward 7th grader.





And lastly, my little seester graduation from Correctional Officer School! AND she was the top student in her class #danielsonpride.



I got a lot of crap for posing like this.

And of course, here are a couple Tates. Hope you enjoy!




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